Genital herpes is a Russian roulette

By Elizabeth Araujo / National / Venezuela 09/10/2013 | 10: 22 a. m. Maria Gabriela finally decides to go to the gynecologist. 23 years old and with a somewhat intense sexual activity, he does not believe that inflammation in the vulva, burning urination, itching and annoying vaginal discharge, partner with your evenings secretly with Luis, her first boyfriend and fellow college. But once the specialist examines he ensures that young unwittingly has pulled the trigger of genital herpes. “Sexually transmitted diseases are a kind of Russian roulette in which young people generally lose misinformed about sex,” says Blanca de Molina, a gynecologist and mother of two teenage girls. Curricular enough data to know, as he repeats his daughters, that prevention is a free, infallible and without side effects pill. A Maria Gabriela lacks some blood tests done to be sure that it will enter the statistics of young Venezuelans (approximately 30%) between 13 and 25 years old who have a sexually transmitted infection by not using protection during sexual intercourse . An alarming figure because, as noted Molina, at that age is when those lusty boys require information and advice from both the family and the school. Sick forever. According to specialists, genital herpes is the Trojan horse of sexually transmitted diseases, for their ability to concealment and damage it causes. This is a condition caused by a virus. Transmission is from person to person through sexual contact (intercourse, oral sex, anal, rubbing genitals).

Although there are 8 types of virus, the most common are the HSV-1, associated with oral herpes, and HSV-2 genital related. The possibility of transmitting the disease even without the presence of visible lesions is difficult to predict, but there are women with cervical lesions or men with intraurethral lesions that are transmitters. About 70% of new cases of herpes are transmitted by asymptomatic persons at the time of infecting partner. The lesions appear as blisters, two weeks after infection and usually appear as if flu: headache, fatigue, joint pain, fever and discomfort in lower back. Often the inguinal lymph nodes to swell. In some people especially women and if there are injuries labia majora and / or lower, there may be burning and painful urination, vaginal discharge and itching. There are certain favorable circumstances for the virus, such as frequent exposure to sunlight, stress, immune suppression or skin trauma, which allow herpes is reactivated and then migrate to the skin. When the disease enters the body staying at the sensory nerve endings, circulating through them to the neural ganglia. Then it is dormant. Molina regrets that, due to lack of information, the patient almost always go in late, when the initial lesions tend to break and join with each other, forming ulcers or sores in the affected area. Women are more affected by genital herpes than men. For every 10 cases of 6 to 7 are women. Although varies by age usually occurs in people who begin sexual relations earlier (between 12 and 18 years).

An additional danger because it is the golden age of reproductive age. Prevention. Molina advised whenever examining a teenager the only infallible for sexually transmitted infections is prevention pill, resulting in safer sex and relationships with a fixed partner. Although it is almost impossible in these times, the specialist insists that it should advise adolescents to retard “the first time” until the moment they decide to establish a stable relationship. If the member of a couple has presented the disease, it is advisable to see a doctor to guide them both. “Please note that the diagnosis of genital herpes is not the end of sexual life,” says Molina, suggesting pregnant not make love without a condom, in order to avoid any infection. If a person has active herpes lesions better avoid intimacy. All human beings should use condoms to protect themselves and protect other STIs.

General Forum: finasteride / dutasteride »Unterschidliches appearance of Propecia.

 Unterschidliches appearance of Propecia. [Message # 6424] :: Tue, 10 January 2006 12:20 thomasp196 Posts: 4 Registered: January 2006 Reputation: 0 Junior member Hello everybody. I suppose since about 1st year Finpecia and at the last ordering to “OffshoreRx. com” which kammen to look completely different. Are Hex and strongly reminiscent orig. Propecia. (What is missing is the inscription on the tablet) Previously, but much smaller, round and white.

Question: Kammen by Cipla or from Igor? Is there somewhere pictures of the Different “Original” generic? Report message to a moderator  Re: Unterschidliches appearance of Propecia. [Message # 6433 is a reply to message # 6424] :: Tue, 10 January 2006 12:50 tvtotalfan Posts: 2057 Registered: November 2005 Reputation: 2 Power Member **** . . .

very funny. Here the image of original Propecia: If you like go for images on google. com and click on “Images”, then the search term (in this case “Propecia” enter) and there is a whole bunch of it . . . Notes: finpecia1. jpg (Size: 33. 95KB, 433 times downloaded) + 1/4 Fincar (since Nov. 05), 3 Weeks on 1 week off + 5% Minox Kirkland

+ Ket, head \x26amp; shoulders + Green White and Moringa tea Report message to a moderator  Re: Unterschidliches appearance of Propecia. [Message # 6446 is a reply to message # 6424] :: Tue, 10 January 2006 13:27 Frankfurt-1974 Posts: 2057 Registered: November 2005 Reputation: 4 Power Member **** Are the tablets packaged in blister? What is it on? Can you take a picture and set this?

Greetings from Frankfurter My medication: @Morning 1ml topical lotion (s 09/06. ): 20mg Minox. (2%) @Night 1ml topical lotion (s 08/06. ): 20mg Minox. (2%), 0. 3mg Fin. (0. 03%), 1mg Mela. (0. 1%). Before: 08/05 to 07/06: 1.

25 mg orally Fin P. D. . Report message to a moderator  Re: Unterschidliches appearance of Propecia. [Message # 6550 is a reply to message # 6538] :: Tue, 10 January 2006 22:39 Frankfurt-1974 Posts: 2057 Registered: November 2005 Reputation: 4 Power Member **** Hello, I have the pictures from the contribution taken out, but are let them download, otherwise it is a bit difficult for those who use a modem to dial.

I know the tablet is not in itself, but the blister already looks promising. Let’s wait what others are saying, taking the tablets too. Greetings from Frankfurter My medication: @Morning 1ml topical lotion (s 09/06. ): 20mg Minox. (2%) @Night 1ml topical lotion (s 08/06. ): 20mg Minox. (2%), 0. 3mg Fin. (0. 03%), 1mg Mela. (0.

1%). Before: 08/05 to 07/06: 1. 25 mg orally Fin P. D. . Report message to a moderator  Re: Unterschidliches appearance of Propecia. [Message # 7173 is a reply to message # 6550] :: Sat, 14 January 2006 12:33 Quick Posts: 1406 Registered: November 2005 Reputation: 0 Power Member **

much can be to not say I once had the same, makes also use of ebay a long time ago, but only 40 days so I can not say anything about the effect. currently seems to me the only Cipla trusted brand. to learn about your tbl. being able to say you had to either use 6-12monate, or send in a laboratory, or hope that someone of them longer than 6mon. has makes also use his erfahrungsbericht leaves here Quick 0. 5mg Avo (stopped since 02/08/06), NEM, since 16/08/06 1. 25 mg finasteride, 50ug T4, Rogaine 2%, He MaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaN Et it as et et kütt wie et kütt, and et’d still jot jejange Report message to a moderator  Re: Unterschidliches appearance of Propecia.

[Message # 7491 is a reply to message # 7228] :: Mon, 16 January 2006 19:30 Quick Posts: 1406 Registered: November 2005 Reputation: 0 Power Member ** frankly I think of the tbl nothing. get yourself rather proscar and part then. I had it from ebay. Quick 0. 5mg Avo (stopped since 02/08/06), NEM, since 16/08/06 1. 25 mg finasteride, 50ug T4, Rogaine 2%,

He MaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaN Et it as et et kütt wie et kütt, and et’d still jot jejange Report message to a moderator

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Indoor dog against herpes vaccinated? [Archive]

Originally posted by the Lupo I do not know, but maybe sometimes something will rashly purely interpreted in anything ? ? I really know many dogs and many years. But I know only one in which vaccine damage “suspected” after the puppy shots. Proved is as long anything yet! What the heck is a “Impfschden”, what is included, what can happen? Herpes will have probably already given earlier for periods of distemper, only one has it there can not diagnose? The females remain just simply empty, or the puppies died. That was so accepted because you did not know better. These are not arguments for me everything. Without vaccination we had probably still the black plague, polio and rabies. Anyone traveling in the jungle of the can but also against malaria, hepatitis and I remember what vaccinate!

Oh, and the pups from the vaccinated litters’m fine, things can not be! I interpret not, I observe and learn;) I do not only with my own litters and dogs but also in those of very good friends. There are just things that are very noticeable, unless you want to see it: banner:. Something came after vaccination ever, even if not immediately u. U. but it came within max. 2 months. Prove you will probably never be able Vaccine (what more is due to the vets), but you can see this very clearly with open eyes. Imho, one can observe this damage for generations, if you want to. To my knowledge, there is no vaccine against the black plague, but only against the bubonic plague: nanana: apart devon the plague is still not being rotten. Polio . .

. can be vaccinated against. However, here no one is vaccinated against. the risks Us are too high). Rabies, yes you can vaccinate against, but you do not. If something other than herpes, as well as other diseases that have you listed as well. It does not help to save themselves in other diseases. Herpes is a relatively harmless thing. It leads the pregnant females to abort, stillbirth or death of the puppy (unless one is engaged). Full blown dogs make the infection mostly by unnoticed. but to puppies dying, abortion and stillbirth occurs only when an uninfected female are in gestation infects with herpes. If there is so much herpes with you, then the dog has certainly already infected prior to vaccination). That to me is also one reason why I do not get inoculated against herpes.

Well, that is the puppy goes so far quite well. Let’s see in the next few years . . . being indeed can never tell which vaccination has now brought the evil. I recommend you definitely dringends you sometime in the members to look and sometimes the book “Dogs vaccinated with mind” to read. Btw. I would go into the jungle, I would not let myself be vaccinated).