[ “AmpliRun \\ u00ae ACANTHAMOEBA CASTELLANI DNA CONTROL”, “AmpliRun \\ u00ae Adenovirus DNA CONTROL”, “AmpliRun

[ “AmpliRun \\ u00ae ACANTHAMOEBA CASTELLANI DNA CONTROL”, “AmpliRun \\ u00ae Adenovirus DNA CONTROL”, “AmpliRun \\ u00ae Aspergillus fumigatus DNA CONTROL”, “AmpliRun \\ u00ae bacillus cereus DNA CONTROL”, “AmpliRun \\ u00ae Bartonella henselae DNA CONTROL” “AmpliRun \\ u00ae Bartonella quintana DNA CONTROL”, “AmpliRun \\ u00ae BK virus DNA CONTROL”, “AmpliRun \\ u00ae Bordetella holmesii DNA CONTROL”, “AmpliRun \\ u00ae Bordetella parapertussis DNA CONTROL”, “AmpliRun \\ u00ae Bordetella pertussis DNA CONTROL” “AmpliRun \\ u00ae BORRELIA afzelii DNA CONTROL”, “AmpliRun \\ u00ae Borrelia burgdorferi DNA CONTROL”, “AmpliRun \\ u00ae BORRELIA garinii DNA CONTROL”, “AmpliRun \\ u00ae Brucella abortus DNA CONTROL”, “AmpliRun \\ u00ae Campylobacter jejuni DNA CONTROL” “AmpliRun \\ u00ae Candida albicans DNA CONTROL”, “AmpliRun \\ u00ae chikungunya virus RNA CONTROL”, “AmpliRun \\ u00ae Chlamydia trachomatis DNA CONTROL”, “AmpliRun \\ u00ae Chlamydophila pneumoniae DNA CONTROL”, “AmpliRun \\ u00ae CHLAMYDOPHILA PSITTACI DNA CONTROL” “AmpliRun \\ u00ae Clostridium difficile DNA CONTROL”, “AmpliRun \\ u00ae Coccidioides immitis DNA CONTROL”, “AmpliRun \\ u00ae coronavirus RNA CONTROL”, “AmpliRun \\ u00ae Coxiella burnetii DNA CONTROL”, “AmpliRun \\ u00ae COXSACKIE A6 RNA CONTROL”, ” AmpliRun \\ u00ae COXSACKIE B1 RNA CONTROL “,” AmpliRun \\ u00ae COXSACKIE B5 RNA CONTROL “,” AmpliRun \\ u00ae Cryptococcus neoformans DNA CONTROL “,” AmpliRun \\ u00ae CYTOMEGALOVIRUS DNA CONTROL “,” AmpliRun \\ u00ae DENGUE 1 virus RNA CONTROL “,” AmpliRun \\ u00ae DENGUE 2 RNA VIRUS CONTROL “,” AmpliRun \\ u00ae DENGUE 3 VIRUS RNA CONTROL “,” AmpliRun \\ u00ae DENGUE 4 VIRUSES RNA CONTROL “,” AmpliRun \\ u00ae EASTERN EQUINE encephalitis RNA CONTROL “,” AmpliRun \\ u00ae eCHOviruses 5 RNA CONTROL “,” AmpliRun \\ u00ae enterovirus 71 RNA CONTROL “,” AmpliRun \\ u00ae EPSTEIN-BARR VIRUS DNA CONTROL “,” AmpliRun \\ u00ae Escherichia coli (VTEC) DNA CONTROL “,” AmpliRun \\ u00ae Haemophilus ducreyi DNA CONTROL “,” AmpliRun \\ u00ae Haemophilus influenzae DNA CONTROL “,” AmpliRun \\ u00ae HERPES SIMPLEX 1 DNA CONTROL “,” AmpliRun \\ u00ae HERPES SIMPLEX 2 DNA CONTROL “,” AmpliRun \\ u00ae HHV-6 DNA CONTROL “,” AmpliRun \\ u00ae HUMAN Parainfluenza 1 RNA CONTROL “” AmpliRun \\ u00ae INFLUENZA A H1 RNA CONTRO “,” AmpliRun \\ u00ae INFLUENZA A H3 RNA CONTROL “,” AmpliRun \\ u00ae INFLUENZA A H5 RNA CONTROL “,” AmpliRun \\ u00ae INFLUENZA B RNA CONTROL “,” AmpliRun \\ u00ae Legionella PNEUMOPHILA DNA CONTROL “,” AmpliRun \\ u00ae L. chagasi DNA CONTROL “,” AmpliRun \\ u00ae Leishmania infantum DNA CONTROL “,” AmpliRun \\ u00ae Listeria monocytogenes DNA CONTROL “,” AmpliRun \\ u00ae MEASLES RNA CONTROL “,” AmpliRun \\ u00ae MUMPS RNA CONTROL “,” AmpliRun \\ u00ae Mycobacterium avium DNA CONTROL “,” AmpliRun \\ u00ae Mycobacterium intracellulare DNA CONTROL “,” AmpliRun \\ u00ae MYCOBACTERIUM KANSASII DNA CONTROL “,” AmpliRun \\ u00ae MYCOBACTERIUM TUBERCULOSIS DNA CONTROL “,” AmpliRun \\ u00ae Mycobacterium ulcerans DNA CONTROL “,” AmpliRun \\ u00ae Mycoplasma genitalium DNA CONTROL “,” AmpliRun \\ u00ae Mycoplasma hominis DNA CONTROL “,” AmpliRun \\ u00ae Mycoplasma Pneumoniae DNA CONTROL “,” mpliRun \\ u00ae Neisseria gonorrhoeae DNA CONTROL “,” AmpliRun \\ u00ae Neisseria meningitidis SG A DNA CONTROL “,” AmpliRun \\ u00ae Neisseria meningitidis SG B DNA CONTROL “,” AmpliRun \\ u00ae Neisseria meningitidis SG C DNA CONTROL “,” AmpliRun \\ u00ae NOVEL INFLUENZA A H1N1 (plasmid) DNA CONTROL “,” AmpliRun \\ u00ae NOVEL INFLUENZA A H1N1 RNA CONTROL “,” AmpliRun \\ u00ae PAPILLOMAVIRUS TYPE 16 DNA CONTROL “,” AmpliRun \\ u00ae PAPILLOMAVIRUS TYPE 18 DNA CONTROL “,” AmpliRun \\ u00ae Parainfluenza 1 RNA CONTROL “,” AmpliRun \\ u00ae Parainfluenza 2 RNA CONTROL “,” AmpliRun \\ u00ae PI3 RNA CONTROL “,” AmpliRun \\ u00ae Parainfluenza 4 A RNA CONTROL “,” AmpliRun \\ u00ae parechovirus 1 RNA CONTROL “,” AmpliRun \\ u00ae parvovirus B19 (plasmid) DNA CONTROL “,” AmpliRun \\ u00ae respiratory syncytial VIRUS ( A) RNA CONTROL “,” AmpliRun \\ u00ae respiratory syncytial VIRUS (B) RNA CONTROL “,” AmpliRun \\ u00ae rhinovirus RNA CONTROL “,” AmpliRun \\ u00ae Rickettsia conorii DNA CONTROL “,” AmpliRun \\ u00ae Salmonella enteritidis DNA CONTROL “,” AmpliRun \\ u00ae Salmonella typhi DNA CONTROL “,” AmpliRun \\ u00ae SARS coronavirus (plasmid) DNA CONTROL “,” AmpliRun \\ u00ae Shigella flexneri DNA CONTROL “,” AmpliRun \\ u00ae ST LOUIS encephalitis Virus RNA CONTROL “,” AmpliRun \\ u00ae STAPHYLOCOCCUS AUREUS (mecA +) DNA CONTROL “,” AmpliRun \\ u00ae Staphylococcus aureus (mechanical) DNA CONTROL “,” AmpliRun \\ u00ae Streptococcus agalactiae DNA CONTROL “,” AmpliRun \\ u00ae Streptococcus pneumoniae DNA CONTROL “,” AmpliRun \\ u00ae Toxoplasma gondii DNA CONTROL ” “AmpliRun \\ u00ae Trichomonas vaginalis DNA CONTROL”, “AmpliRun \\ u00ae Trypanosoma cruzi DNA CONTROL”, “AmpliRun \\ u00ae TRYPANOSOMA rangeli DNA CONTROL”, “AmpliRun \\ u00ae Varicella-zoster Virus DNA CONTROL”, “AmpliRun \\ u00ae VEE VIRUS RNA CONTROL “,” AmpliRun \\ u00ae WEST NILE VIRUS RNA CONTROL “,” AmpliRun \\ u00ae WESTERN equine encephalitis RNA CONTROL “,” AmpliRun \\ u00ae YELLOW FEVER VIRUS RNA CONTROL “,” AmpliRun \\ u00ae Yersinia enterocolitica DNA CONTROL “,” BRUCELLACAPT \\ u00ae “” ROSE BENGAL “,” SERUM DILUENT FOR BRUCELLACAPT \\ u00ae “,” Adenovirus ELISA IgG \\ / IgM “,” BRUCELLA ELISA IgG “,” Brucella ELISA IgM “,” CHAGAS ELISA IgG + IgM “,” CHLAMYDIA ELISA IgG \\ / IgM “,” Chlamydia trachomatis ELISA IgA, “” Chlamydia trachomatis IgG ELISA \\ / IgM “,” Chlamydophila pneumoniae ELISA IgA “,” Chlamydophila pneumoniae IgG ELISA “,” Chlamydophila pneumoniae IgM ELISA “,” Coxiella burnetii ELISA IgG “,” Coxiella burnetii IgM ELISA “,” CYTOMEGALOVIRUS ELISA IgG “,” CYTOMEGALOVIRUS ELISA IgM CAPTURE “,” DENGUE ELISA IgG “,” DENGUE ELISA IgM CAPTURE “,” EPSTEIN-BARR EA ELISA IgG “,” EPSTEIN-BARR EBNA IgG ELISA ” “EPSTEIN-BARR VCA ELISA IgG”, “EPSTEIN-BARR VCA IgM ELISA”, “Helicobacter pylori IgG ELISA”, “HERPES SIMPLEX 1 ELISA IgG \\ / IgM (gG1 recombinant)”, “VIRapid HIDATIDOSIS”, “VIRapid Legionella CULTURE” “VIRapid MONO M \x26amp; G”, “VIRapid TULAREMIA”, “Adenovirus IFA IgG”, “Adenovirus IFA IgM”, “Bartonella henselae \x26amp; QUINTANA IFA IgG”, “Bartonella henselae \x26amp; QUINTANA IFA IgM”, “CHAGAS IFA IgG + IgM”, “Chlamydophila pneumoniae IFA IgG “,” Chlamydophila pneumoniae IFA IgM “,” Coxiella burnetii IFA IgG “,” Coxiella burnetii IFA IgM “,” Coxiella burnetii I + II IFA IgG “,” INFLUENZA A IFI IgG “,” INFLUENZA A IFI IgM “,” INFLUENZA B IFI IgG “,” INVASIVE CANDIADIASIS (ledder) IFI IgG “,” Legionella pneumophila IFI IgG “,” Legionella pneumophila IFI IgM “,” VirClia “,” Adenovirus VIRCLIA IgG Monotest “,” BRUCELLA VIRCLIA IgG Monotest “,” BRUCELLA VIRCLIA IgM Monotest “,” CHAGAS VIRCLIA IgG + IgM Monotest “” Chlamydia trachomatis VIRCLIA IgA Monotest “” Chlamydia trachomatis VIRCLIA IgG Monotest “” Chlamydia trachomatis VIRCLIA IgM Monotest “,” Chlamydophila pneumoniae VIRCLIA IgA Monotest “,” Chlamydophila pneumoniae VIRCLIA IgG Monotest “,” Chlamydophila pneumoniae VIRCLIA IgM Monotest “,” Coxiella burnetii VIRCLIA IgG Monotest “,” Coxiella burnetii VIRCLIA IgM Monotest “,” CYTOMEGALOVIRUS VIRCLIA IgG Monotest “,” CYTOMEGALOVIRUS VIRCLIA IgM Monotest “,” DENGUE VIRCLIA IgG Monotest “,” EPSTEIN Barr EBNA IgG VIRCLIA Monotest “,” EPSTEIN-BARR VCA IgG VIRCLIA Monotest “,” Helicobacter pylori IgG VIRCLIA Monotest “,” HERPES SIMPLEX 1 VIRCLIA IgG Monotest “,” Herpes Simplex 1 + 2 IgG VIRCLIA Monotest “,” HERPES SIMPLEX 1 +2 VIRCLIA IgM Monotest “,” HERPES SIMPLEX 2 VIRCLIA IgG Monotest “,” INFLUENZA A VIRCLIA IgG Monotest “,” INFLUENZA B IgG VIRCLIA Monotest “,” Legionella pneumophila SG 1 VIRCLIA IgG Monotest “,” Legionella pneumophila SG 1 VIRCLIA IgM Monotest “,” SG Legionella pneumophila 1-6 IgG + IgM VIRCLIA Monotest “,” Leishmania IgG + IgM VIRCLIA Monotest “,” MEASLES IgG VIRCLIA Monotest “,” MEASLES IgM VIRCLIA Monotest “,” MUMPS IgG VIRCLIA Monotest “,” Mycoplasma Pneumoniae VIRCLIA IgG Monotest “,” Mycoplasma Pneumoniae VIRCLIA IgM Monotest “,” Parainfluenza 1 VIRCLIA IgG Monotest “,” Parainfluenza 2 VIRCLIA IgG Monotest “,” Parainfluenza 3 VIRCLIA IgG Monotest “,” Parvovirus VIRCLIA IgG Monotest “,” respiratory syncytial virus VIRCLIA IgG Monotest “” Rickettsia conorii VIRCLIA IgM Monotest “,” RUBELLA VIRCLIA IgG Monotest “,” RUBELLA VIRCLIA IgM Monotest “,” SYPHILIS VIRCLIA IgG Monotest “,” SYPHILIS VIRCLIA IgG + IgM Monotest “,” Toxoplasma VIRCLIA IgG Monotest “,” Toxoplasma VIRCLIA IgM Monotest “,” Varicella-zoster IgG VIRCLIA Monotest “,” VIRCLIA AUXILIARY REAGENTS “]

Manuka Lip Balm – lipstick with Herpes

Product information “Manuka Lip Balm – Lipstick herpes” Cares for the claimed by herpes lips with natural ingredients and active ingredients. Manuka Lip Balm is made with natural jojoba oil, beeswax, other vegetable oils and is 100% free of preservatives. The lipstick gives rich moisture, valuable building materials such as vitamins C \x26amp; E and contains essential Manuka which acts as an effective remedy for herpes **. Since this lipstick is made purely natural and fragrance free, it gets its distinctive odor through the Manuka. Background information on Manuka Manuka (Leptospermum scoparium) is used in New Zealand for many years as a virgin home remedy for herpes successfully and is almost no more wegzudenken. Wissenschaftler UNI Heidelberg have therefore dealt intensively with the topic of herpes and Manuka. In extensive studies ** we examined the effect of the essential oil against the two herpesviruses “Herpes simplex 1 and 2 (HSV-1 and HSV-2)”. It was confirmed that Manuka is already in low concentrations in a position already to interfere in the initial phase of herpes formation this sensitive and to inhibit the formation. Manuka can therefore be used successfully as a caring, virgin cure for herpes. This means in normal life that one should start already at the first feelings of tension and itching with the care of the lips. In existing cold sore of lipstick should be applied several times a day.

Manuka Lip Care . . . so special With pure vegetable care formula Soothes lips at the beginning at the first signs of herpes. Ideal as preventive care to protect against cold sores Hydrates dry and taut lips Easy to use Pure nature, her body to love . . . Without Color \x26amp; fragrances.

Without preservative substances. Without Parafin-, silicone and mineral oils. Excluding other chemical agents. Recommended Use: Manuka Lip Balm can be applied as often as desired and is very productive. Several times apply for cold sores. Preventive apply if you go to festivals or parties. At the first signs such as tingling, tightening, burning or itching. To care for brittle and tense lips Only for the external care of the lips! ** Source: Reichling J, Koch C, steel Biskup E, Sojka C, Schnitzler P: virucidal activity of a beta-Triketones-rich essential oil of Leptospermum scoparium (manuka oil) against HSV-1 and HSV-2 in cell culture , . Planta Med 2005 Dec; 71 (12): 1123-7. Institute of Pharmacy and Molecular Biotechnology, Department of Biology, University of Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Germany

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Frozen’s Corner

yes, I am tormented. I have a cold well so far survived, I get cold sores. Or if I was once on a funfair and the glasses were not rinsed properly, or I am disgusted before anything, I get cold sores. This I really want any. They itch, burn and do even hurt. See awful and uncomfortable. If I already noticed that on my lips looming thing, I get half Kriese. I also have quite a bit invested in money and time. much easier, much help. But I must confess that I am with some remedies also very dissatisfied. Especially those who literally drag me the money out of his pants. The pharmacy makes profits and my purse makes significant loss. I myself am angry then mostly so that I then still need ne Aspirin.

Everything a nasty tactics of the manufacturer. no – kidding . . . it’s really not easy to find the means, which helps one or just the pain breastfeeding something. But I am far better get along with home remedies for herpes, as the super expensive ointment that know the most, which also thus rum toil need. There are in addition to the cold sore that I get unfortunately now and then a few other forms of herpes. Genital herpes and shingles among them. Yes, the shingles caused by herpes viruses. Stress also promotes the formation of cold sores. Therefore usually you get the shingles in stressful situations. Some know exactly what I’m talking and me doing the unspeakable suffering. Against Genital Herpes protect myself most with abstinence.

If this is not possible, you should use condoms. The one should always always use when changing partners, since there are many other diseases that can be contracted through carelessness. Luckily I have that God may be made thanks to no acquaintance and can really do without it. My home remedies for cold sores is lemon balm. The help very well. Put some tincture on the spot on the lip helps quite fast and easy. Or toothpaste. Did I also tried and helps quite well. One must, however, be used right at the beginning of the outbreak. There are many different remedies. I’m really very well with home remedies. Only I have to give attention to the smallest signs, so that I can immediately begin treatment. There is also an electric lipstick and also paving the lip.

The I have not tried yet but the next season I will take the time to attack. Do you also have problems with it? If so, what are because your tips and tricks? your Frozen

Homeopathy: practice Beatrice Stutz-Laemmli, Adligenswil (Lucerne, Switzerland)

stomatitis  see also: Candida albicans, fever blisters, herpes, thrush Oral mucositis is manifested by pain, swelling, redness, burning, itching, ulceration, bleeding, rashes, bad breath or salivating. causes Weakened general condition, immune deficiency Poor oral hygiene (as in dentures, braces, bedridden) Poorly fitting dentures Allergies (for example, foods, cosmetics, etc. ) amalgam issue herpes Yeast (Candida albicans) Medications (for example, antibiotics)

Vitamin deficiency (V. A. Vitamins A, B and C), often caused by intestinal fungi, chronic diarrhea, drugs iron deficiency stress aphthous Aphthous ulcers are small whitish, surrounded by a red halo mucous patches, they occur sporadically or in groups. They are very painful. Thrush (Mundschwämmchen) Thrush is a collective term for infectious diseases, which (usually yeast) are caused by fungi. Most children are affected. Thrush often occurs with fever, gastrointestinal complaints. Through an immune deficiency may disturb the natural acid mantle of the mucous membranes and cause severe internal infections in the body.

symptoms Small, lentil whitish spots on the mucosa. The flooring looks like curdled milk or yogurt, it is wiped off. When wiping it may bleed easily. Befallen are mostly lips, tongue and the palate. From the oral mucosa, the fungal infection can, however, spread to the esophagus, urethra, bladder, vagina, with babies on the buttocks (as diaper rash).  see also diaper rash Mouth ulcers (aphthous stomatitis) see also under cold sore further in the text Trench mouth comes V. A. to infants less than 10 months and young children, it affects the oral mucosa and gums. Infection occurs via the saliva.

If a parent suffering from herpes, neither the soother (pacifier) ​​nor the chyme-spoon of the child should be placed in the mouth. reason The originator is the herpes simplex virus. On first occurrence in childhood it comes to the typical mouth rot, later cold sores can occur at other locations. symptoms Usually the mouth rot begins with a high fever (up to 5 days). The child refuses food because the small bubbles (oral mucosa, palate, gums, lips) are very painful. There is strong salivation. The gums are usually swollen, is crimson, the neck, the lymph nodes are swollen. A sour bad breath is very typical of the disease. After about a week, the blisters dry up and the sores heal (only now the child is no longer contagious). The virus can be transmitted like herpes on the eyes and there damage the cornea, it can also lead to a herpes encephalitis (infection of the brain). medicine

The virus treatment is not possible, it will be treated symptomatically (fever, local pain relief with gel). Tips Because of the pain the children refuse food and drinking. In infants, therefore, great care must be taken to prevent them from drying out (V. A. if they still have a fever). Everything acid should be avoided, as dry, hard foods! Cool drinks offer (in older children you can also offer ice cubes to suck) Ice cream (ice cream), pudding, soft foods (facilitate ingestion) Cold Sore As with the mouth rot play herpesviruses a role, they produce painful cold sores on the lips, tongue or mucous membranes (herpes labialis). The disease is highly infectious and can by touching, kissing (or intercourse = genital herpes) are passed. With weak immune system by a serious illness (for example, pneumonia, or after a surgical intervention) are at increased risk for the spread of the herpes infection on larger areas of the skin or to the meninges.

Anyone who has had cold sores, she often gets under the right circumstances again. Particularly at risk are people with a weakened immune system. Children can be infected at birth from the mother. In patients in whom the immune system is weakened by serious diseases, there is an increased risk of spread to larger areas of the skin or a scattering in the eye (risk of corneal inflammation) or in the meninges. causes The herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) causes blisters on the lips, tongue or oral mucosa. With Herpes is already infected mostly in childhood, usually the disease is there but no complaints. Once infected may Herpes erupt again. The following factors can activate herpes viruses: Sunlight, Solarium dental visit Fever, colds, flu Immunodeficiency e.

g. serious illness, after surgery or in mental illness. stress Disgust; Anxiety; psychological problems Allergies (for example, foods, cosmetics, metals) vaccinations amalgam issue Hormonal changes (for example, monthly cycle; pill / IUS; pregnancy; after birth; menopause) Injuries (they are pure stress) Serious illnesses Oral herpes can occur once, then rest for years, but it can also occur on a monthly basis (for example, in connection with menstruation). The accumulation is genetic, but also the living conditions play a major role. symptoms

First, start the skin site (usually it is the upper or lower lip) to tingling, burning, pulling. Later it begins to itch, are formed water-filled blisters, either individually or in groups standing. This open and emptied, it is then to yellow, sometimes bloody crusting. Fever, swollen lymph nodes and malaise can happen. Night ten days subside the symptoms. The bubbles can also occur elsewhere on the body, for example, Nose, eyes, genitals, buttocks (children), etc. Orthodox medical treatment A cure (medicine sees) there is not, it can always come back to renewed outbreaks. There are alleviated the symptoms (pain, fever, inflammation), antiviral ointments shorten the course a little. Tips from naturopathy Make sure that does not take place a lubricating transmission (via finger in the eye). Separate towel use (the other family members are otherwise infected). Do you use an infant, separate eating utensils.

In infants during illness the soother (pacifier) ​​boil daily, this repeatedly dive daily in sage tea. Hot od. Avoid acidic food, no citrus! Frequent hand washing! Do not use contact lenses At the first signs: press ice cubes in the handkerchief on the spot Dabbing with alcohol solution Swabbing Rescue Drops (Rescue Remedy Bach flower); Calendula od melissa ointment. Melissentinktur; diluted tea tree oil or undiluted Caution: Do not use during a homeopathic constitutional treatment, it may interfere with the therapy Promote healing: Dab with homeopathic wound tincture or Echinacea tincture; Black tea, sage tea, or lemon balm tea (tannin promote drying)

Apply little honey on the lip; Propolissalbe St. John’s wort (also acts analgesic) Chamomile, calendula or banal soap (relieve the itching) Mouthwashes with chamomile od Ringelblumentinktur. 10 drops to 1 tablespoon water Mouth several times a day with sage, thyme od rinse. Soak Nuggi in sage tea Strengthening the immune system: Treatment Homeopathy In an acute treatment occurs within hours, a strong decrease in the complaints. After that there is a constitutional treatment as the general condition must be treated here. From the viewpoint of homeopathy herpes can only be cured when the life force is in balance.

Herpes is an important miasmatic symptoms in homeopathy. Homeopathic medicines are used to encourage this self-healing. The frequency and severity of individual episodes can be influenced as low. For homeopathic self-treatment is not suitable (leads to suppression).