Pregnancy is possible when you have genital herpes

Just be certain care. Photo © | imagerymajestic | FreeDigitalPhotos By Elsa Garcia Updated November 10, 2015. Question: I have genital herpes do I I can get pregnant? Yes, yes you can get pregnant if you have herpes. The important thing is to have the care and precautions to help you have a pregnancy without problems and give birth to a healthy baby. Answer: According to the Association for Sexual Health (ASHA, for its acronym in English) about 25 to 30 percent of pregnant women have herpes, despite being a serious condition which means a risk factor for pregnancy, most have healthy babies. This is due to the diagnosis and treatment of herpes. Also consider that if the mother already had herpes when your baby is pregnant is very low risk of infection. Conversely, if the mother is infected late in pregnancy the risk that the baby will neonatal herpes is very high. This is because the immune system is weak pregnant women due to pregnancy status.

The American Pregnancy Association (APA, for its acronym in English) reports that an outbreak or episode during the first trimester of pregnancy can (it is a possibility, does not have to be) cause a spontaneous abortion. What should I do if I suffer from herpes pregnancy The first thing to do is to report your gynecologist so you can give treatment to you (usually antiviral medicines) and can give the special monitoring requires a pregnancy like this, so you have an uncomplicated birth and a healthy baby. If you get herpes from week 36 You require a preventive treatment to protect the baby. This consists of a daily dose of antiviral until the time of delivery. This treatment has been shown to reduce transmission to the baby and the need for a Caesarean section. I can have a natural birth Yes, you can have a birth vaginally or natural. Everything will depend on you do not have an episode or close outbreak to labor. Who decides what is your gynecologist, you will be monitoring to make the best decision. In case you have an outbreak of herpes when approaching the moment of birth, it is more likely that your doctor decides the baby is born by caesarean section. This will avoid risking the baby of neonatal herpes.

If my baby is infected with neonatal herpes can you improve? Being aware of your condition, when the baby will be examined to see if contracted neonatal herpes. If so, the fact of giving treatment immediately increases your chances of completely prevent or reduce any possible permanent damage. If this is your case, or you suspect may be so, do not hesitate to put to both your gynecologist. So you give your pregnancy chance to be a pleasurable experience. Stress only increases the chances of having an outbreak of herpes. Let the specialist in charge of taking care of your pregnancy and your baby. Sources: American Pregnancy Association: Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI’s \x26amp; STD’s) During Pregnancy. Retrieved on November 11, 2015. American Sexual Health Association: Pregnancy. Retrieved on November 11, 2015. Answer tests on sexual and reproductive health: