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Cecilia Encyclopedia Deepening the music for God View previous topic :: View next topic Author Message Up Girl Joined: July 22, 2015 Posts: 2425 Location: Ottuda Posted: Mon Sep 21, 2015 9:03 a. m. Post subject: Come Curare E prevenire L’Herpes labiale 27773 Nella nostra online pharmacy presenti sono i migliori prodotti di Marchi internazionali per la salute e il benessere della person.

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Manuka Lip Balm – lipstick with Herpes

Product information “Manuka Lip Balm – Lipstick herpes” Cares for the claimed by herpes lips with natural ingredients and active ingredients. Manuka Lip Balm is made with natural jojoba oil, beeswax, other vegetable oils and is 100% free of preservatives. The lipstick gives rich moisture, valuable building materials such as vitamins C \x26amp; E and contains essential Manuka which acts as an effective remedy for herpes **. Since this lipstick is made purely natural and fragrance free, it gets its distinctive odor through the Manuka. Background information on Manuka Manuka (Leptospermum scoparium) is used in New Zealand for many years as a virgin home remedy for herpes successfully and is almost no more wegzudenken. Wissenschaftler UNI Heidelberg have therefore dealt intensively with the topic of herpes and Manuka. In extensive studies ** we examined the effect of the essential oil against the two herpesviruses “Herpes simplex 1 and 2 (HSV-1 and HSV-2)”. It was confirmed that Manuka is already in low concentrations in a position already to interfere in the initial phase of herpes formation this sensitive and to inhibit the formation. Manuka can therefore be used successfully as a caring, virgin cure for herpes. This means in normal life that one should start already at the first feelings of tension and itching with the care of the lips. In existing cold sore of lipstick should be applied several times a day.

Manuka Lip Care . . . so special With pure vegetable care formula Soothes lips at the beginning at the first signs of herpes. Ideal as preventive care to protect against cold sores Hydrates dry and taut lips Easy to use Pure nature, her body to love . . . Without Color \x26amp; fragrances.

Without preservative substances. Without Parafin-, silicone and mineral oils. Excluding other chemical agents. Recommended Use: Manuka Lip Balm can be applied as often as desired and is very productive. Several times apply for cold sores. Preventive apply if you go to festivals or parties. At the first signs such as tingling, tightening, burning or itching. To care for brittle and tense lips Only for the external care of the lips! ** Source: Reichling J, Koch C, steel Biskup E, Sojka C, Schnitzler P: virucidal activity of a beta-Triketones-rich essential oil of Leptospermum scoparium (manuka oil) against HSV-1 and HSV-2 in cell culture , . Planta Med 2005 Dec; 71 (12): 1123-7. Institute of Pharmacy and Molecular Biotechnology, Department of Biology, University of Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Germany

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Can herpes from a blister fever?

12/04/2011 by Diego Fever blisters, cold sores also are caused by the herpes simplex virus. People often wonder how related cold sores and sexually transmitted disease are herpes. The question whether contact with someone who has an oral fever blister can lead to a case of herpes, is often asked. Understanding the Unterschiede– and similarities – between the two types of herpes help always with infected or transmitting a hold of them. symptoms Fever blisters appear in the lower part of the face, particularly the lips. Fill with clear liquid and leave for three to five days. Then crust over and dry up. They can easily be transmitted through kissing. In the United States between 45 and 80 percent of children and adults had at least one episode of fever blisters. Some people only have one occur, while other outbreaks – anywhere from once have repeatedly per decade once every few months. Genital herpes has similar symptoms, and much the same course followed, but the bubbles appear in the pelvic area.

types The herpes simplex subtype that affects the mouth usually is 1 called herpes simplex. The type that more often affects the genitals Herpes Simplex 2 is designated. But that is just a generalization. During each virus subtype to be said, can “preferred” to have one location, herpes simplex 1, in fact, the cause of more than 30 percent of all cases of genital herpes, according to the American Association for Social Health. An oral question may be transmitted to the genitals through oral sex. Herpes simplex 2 can also set from the genitals to the lips, although it is unusual. The virus can account for more than 10 percent of oral herpes infections. forgiveness Between outbreaks, the virus withdraws into a bundle of nerve cells near the ear or at the base of the spine, depending on whether it is cold sores or genital herpes. During this time there are no symptoms, but it is still possible to transmit the virus. Strength When a herpes virus infects an area away from its privileged location, it is to lose some of its power tends.

Genital herpes simplex 1 is therefore likely to be milder and less common than genital herpes simplex 2 return, if it occurs at all. And if herpes infected oral area, it may be very mild and it is extremely unlikely to recur. complications Herpes simplex infections, either in oral or genital area are not dangerous to the overall health of a person usually. However, it can present serious problems for babies, which they acquire during childbirth and for people with weakened immune systems, such as those with AIDS or cancer. Herpes infections are also not limited to the mouth or genitals. Herpes simplex 1 herpes can Whitlow on the fingers and “Ringer herpes,” cause an infection on the face or chest, often transmitted through contact sports. Herpes Simplex 1 can spread a potentially deadly situation in rare cases, to the brain. Related

Consigli \x26amp; astuzie – Feelgood’s Farmacie – La salute à Contagiosa!

Niente baci con l’herpes labial! Le vittime dell’herpes labial lo Sentono arrivare: quando le labbra prudono e pizzicano, si formano delle vescichette dolorose che si rompono e s’incrostano, l’herpes simplex è attivo. Con questo virus largamente diffuso entra in contatto about l’80% delle persone nel corso della vita, perché l’herpes labial è contagioso. Gli agenti si patogeni insinuano attraverso la pelle o le mucose nel corpo. Motivo per cui è chi ne colpito durante l’infezione dovrebbe evitare i baci e nella fase acuta (10-14 giorni) non condividere rossetti, bicchieri o simili. Chi immediatamente durante la formazione delle vesciche applica preparati inibitori del virus (cream, appositi Cerotti, pomate con solfato di zinco come pure Presidia vegetali oppure omeopatici) può abbreviare di qualche giorno la sofferenza. Occhi che Bruciano? Specie i portatori di lenti a contatto o che coloro lavorano parecchie ore al computer conoscono il problema: gli occhi si arrossano, pizzicano o fanno addirittura male. In questi casi attenetevi all seguenti raccomandazioni: praticate di tanto in tanto una ginnastica oculare – fate roteare gli occhi, lasciate vagare lo sguardo, sbattete le palpebre di frequente e guardate prima a destra e poi a sinistra, prima un punto vicino poi uno lontano. Scaldate i palmi delle mani sfregandoli uno con l’altro e poi le mani posate delicatamente sugli occhi. È gradevole e si può fare anche in ufficio. Se soffrite di secchezza oculare, potete combatterla Applicando delle gocce o mediante impacchi tiepidi di tisana di eufrasia. Fatevi consigliare in farmacia il preparato idoneo per i vostri occhi.

Quando il latte non viene ben moderato great Dopo aver consumato latte o pietanze contenenti lattosio, avete problemi di ended tio o disturbi quali times di pancia, flatulenza o nausea? Allora è possibile che di soffriate un’intolleranza al lattosio. La causa risiede nella mancanza dell’enzima digestivo lattasi nell’intestino tenue. È ‘importante che l’capire Intolleranza al lattosio è un alimento un’ipersensibilità a dovuto alla del mancanza suddetto enzima e non, come si spesso crede, un’allergia alimentare. L’Intolleranza al lattosio non va confusa con la più rara allergia al latte vaccino. Quest’ultima è una vera e propria allergia che provoca un’iperreazione del sistema immunitario a una o più proteins contenute nel latte di mucca. Se sospettate un’intolleranza o un’allergia, consultate il medico. Il breath test H2 e un test del DNA nel sangue forniscono metodi affidabili di conferma della diagnosi o di diagnosi differential. Ulteriori informazioni tramite il Centro allergy Svizzera, www. aha. ch, aha! Infoline 031 359 90 50th

Sempre informati sul tema della salute: www. feelgoods-farmacie. ch/it Desiderata ulteriori ragguagli o consigli di stagione? Il vostro farmacista sarà di lieto consigliarvi.