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Herpetology fourth edition an introductory biology of amphibians and reptiles Herpetology fourth edition an introductory biology of amphibians and reptiles Herpetology fourth edition an introductory biology of amphibians and reptiles Best place to meet your Herpes match. Herpes diego rodriguez – www. instituto taladriz. com. ar Herpes task priscilla platform herpes virus Herpes zoster by dr bashir ahmed give medicine associate professor sopore kashmir Herpes (seminar) Prognosis Herpes Options

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Redness of the glans

What is redness of the glans? The appearance of reddened glans is in medical terminology called “balanitis” and refers to the altered complexion at the tip of the penis. Often, foreskin and penile shaft are parallel affected. Synonyms Balanitis (inflammation of the glans) Posthitis (inflammation of the foreskin, usually on the inside) Combination: Balanoposthitis English: Inflammation of the tip of the penis (balanitis) overview The glans (glans penis) and the foreskin (prepuce), the front parts of the male sex organ (penis). “Balanitis” initially referred only reddish change in skin on the glans, but in most cases the foreskin and penile shaft are ill. This phenomenon is often accompanied by classic inflammatory symptoms such as itching and burning. The skin may form weeping eczema, secrete purulent discharge, or be dry to scaly – possible is also a changing appearance.

The human genitals have little contact with the air and are surrounded by a moist, warm atmosphere – the optimal Nährklima for all possible fungal and bacterial strains. But this fact favors the development of inflammation and skin diseases. Additive mechanical irritation, such as the wearing of tight-fitting underwear or by frequent cleaning measures, as well as by chemical disruption of the skin pH value (application of intimate sprays, soaps, and residual urine) that there very thin skin is irritated sensitive. Often there are short-term unpleasant symptoms, but can be cured well. causes In approximately 5% of boys before puberty often occurs together with congenital phimosis (phimosis) or foreskin (so-called. Conglutination), short-term training of infectious balanitis / Posthitiden that are treatable by a for ambulatory foreskin. The most common form of balanitis is the so-called “balanitis simplex”. The penile skin is locally slightly reddened, showing nodules and small scales, accompanied by itching and dryness feelings. The “Balanitis Plasmacellularis Zoon” manifests itself in reddened, often humid and moist parts of the glans and shaft of the penis. It occurs more frequently in elderly, uncircumcised men. The cause was suspected irritation followed by an exaggerated reaction due to the age-related loss of skin thickness, which can lead to Gewebeaufweichung. Ultimately, the exact origin has not yet been satisfactorily explained.

As “Balanitis xerotica obliterans” (lichen sclerosus et Atrophicus, Kraurosis penis) one designates to white patches that change poorly defined, bluish, or bright with disease progression in a rough-pitted, cartilaginous appearance. Observed a shrinkage of the foreskin is additionally. Probable cause is a borreliosis infection here. It should be noted that in this symptom, the risk of degeneration is added to skin cancer. The “ulcerous balanitis / ulcerative balanitis” denotes open, partly moist places. This form may extend painful or asymptomatic. Cause here is mostly a mechanical overstimulation, a herpes virus infection, the syphilis pathogen or other sexually transmitted diseases. Below is a list of possible underlying diseases: Increased or rare genital hygiene Fungal infection (candida) Bacterial infection, often intestinal bacteria (enterococci) Herpes infection Contact allergies (condoms made of latex, perfume and the alcohol contained therein, ointments, Intimate cosmetics or soaps, genital piercing)

Systemic allergy suffering drug allergy Psoriasis (psoriasis) neurodermatitis syphilis Genital warts diabetes mellitus Secondary infection with genital piercing (piercing etc. ) Other, rarer diseases can hide behind a reddening: Lichen Planus Bowen’s disease erythroplasia Queyrat

Paget’s disease hidradenitis suppurativa What you can do yourself If you suffer from pre-mentioned symptoms, it is highly advisable to consult your urologist to initiate rapid treatment. As the inflammation of the glans can spread through the urethra further, there is the possibility secondarily a urethritis (urethritis), bladder (cystitis) and prostatitis (prostatitis) to develop. Even a fertility endangering epididymitis (epididymitis) is possible and because of early diagnosis and initiation of therapy extremely useful. Support by the specialists If there are problems in the genital area of ​​the urologist is uniquely qualified. Regardless of symptoms men should from the age of 50 to undergo regular check-up. What to expect from your doctor? Before your doctor begins with specific investigations, he interviewed you in detail about the current and possibly past complaints, and to pre-existing conditions. With the following questions you can expect: Since when complaints are made and whether the disease have shown changes in the course?

Whether these lesions occur only on the penis in appearance, or may still be found in other parts of the body? Whether you have noticed other symptoms, such as itching, burning, fever or problems with urination / during intercourse? Whether recently there has been a change in sexual partners? Whether you have ever suffered it? Whether current pre-existing conditions (infectious diseases, diabetes mellitus) are known? Whether you had currently taking or taking medication? Whether you suffer from allergies (for example, latex)? Examinations (diagnosis) For physical diagnosis a simple swab collection, besides the in-depth look diagnostics and scanning the inguinal lymph nodes enable accurate diagnosis often already. These extracts of the doctor with a cotton swab gently something secretion or deposition from infected areas and can zoom breed on specific culture media specifically taken pathogen cultures. A blood count should be created as a precautionary measure against which the doctor can check your inflammatory markers, as well as kidney and prostate-specific values ​​to exclude secondary, ascending infections can. Treatment (therapy) For the anti-infective therapy based on the culture of the organism proof the following drugs are available:

Antibiotics for evidence of bacterial colonization Antifungals for fungus Antivirals in viral infections In addition, cortisone creams can stop the inflammation process. Often your doctor combines this with cooling and disinfecting agents. Also, a daily bath of the penis’ in disinfectant solution to remedy this. Then dry with a soft terry cloth carefully and, if prescribed, plunge gauze strip in the solution and place it on the inflamed sites and prefer the foreskin. At best, keep moist and change several times a day. Operationally, it is possible with existing foreskin to remove them by an outpatient procedure. This is quite useful if you suffer from frequent occurrence of inflammation in the glans or foreskin area. Prevention (prevention) The deposition of the so-called “foreskin Dope” (smegma) in uncircumcised men is a natural process. It consists mostly of old exfoliated epithelial cells of the penile skin and secretions of acorn and foreskin glands.

With regular cleaning with clean water, these deposits are not dangerous. However, there is the possibility that the smegma starts to decompose during long periods without distance being trained, an unpleasant odor and can lead to infection. Conversely, with exaggerated cleanliness danger a Reizbalanitis. Each skin needs a slightly acidic pH value at about 5. 5 to perform their function as Eindringbarriere for pathogens germs can. If this pH is now too often disturbed by cosmetics or detergents, the skin loses its natural protection and foreign germs can penetrate easier and multiply. Here offer pH neutral washing lotions a good solution, keep in mind, however, that the mechanical irritation the acid protective film engages through the wash with your hands on your skin. Therefore, avoid too frequent washing lotions. It is also important that your sexual partner is having examined and possibly treated as well, otherwise the risk of recurrent reciprocal contagion is (ping-pong effect). In the acute stage you should also refrain from sexual intercourse because this is an additional irritation. In a disease with infectious component you should use a condom in order not to jeopardize your partner. Take special care, infectious cause use towels and wash at least 60 ° C (preferably 90 ° C) to wash long enough to eliminate possible transmission and reinfection sources. © CHHG

Skin cancer fight with herpesviruses – Bild der Wissenschaft

Scientists at the University of Glasgow have successfully herpesviruses for the treatment of malignant melanoma, the most dangerous form of skin cancer used. “We were able to show that the viruses kill cancer cells when we bring them into direct contact with them,” says Rona MacKie. The head of the research group but points out that the works are still in a very early stage and generally available treatment is to be expected in a few years. The starting point for the research published in the journal “The Lancet” was the observation that animals survived longer with malignant melanoma after an infection with a mutated form of the herpes simplex virus. In addition, it was known that the virus in cancer cells rapidly increased as in normal human cells. In the study, participated in the five patients with skin cancer at an advanced stage, genetically repurposed viruses were injected directly into tumors. Two subjects were administered after 14 days, the same dose once again, one patient received a total of four times the dose. One to two weeks after that, the treated melanoma were excised and examined microscopically. Patients who had received more than a single injection, showed the desired result: “We have shown that melanoma cells were killed and the viral treatment no harmful side effects had,” says MacKie. Most clearly was positive effect in the subject, which had been treated with four times the dose. Next, you want to check whether a further increase in the dose of virus is possible sense and without risk to the patient. Moreover, it remains to be clarified whether larger melanomas can be treated by this method. Herpes simplex viruses are widespread pathogens of usually harmless extending infections around the lips (cold sores) or genital area.

The malignant melanoma, also called “black cancer” called leads quickly to the formation of secondary tumors (metastases) in other organs and is therefore responsible for 85 percent of deaths in skin cancer. The currently only treatment is surgical removal of the tumor at an early stage. Joachim Czichos

The best home remedies for stains

Oh my . . your favorite blouse has a red spot and you just do not have the appropriate chemical agent in the house? No problem. Most stains can be removed with home remedies. Home remedies for stains, there are many: Be it rauszubekommen remove the blood stains or mildew stains, grease stains, chewing gum, wine stains, coffee stains, grass stains and much more. Many washing machines even offer special Fleckenentfernungsrogramme to – but sometimes it has a home remedy for spots to be. We have compiled some valuable home remedy for spots for you: remove blood stains: Fresh blood spots can best be easily removed with cold water. If the stain a bit older, it is recommended to soak the garment in water, wring out and give some baking soda or toothpaste on it. Then from hence into the washing machine. remove red wine stains:

A home remedy for stains from red wine glass cleaner spray: make spraying waving, dab: finished. Nothing more to see. On carpets also helps good salt or baking soda. But beware: Not that you afterwards at the site have a bright spot. So better try anyway only bright carpets. In textiles, incidentally also works shaving: blank spraying act, and then wash as usual. Another home remedy for stains of red wine is white wine. Just a little shot to give the spot and away is the red wine. Oil stains and grease stains remove: Sounds strange, but: Who has oil poured on clothing, rub the point a with butter. Allow to work, then wash and away the stain. Fat binds fat. If the stain after washing still there, it also helps to iron some baking soda.

After the next wash the stain should be gone. By the way: grease spots behind hoods you get away with baking soda also. Baking soda with a little water stir into a paste, then apply to the stain and let dry. Then scrape. Remove juice stains: Juice spots also go off well with white toothpaste. Dab stain immediately and rinse with hot water. Remove coffee stains: Coffee stains best same wash out with water. Older smudges going out difficult. like to try with bleach In light colored garments. Also good: A Spülmaschinentab dissolve in water and the garment soak in it. After starting order in the washing machine.

remove grass stains: Against the dreaded grass stains help many home remedies: rinse, gall, hairspray, butter, milk or half a potato. Remove mold stains: Vinegar helps foxing in colorfast garments. Just insert it – then wash in the washing machine. Done. A great home remedy for spots. Remove chewing gum: The best place the garment in the freezer. Then you can scrape the gum good. We wish you success with our home remedies to stains.

Viral diseases – Dermatologist Münster Germania Campus Dr. Anita Rütter, technical practice and practice Department

Viral diseases are infections of the skin or the so-called skin appendages (nails, sweat glands or sebaceous glands). Herpes: common viral infection of the skin Herpes here the most common viral infection of the skin, in addition to cold sores and chicken pox or shingles caused by herpes viruses. The skin and tissue changes can be treated very well with various laser systems, without later scars or other skin imperfections remain. In addition, can stimulate a more rapid healing of the tissue with the laser. Viral diseases and their treatment at a glance: A disease with a herpesvirus can, among other things to cold sores, chicken pox (and to re-occur in adulthood shingles), the Pfeiffer’s glandular fever or Herpes cause genital. Irradiation with the Nd: YAG laser: Irradiation of the inflamed skin provides generally that the disease and the symptoms subside more quickly than usual. Because the laser activates the cell renewal and thus the skin renewal. Inflamed skin areas can regenerate better in this way. For Nd: YAG laser Warts are caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) to skin and mucous membranes.

They are skin or tissue growths that thicken and can hurt. By (minimum) cracks or injuries in the tissues get the virus into the skin. Some wart viruses are also highly contagious. In humid air they spread very good, which is why, for example, an infection in swimming pools is typical. Genital warts (known as genital warts) are the most common viruses triggered by sexually transmitted diseases. They can be treated very well with a CO 2 laser, so they regress completely. An alternative may be to remove the wart with a scalpel. However, this is only necessary in rare cases. More-viral STDs, pulling lesions by themselves, are herpes in the genital area or HIV. Do you have questions about the treatment? Talk to us, we’re here to help!

Herpes zoster in breast cancer patients after radi .. | INIS

[En] Purpose: We have of studied the incidence of herpes zoster in patients with adjuvant radiotherapy for breast cancer with special emphasis on possible correlations with other prognostic factors or survival. Patients and Methods: From 1/1985 through 12/1993, 1 155 breast cancer patients received postoperative radiotherapy with curative intent in our department. After mastectomy 961 patients were irradiated and after breast-preserving treatment 194 patients. The age ranged from 34 to 79 years, de median follow-up 3. 1 years what (range: 0. 3 to 12. 4 years). There were 443 women (38%) pre- and 712 (62%) postmenopausal. 21% had T3 to T4 tumors, 55% had axillary lymph node involvement, and 65% received additional systemic hormonal and / or cytotoxic therapy. In case of postmastectomy radiotherapy, the lateral chest wall and lymphatics (axilla, parasternal and supraclavicular nodes) were irradiated with at anterior photon field to 50 Gy (axilla 44 Gy) and most of the chest wall with on electron field to 44 Gy in 2 -GY fractions. After breast-preservation, the breast which irradiated via tangential fields with 6- to 8-MV photons up to 50 Gy plus 8 Gy electron boost to the tumor bed. Most of the patients were routinely Followed in the department for 2 to 5 years.

The frequency of zoster what deterministic mined retrospectively by reviewing the patients’ records. Results: A zoster after radiotherapy occurred in 41/1 155 patients (3. 7%), mostly within the first 2 years after completion of radiotherapy. All infections Remained localized and there what no evidence for systemic infections. Type of treatment (mastectomy vs. breast-preservation) had no impact on the frequency of herpes zoster (36/961 patients after mastectomy and 5/194 patients after breast-preservation). So There was no correlation with other prognostic factors: such as age, menopausal status, stage of disease or the use of adjuvant chemotherapy, nor what the occurrence of zoster linked to the degree of acute skin reaction in the radiation field. More over, patients with zoster had the same prognosis as patients without Compared To zoster with regard to local control and survival. Conclusions: The Observed frequency of zoster (about 4% of patients after postoperative radiotherapy) in this retrospective study Suggests did the risk of developing zoster in this patient group may be 3- to 5-fold higher as Compared to the incidence in the general population , However, de occurrence of zoster what not linked to prognosis and treatment response. (Orig. ) [De] Background: We have zoster examined in a retrospective analysis, the Frequency of herpes in patients with breast cancer and postoperative radiotherapy.

Patients and Methods: From January 1985 to December 1993 were 1 155 patients at our clinic a postoperative radiotherapy after mastectomy (n = 961) or breast-conserving surgery (n = 194) with curative intent. The age was 34 to 79 years. 443 (38%) were pre- and 712 (62%) postmenopausal, 21% had T3 to T4 tumors, and 55% had an axillary lymph node involvement on. All patients received irradiation of the remaining breast or chest wall to 50 Gy in patients mastektomierten a regional lymph nodes with 44 Gy were additionally irradiated. 65% of patients received additional systemic therapy. The follow-up was three months to 12. 5 years (median 3. 1 years). Results: 41/1 155 patients (3. 7%) developed a herpes zoster in Nachbeobachtungzeitraum. All infections were localized, generalized skin infection or systemic infection did not occur. Age, menopausal status, disease stage or type of therapy (breast conservation vs. mastectomy, additional chemotherapy) had no effect on the frequency of zoster.

Patients with severe acute skin reaction were also not significantly stronger affected than patients with less skin reaction in the irradiation field (5% vs. 2%). The occurrence of herpes zoster after therapy did not affect the prognosis of local control or survival. (Orig. ) Primary SubjectRADIOLOGY AND NUCLEAR MEDICINE (S62) Record Type Journal article Journal Radiotherapy and Oncology; ISSN 0179-7158; ; CODEN STONE4; V 176 (11). p. 513-516 Country / Organization Germany Descriptors (DEI) DELAYED RADIATION EFFECTS, DISEASE INCIDENCE, EFFICIENCY, herpes zoster, LYMPH NODES, mammary glands, metastases, PATIENTS, RADIOTHERAPY, SIDE EFFECTS, SURGERY Descriptors (DEC) BIOLOGICAL EFFECTS, BIOLOGICAL RADIATION EFFECTS, BODY, DISEASES, GLANDS, INFECTIOUS DISEASES, Lymphatic system, MEDICINE, NERVOUS SYSTEM DISEASES, NUCLEAR MEDICINE, INSTITUTION, RADIATION EFFECTS, RADIOLOGY, THERAPY, VIRAL DISEASES

Language English Reference Number32000470 Publication Year2000 INIS Volume32 INIS Issue01

herpes Lip

Acyclo-V makes to outbreak of genital herpes shorter and less severe wheezing or difficulty breathing; swelling of the face, lips, tongue or other parts of the body; and rash, itching or hives on the skin. Do not take this medicine after the expiry Herpes simplex: This Widely prevalent virus can be caught as Bacterial keratitis: This is an infection of the cornea by common bacteria found on the skin and in the mouth and nose. Normally, thesis bacteria can not penetrate the outer layer of the eye sores is a problem for many people. Nine out of ten Germans have herpes virus in the body – even when the disease is far from being really erupts at every infected and caused problems. What helps for cold sores? In Pregnancy does not protect against sexually transmitted infections: such as HIV, herpes, genital warts is I am supposed to be married to Because I can not stand his unending mouth infections, odor and gum disease, Although he is a very rich businessman , Analyzing the samples, the scientists found seven families of viruses, Including strains of herpesviruses did are not sexually transmitted. For example, herpes virus 6 or herpesvirus 7 which found in 98 percent of worth individuals sampled from the mouth. This medication is used to treat pain Caused by nerve damage due to diabetes or to shingles (herpes zoster) infection Take this medication by mouth as directed by your doctor Benthic, usually 2 to 3 times a day with or without food. Dosage is based on your. Experts believe 80 percent or more of herpes cases are not recognized, Wyand says. . When the virus does manifest, it Usually Appears as blisters around your genitals or rectum, but can thus spread to the mouth during oral sex Most symptoms are mild Well, unfortunately, unfortunately, if you have it once, you’ll really him never get rid of it. This is a viral infection that can erupt again.

For various reasons – but mostly when the immune system is not very stable, but The enterovirus is Believed to be the root cause of many types of known disorders and diseases: such as chronic fatigue syndrome, Epstein Barr, chicken pox, herpes, encephalomyelitis, hand, foot, and mouth disease, hepatitis, ADHD, cardiac arrhythmia mouth, stool and vagina. At least one virus which detected in 92 percent of the people sampled and some worth individuals harbored 10 to 15 viruses. Analyzing the samples, scientists found seven families of viruses, Including strains of the herpes virus did are.