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Description JOIN THE FIGHT Together we can beat herpes. Download the App for Apple OFFICIAL Herpes Cure 4. Here’s What You Get: Daily Updates to keep you Informed on major Changes That Affect herpes. TREATMENT INFO \x26amp; EBOOKS A Natural treatment for ailments is available. In clinical studies of whole-leaf Aloe vera’s internal and external use During the past six months, I have personally Witnessed mitigation or complete Resolutions of the following: Herpes Cold sores herpes simplex Genital herpes genital Warts

Venereal Warts Warts blisters Cold Sores Treatment How to treat Warts SOCIALLY CONNECTED You can stay connected With Herpes Cure 4 through a variety of our online social media tools. The tools allow Described below 4 Herpes Cure to share information with you Quickly, using Instagram, Twitter and Facebook give you the option to engage in real-time Conversation with Herpes Cure 4. VIDEOS The Official “4 Herpes Cure” YouTube channel. Find all the exclusive video on how to cure herpes. Facts and Fictions About the industry and many more. There’s tons more waiting for you.

Just download the app and enjoy. # 1 Resource for Information to help you treat and cure herpes. GENITAL HERPES is a common, highly infectious disease Caused by a virus That Infects genital areas. Genital herpes causes blisters or groups of small ulcers (open sores) on and around the genitals. Genital herpes can cause sores on your genital or rectal area, buttocks, and thighs. You can get genital herpes from having sex, even oral sex. COLD SORE is Also known as a fever blister. A cold sore is pretty common and lots of people get them. A cold sore is not welcome on your face. GENITAL WARTS are soft growths on the skin and mucus membranes of the genitals.

Genital warts are flesh-colored or gray growths found in the genital area and anal region in Both Men and Women. Genital warts are one of the MOST common types of sexually transmitted infections. COLD SORE is Also known as a fever blister. A cold sore is pretty common and lots of people get them. A cold sore is not welcome on your face. Herpes simplex Most people get herpes simplex as an infant or child. A person gets herpes simplex Usually through sexual contact. A person with herpes simplex can pass it to someone else by: kissing or by touching the skin persons. Herpes Cure 4 Download Now and be free of Herpes! Support Cure4Herpes New in version 1.

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How to treat cold sores successfully – Health News

Approximately 1 million people in Germany suffer recurrently to cold sores. It can be prevented by immediate therapeutic intervention not only the severity of these bothersome skin disease reduced, but in many cases the actual outbreak. The initial infection with the herpes simplex virus type 1, which for the cold sore (syn. Cold sores, Ekelbläschen, Gletscherbrand) is responsible, often takes place in early childhood between 3 and 5 years without symptoms. By adulthood, more than 90% of people have dealt with the virus. About 1% of adults regularly suffer from recurrent infections, always in the same place of the lip edge. Originally got the virus through droplets contact on the lips. Passing the immune defense of the stratum corneum the virus manages to penetrate into the cell nucleus and with the help of his DNA to reproduce itself. Up to 50,000 new viruses can emerge as in the cell before it sets. Curiously, it is not possible the immune system to destroy the virus permanently, as some of them may remain unassailable asymptomatic in the dorsal root ganglia of the affected nerve cell. Certain stimuli, such as stress, mechanical stress, UV radiation, Ekelempfinden febrile illnesses or through the menstrual period, the virus manages to evade the sentinels of the immune system and multiply again in the skin cells of the lip red. First, it solves characterized from a lightweight body feeling that can be perceived as a feeling of tension, tingling, swelling, or as leichtgradiger itching. If there is no therapy, stagnant water bubbles develop in the first two days are grouped on an erythematous base which are sometimes painful and drench.

Rarely, bacterial infections with additional staph bacteria that stand by honey-colored crusting. In uncomplicated cases, the crusts repel after about 10 days. The skin remains intact. The self-leveling usually Herpes can be treated with various licensed in Germany local medicines. These include, for. Example, acyclovir, lemon balm extract, zinc sulfate in the form of creams or ointments. In oral form z. B. aciclovir or valaciclovir can be used in severe cases within the first day. Numerous home remedies, such as piercing, applying toothpaste, tea tree oil and rubbing with finely ground black pepper to be tasted. Chances of success applying honey, was demonstrated the effectiveness. But the aforementioned, locally applicable and non-prescription medicines and homeopathics, in their therapeutic effects are not always reliable. What at one sufferers helps at all does not work for the other.

By Autohemotherapy can strengthen the immune system in general. A relatively new and quite effective therapeutic principle, the treatment is with a battery powered pen, the short cuts through a directional DC field the pH of the skin of the lips under 2 and can prevent the spread of the herpes virus. A dermatologist clarification of cold sores should be done in any case to secure the initial diagnosis. Not infrequently bubbles for years misunderstood around the mouth as cold sores, while it is a bacterial infection with staphylococcus. the lip skin has recovered, the kiss experience is of course nothing in the way. Other health issues: What to do with pollen allergy? Every year . . . they come, the pollen, microscopic and for the pollen-allergic often very distressing: sneezing, watery eyes, itchy eyes, eczema, allergic asthma and accompanying . . .

more . . . The excessive pathological sweating begins in adolescence and is for those affected a big problem. Not only in the warm season, but the whole year round harassed perspiration the . . . more . . .

Notifiable diseases

To prevent the spread of communicable diseases, certain infectious diseases must be reported immediately after occurrence of the local health authority. For notifiable diseases is certain transmissible infections, which must be reported according to the law on the prevention and control of infectious diseases in humans. obliged to report are generally the treating physician, as well as hospitals and laboratories infection. The health department detected the disease and performs the necessary investigations into the source of infection, the infection routes and contacts through. In addition, the health department informed about possible safety and precautions. Affected patients, patients, relatives, contacts and community facilities and businesses are advised. If you have questions about the occurrence of infectious diseases, you can contact us feel free. It is important that you actively participate in the prevention of the further spread of such infectious diseases. Also notifiable is the infestation of head lice. Principals of community facilities (kindergartens, schools, etc. ) are required to notify the local health department about the occurrence of head lice in their facilities. The following infectious diseases are notifiable to the Infection Protection Act: – botulism

– cholera – diphtheria – Human spongiform Enzephalopthie – Acute viral hepatitis – Enteropathogenic hemolytic uremic syndrome – Virus conditional hemorrhagic fever – pertussis – Measles – Meningococcal meningitis or -Sepsis – anthrax – mumps – Poliomyelitis (polio) – Pest

– rubella – rabies – Typhoid / paratyphoid – Chickenpox, Herpes Zoster – Requiring treatment tuberculosis – Microbially induced food poisoning (eg salmonella) – Acute infectious gastroenteritis – Impfbedingte damage – Contact with a tolllwutkranken or -verdächtigen animal – Frequent infections that may be related For more information and a guide for infection control in child day care facilities can be found here: forms brochures


Human herpesvirus 6, ДНК [реал-тайм ПЦР]

Исследование для выявления возбудителя герпес-вирусной инфекции 6-го типа (human herpesvirus 6), в ходе которого с помощью метода полимеразной цепной реакции в реальном времени (РТ-ПЦР) определяется генетический материал (ДНК) вируса в образце крови. Синонимы русские Герпес-вирус 6-го типа, ВГЧ-6, РТ-ПЦР. Синонимы английские HHV-6 DNA [Real-time PCR] (blood). Метод исследования Полимеразная цепная реакция в режиме реального времени. Какой биоматериал можно использовать для исследования? Венозную кровь. Как правильно подготовиться к исследованию? Не курить в течение 30 минут до сдачи крови. Общая информация об исследовании 6-й тип герпес-вируса человека (ВГЧ-6) впервые был определён относительно недавно в 1986 г.

, в крови ВИЧ-инфицированных пациентов. К настоящему времени установлено, что инфекция ВГЧ-6 широко распространена и имеет 2 подтипа, отличающихся генетически, – А и В. В целом более распространён подтип В, ​​однако подтип А чаще обнаруживают у пациентов с иммунодефицитами. Полная репликация вируса происходит только в Т-лимфоцитах, но ВГЧ-6 может быть выявлен и в других клетках – моноцитах, В-лимфоцитах, а также в ткани мозга, печени, слюнных желез, в эндотелии. Наиболее вероятный путь заражения – воздушно-капельный, со слюной, не исключена передача инфекции от матери к ребёнку во время беременности. Также существует возможность инфицирования при трансплантации органов, гемотрансфузиях, через медицинские инструменты. Наркоманы и медицинские работники могут заразиться при случайном уколе иглой шприца, содержащего кровь больного либо инфицированного. Первый раз заражение практически всегда происходит в возрасте от 4 до 24 месяцев. В большинстве случаев ВГЧ-6 протекает бессимптомно, а если проявляется, то чаще всего как внезапная экзантема и быстро развивающаяся сильная лихорадка, продолжающаяся 3-4 дня. Через несколько часов после нормализации температуры появляются эритематозные пятна или пятнисто-папулезная сыпь. Сходство внезапной экзантемы с симптомами кори или краснухи зачастую приводит к постановке ошибочного диагноза. В некоторых случаях бывают осложнения со стороны центральной нервной системы (судороги на фоне высокой температуры, редко энцефалит, менингоэнцефалит, серозный менингит). Взрослые редко инфицируются ВГЧ-6, причём заражение у них может сопровождаться симптомами инфекционного мононуклеоза (вирус Эпштейна – Барр в таком случае отсутствует) или фульминантного гепатита.

ВГЧ-6 способен вызвать отторжение трансплантата у реципиентов. Осложнения вследствие активации ВГЧ-6 отмечены у пациентов после пересадки костного мозга, почек, печени, лёгких. В частности, пациенты после трансплантации костного мозга часто страдают от заболеваний, обусловленных HHV-6 (интерстициальная пневмония, супрессия костного мозга, менингоэнцефалит). Активация ВГЧ-6 является причиной 80% случаев идиопатической лейкопении после трансплантации печени. К счастью, при своевременной диагностике ВГЧ-6 поддаётся лечению с помощью лекарственных препаратов. ВИЧ-инфицированные составляют ещё одну категорию лиц с иммунодефицитом, у которых активация ВГЧ-6 способна приводить к серьёзным осложнениям (к поражениям ЦНС, к пневмонии и пр. ) И прогрессированию основного заболевания. Кроме того, активный ВГЧ-6 может способствовать переходу ВИЧ из латентной в активную форму, поэтому регулярный контроль активности ВГЧ-6 у ВИЧ-положительных пациентов важен для своевременного начала антивирусной терапии. Сегодня активно исследуется возможная роль ВГЧ-6 в развитии рассеянного склероза, синдрома хронической усталости, лимфопролиферативных заболеваний. Так как ВГЧ-6 в латентной форме распространён практически повсеместно, очень важно вовремя устанавливать характер его течения – активный / неактивный. Активация любой вирусной инфекции начинается с размножения (репликации) вируса в клетке-хозяине. Далее в большинстве случаев клетки-хозяева погибают, а новые вирусы выходят в межклеточное пространство (внутритканевую жидкость) для заражения новых клеток. Оттуда вирусные частицы попадают в различные биологические жидкости (кровь, мочу, ликвор) и железистые секреты, где могут быть легко обнаружены с помощью ПЦР.

Выявление вирусных ДНК / РНК в бесклеточных образцах биологических жидкостей или железистых секретах является однозначным указанием на активную вирусную инфекцию. Однако диагностика инфекции осложняется тем, что ВГЧ-6 после репликации в клетке-хозяине заражает другие клетки напрямую, проникая через межклеточные перегородки и избегая межклеточных пространств. Таким образом, подтверждение активности ВГЧ-6 посредством ПЦР в бесклеточных образцах биологических жидкостей и секретах удаётся не во всех случаях. В связи с этим возникает необходимость подтверждения активности / неактивности ВГЧ-6 с помощью серологических методов. Когда назначается исследование? При дифференциальной диагностике детских инфекций, протекающих с высокой температурой и сыпью. При диагностике инфекционного мононуклеоза при отрицательном тесте на вирус Эпштейна – Барр. В комплексе обследований пациентов с лимфопролиферативными заболеваниями и гемобластозами. При обследовании реципиентов органов и тканей до и после трансплантации. При диагностике вирус-ассоциированных заболеваний у ВИЧ-инфицированных и при других иммунодефицитных состояниях (например, синдроме хронической усталости). При контроле за эффективностью проведённого антивирусного лечения. Для чего используется исследование? Для подтверждения наличия / отсутствия инфекции.

Для того чтобы определить характер течения инфекции – активный / неактивный. Для дифференциальной диагностики герпетических инфекций. Что означают результаты? Референсные значения Результат: отрицательно. Причины положительного результата Однократный положительный результат обычной ПЦР в образце цельной крови однозначно свидетельствует об инфицировании ВГЧ-sixth Однократный положительный результат реал-тайм ПЦР в бесклеточных образцах плазмы и сыворотки крови однозначно свидетельствует об активной ВГЧ-6 инфекции. Причины отрицательного результата Однократный отрицательный результат обычной ПЦР в образце цельной крови однозначно свидетельствует об отсутствии ВГЧ-sixth Однократный отрицательный результат реал-тайм ПЦР в бесклеточных образцах плазмы и сыворотки крови обследуемых может быть признаком отсутствия активной ВГЧ-6-инфекции и нуждается в дополнительном подтверждении с помощью ретроспективных исследований вирусоспецифических IgG антител. Что может влиять на результат? Свойство ВГЧ-6 поражать другие клетки напрямую, не выходя за их пределы, способствует ложноотрицательному результату.

Важные замечания Лимфоциты и моноциты крови являются местом постоянного обитания и размножения ВГЧ-6 у инфицированных людей, поэтому надёжным свидетельством активации / реактивации ВГЧ-6 служит обнаружение ДНК ВГЧ-6 в бесклеточных производных крови – сыворотке или бесклеточной плазме. Также рекомендуется Human herpesvirus 6, IgG Кто назначает исследование? Аллерголог-иммунолог, акушер, гинеколог, инфекционист, педиатр, невролог, гематолог, хирург. Литература Nolan T, Hands RE, Bustin SA (2006). “Quantification of mRNA using real-time RT-PCR. “. Nat. Protoc. 1: 1559-1582.

VanGuilder HD, Vrana KE, Freeman WM (2008). “Twenty-five years of quantitative PCR for gene expression analysis”. Biotechniques 44: 619-626. Salahuddin S. Z. , Albashi D. V. , Markham P. D. , et al, (1986) Isolation of a new virus, HBLB, in patient with lymphoproliferative disorders. Science 234: 596-601. Asano Y. , Yoshikawa T.

, Kajita Y et al. (1992) Fatal encephalitis / encephalopathy in primary human herpesvirus-6 infection. Arch. Dis. Child. 67: 1484-1485. Zhen Z, J Virol. 2005 SEP and 79 (18): 11914-24. The human herpesvirus 6 G protein-coupled receptor homologous U51 positively Regulates virus replication and Enhances cell-cell fusion in vitro. Gautheret-Dejean, A J Virol Methods. 2002 February; 100 (1-2): 27-35. Development of a real-time polymerase chain reaction assay for the diagnosis of human herpesvirus-6 infection and application to bone marrow transplant patients. Krueger GR, Ablashi DV, Josephs SF, Salahuddin SZ, Lembke U, Ramon A, Bertram G.

Clinical indications and diagnostic techniques of human herpesvirus-6 (HHV-6) infection. n Vivo. 1991 May-Jun; 5 (3): 287-95. Yamanishi K. , T. Okuno, K. Shiraki, et al. (1988) Identification of human herpesvirus-6 as casual agent for exanthem Subitum. Lancet 1: 1065-1067. Preziozo P. J. , Cangiarella J. , Lee M.

, et al. (1992) Fatal disseminated infection with human herpesvirus-sixth J. Pediatrics 120: 921-923.

My first experience with H2O2 – hydrogen peroxide –

Why I became interested at all for this issue was because I have a (nearly) have read incredible article about the healing results with H2O2 in one of the NEXUS issues. The Post reported an unrivaled cheap, non-patentable, available in all pharmacies agent acting against fungi, bacteria and viruses that knows no resistance and also breaks down into simple, ubiquitous substances. Hydrogen peroxide brings oxygen to the tissue cells. Oxygen is our main element of life and we are all due to our modern way of life such as stress, alcohol, environmental factors, physical inactivity, industrial and more convenience foods. Oxygen starved. However, it is of particular importance for the mitochondria, our energy-power plants. When oxygen deficiency suffer these power plants, according to many researchers view. Lacking sufficient oxygen, there is a malfunction of the oxygen consuming enzymes. So the mitochondria can produce power is low and there is mitochondrial diseases. Some symptoms such as chronic fatigue, neurological disorders and dementia, disorders of the blood composition and endocrine systems, for example, are so associated. My interest was piqued First I browsed the internet to learn more about the general applicability of this “miracle cure. ” I found two books and read them.

In it, I learned a lot, for example, that the application of the 3% hydrogen peroxide is practiced in almost all diseases for hundreds of years. In America today seems to be widespread H2O2 and one he is very open. There practicing even doctors with highly concentrated injections in the fight against necrosis on the legs of diabetic patients or in cancer. In German-speaking countries, there was until recently no publications about commercially. Because I own nothing learned in my training on the applications with H2O2, it was really new to me. I obtained the unbuffered and unregulated, pure variant of the 3 percent H2O2 and began experimenting. Because H2O2 expire quickly (not stabilized), it must necessarily dark, sealed and stored cold. I have to store the bottle in a cardboard box in a refrigerator at 5 degrees Celsius and fill my only small amber glass spray bottle with the liquid for use. My first test was the gum: My son had just got taken out his braces and the dentist found a high gingivitis tight (I must confess, he’s a teenager and has not always been very careful with his daily dental care). So I gave him the means by referring to have spraying H2O2 morning and evening on the gums and act. He should also when brushing alternately H2O2 or use coconut oil and sodium bicarbonate (which we take as general dental care). After a few days his gingivitis was completely healed.

This was followed by further tests In our family it is a phenomenon that we detoxify or excrete particularly intense over the ears. This can be seen more than usual in an increased ear secretion and pressure in the ears. When that happens, often follows a cold or cough, headache and fatigue – all signs of enhanced purification crisis. So once someone feels these signs of our family, I give him the H2O2 bottle and a cloth to alternately spray the peroxide before going to sleep lying down 1-2 puffs in the ears to soak and then let out again drops (on the cloth). With this method, there is a crackling and bubbling in each ear, which is not unpleasant but feels has its effect. Then you can sleep very well. Almost always you will feel the next day again fully fit or repeating the whole day once or several times. In the end it causes the noticeable consequences of a cleaning crisis subside. The ears calm down, the pressure disappears, the secretion also. I can not say, because exactly what is going on but it is stated that the oxygen penetrates into the tissue and thus the fungi, bacteria, viruses and other pathogens kills. My next experience I was able to make, when my son began to develop a slight acne.

It is during puberty and by no means a friend really healthy food. The school supports the love of children to fast food even by allowing a kiosk that sells them burgers, sandwiches and soft drinks instead of fruit, salads, fresh juices or good water. To get my son from time to time “relapses” red and purulent acne pimples on the face, on the chest and on the back. Again, the H2O2 spray very valuable service has done. Once he applies the spray during an acne appearance regularly thin and rubbed the pimples disappear without scarring within days and the skin looks again pure and clean. Other useful areas of application, where you could test H2O2 externally once, are recordable example: warts herpes boil Rashes of all kinds hemorrhoids Thrush Fusspilz

Gargle for sore throat age spots with canker sores or thrush in the mouth to rinse and gargle you use it well: for disinfection, bleach, clean, to clean wounds in humans and animals, insect bites and minor injuries Piercing for disinfection or Contact lens cleaning and so on . . . . In the German edition of the book by Dr. Jochen Gartz I have read that you have also applied it internally for Helicobacter pylori proven with success but I would call in to a medical practitioner or an experienced naturopath. In the druggist Journal “sales”, the 333rd and 334th edition, published a very interesting article on the experiments with H2O2 of Mr Peter Jentschura (known uA through his book “Zivilisatoselos – life without diseases of civilization” “http: //www.

amazon . com / Zivilisatoselos life lifestyle diseases-Peter-Jentschura / dp / 3933874300). He and his colleague Josef Lohkämpfer were highly praised the treatment bandwidth of hydrogen peroxide and developed among others a very effective drinking cure for dramatic improvement of blood values ​​with respect to the iron content. Because of its expertise in the field of Entsäuerungstechniken (alkaline baths, basic socks, basic food, own product line, several books), I will continue and intensive deal with the issue. His cure I will test next to myself and to you in another, later article about our date with initial and final blood values. I’m even excited. If you want to let you closer, I recommend you observe the books: “Hydrogen Peroxide Medical Miracle” by MD William Campbell Douglass II. Or “Hydrogen H2Os The Forgotten Remedies” by dr hab. Jochen Gartz to read.

You’ll get very good at the following Facebook group information, it has more than 5000 members: https://www. facebook. com/groups/Wasserstoffperoxid/1594307224160246/? comment_id=1596097850647850\x26amp;notif_t=like Here I have my own group on Facebook founded and hope for plenty of new members, because we should help us necessarily to share the knowledge and experiences homemade: https://www. facebook. com/groups/798710130184942/ Link to the Nexus article: http://www. nexus-magazin. de/artikel/lesen/wasserstoffperoxid-das-vergessene-heilmittel

Here you can unstabilized pure 3prozentiges H2O2, buy: http://www. bobbyshealthyshop. co. uk/show-product-details. php? ID=16 One hint: As with all medicines you should work with small dosages and – especially for skin problems – have patience. Since when using an oxidation takes place, it is always advisable to support his body with various nutrients such as vitamin B comp. , C, A and E. Help the self-healing efforts of the body with vitamin-rich and healthy diet and possibly with natural dietary supplements. The content of this article is solely for informational purposes.

Please note the disclaimer of this blog. Sincerely About the author: I stand for the power of love to basics and natural, and the importance of a strong relationship with yourself, with the people who you love and to our Mother Nature. As a specialist consultant for holistic health and herbalists I rejoice with all your heart to support people on their way to a holistic natural lifestyle. Sign up for our newsletter and 2 free downloads Are you welcome updates? Login here with your name and e-mail. As a thank you receive two exciting products; “Green Smoothies – Compact Guide” and “Eight effective detox measures for everyday life”. Are you welcome updates? Then carry you please sign up here: Thank you for your interest. To thank you for your registration you will receive two exciting products; “Green Smoothies – Compact Guide” and “Eight effective detox measures for everyday life”

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Hello everybody, I became interested in another forum in a box of cough and vaccinations on propolis. Since the tip came the horses every day to give the food a few drops of propolis. It is as far as I know from propolis or wax (? ) Made. Gibts now as drops or as or in creams, gels, Lippenbalsamstifften, . . . . But have found on either side of which it falls Unters Arzeneimittelgesetzt But have no idea if that’s true. Know me as I said not even made with propolis. Was it carefully in the other box and have the Internet sought.

Here’s what I’ve found. Propolis effects: o agglutinierend (gluing, bonding) o ALCOHOL WEANING o ALLERGIK (1-3% of the people can have a propolis allergy) o ANTISEPTIC (germicidal BIO-chemicals) o ANTI-SPASTIKUM (antispasmodic agent) o BALSAMIKUM o DEODORANT o disinfectant o DETOXIFICATION AGENTS o ENCOURAGES the RETRY EXTENSION PROCESS OF SKIN, MUCOUS and the CELL WALLS o against ALLERGIES

o against EYE HIGH PRESSURE (glaucoma = “Green Star”) o against BEE VENOM ALLERGY and BEE VENOM NEGATIVE EFFECTS o against excessive BLOOD CHOLESTEROL o against HYPERTENSION o against INFLAMMATION o against HUMIDITY o against HERPES o against capillary fragility (fragility = weakness) o against CARIES o against BODY ODOR o anti-acidic o against Mycobacterium tuberculosis o against edema (dropsy)

o against OXIDATION o against PARASITES o against MUSHROOMS o to proteolysis (against proteolysis by enzymes) o against SWEAT o against STRESS o against Trychomonas (vaginalis, gallinae, microti) o against TUMORS o against VIRUSES o against excessive capillary permeability (permeability = permeability) o CONSUMABLES o CONSERVATIVE o LOCAL ANÄSTETIKUM (against local pain)

o MINERAL DONOR o SMOKE WEANING o detergent for SKIN and inner MUCOUS o PROTECTS BODY against NEGATIVE RADIATION o STABILISIERT the IMMUNE SYSTEM o Strengthens the immune system o Strengthens intuition o STRENGTHENS the WILL o TONIKUM o IMPROVED BREATHING the CELL Propolis the new miracle cure ? ? Prices go so apart pretty far!

I’ve found pages as cost 10ml 10. – ? ? but I also found sites as you get 30ml for 11. – ? ? What must be considered when buying and feeding ? ? How should the composition be and exactly how much you feed? Why did you propolis fed and what was the effect? Side effects? How much you fed her? And how long ?

Are there differences in the composition? What needs to be there? Sorry for the novel, but this Ausage in the other forum has made me really curious! The enumeration in the effects with respect to herpes and viruses! I’m already looking forward to your statements :-) Grüssle, Carol

Price list Saaserhof Winter 2015

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