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Did you know that beauty concoctions, including mascara and rouge, are personal? Dermatologists explain why amiguis beauty products should not be paid. Consider the main problems as being good people: You can stick herpes: “The person may suffer from herpes and, although it has not broken out, could spread to the other girl who lends lipstick; even the person without being herpes because the virus is still there. The bug is hidden, caught the person weak and the virus appears. The mouth is an area of ​​high risk for the subject of the mucosa, “explains dermatologist John Honeyman, of the School of Medicine at UC. He insists that the virus that causes rashes remains with the person throughout life and that contagion occurs, even if no visible injuries. “If I have a cold and occupied a lip, the boto. Otherwise, if you still use run the risk of following autoinoculando the bug, “the dermatologist Cristina Montero Avansalud. A lipstick can last two years, but well maintained: “There are people who when they have a cold cast lipstick, arguing that that are passed. Always hold lipstick, leaving viral particles in this object. They are autoinoculando the bug. ”

Conjunctivitis sight: under no circumstances should share or provide mascara and eyeliner because it can increase the presence of eye infections. “A hobby that people have is to open the tube and shove the brush several times. With that oxygenates and promotes the growth of bacteria. That puts and takes is lousy, “explains Dr. Montero. He adds that “six months have to fire him despite last longer. We must think of bacterial growth. ” Dr. Honeyman said also the mascara can be transmitted bacteria and germs. “There is more risk given a cream because the skin has more defenses than the mucosa of the conjunctiva,” he warns. “The mascara has an expiration date: no more than six months,” agrees Roger Reyna, director of Bobbi Brown, who has painted to Sarah Jessica Parker and Antonio Banderas. He says: “The 60 percent of women use expired products unknowingly and even bacteria accumulates on the brush mascara.

If the friend takes the product can be transferred to your eye. ” It can infect the skin: Dr. Montero explains that creams can cause skin infections. “Each person has their own bacterial flora. Then a skin can be colonized by a bug that I have and sharing makeup, I catch that same bug in my skin, it can be pathological. ” He adds that this is the chance. “I can not pass anything, but it is likely that the girl occupying my makeup just have a bug. For example, a Demodex infestation (mite). If you have rosacea, acne or seborrheic dermatitis (skin diseases that are superinfected) . . . there are bugs stuck inside.

” ¿Make-up ? : “Today we are not just cosmetic makeovers; now they come with other properties: have vitamin E, an antioxidant, sunscreen, hyaluronic acid, “says Dr. Montero. But all these additional improvements expire when the product reaches the day and time of maturity. Alvaro Marquez, the Chamber of Cosmetics Industry, suggests that you have to buy name brand products and have well labeled the origin of import, who address matters and to your phone. He adds that skin creams and face, now also used by men, should not last more than a year. “People buy to use and not to keep it,” he says. To learn more about cosmetic and health, visit www. ispch. cl/cosmeticos “As a general rule, if I have a cold and occupied a lip, the boto”

Cristina Montero, dermatologist Avansalud

Dog diseases that should not be routinely vaccinated

All information on the topics Barfen \x26amp; vaccinate dogs, cats and other pets are also available without JavaScript. However, this does not apply to the custom search! Search in veterinary practice for diet: ► vaccines Single vaccines and combination vaccines (Click image for details) 9. Vaccination – No: diseases, against which should not be routinely vaccinated Given the potential risks (see Section I – intolerance of vaccinations) vaccination should be carried out the following vaccinations either not (Lyme disease) or only in critical situations (eg high infection pressure. ). Of course, here the individual life situation, the age and history of a dog in the consideration of the benefits and risks of vaccination consideration must find. disease | Kennel cough complex | herpes | leptospirosis | rabies ticks

With the possibility of tick infestation should examine their pet for the prevention of Lyme disease daily for ticks Lyme disease (Borrelia burgdorferi): Bacterial disease (spirochete) that is transmitted by ticks. Probably most infections are asymptomatic. This is assumed because in many areas dogs were tested by screening the blood as disease-positive, even though they showed no symptoms. The typical symptoms are fever, lameness, swelling of one or more joints, muscles or spine. Vaccination is highly controversial because often vaccination reactions occur, and it is therefore not recommended. Many dogs suffer by vaccination at corresponding symptoms of Lyme disease. For prevention, it is better to investigate the dog daily for ticks. Removal of ticks within the first 24 hours prevents Borrelia transmission largely. In addition, a sufficient protection against ticks should be made. Kennel Cough Complex: It is an infectious disease of the upper respiratory tract, whose development several viruses and bacteria occasionally involved.

The 3 most important pathogens: Parainfluenza viruses Herpesviruses and Bordetellabakterien which occur in Central Europe And there are also many other exciting causally involved. The virus types involved are different from country to country, from outbreak to outbreak and depend on the type of dog attitude (individual housing, mass entertainment) from. When kennel cough is usually not a life-threatening disease, but a common cold in the dog. Infection occurs via droplet infection, especially of animals, who have no signs of illness. The symptoms are dry, partly troublesome cough. The dogs choke sometimes ad nauseam, because they have the feeling of a foreign body would be stuck in the throat. In most cases, it comes within 14 days to a spontaneous healing. In very severe progression with, for example, additional bacterial (usually Bordetella bronchiseptica) or viral infection (reovirus, canine adenovirus2, human influenza virus, canine herpesvirus), the animal can be helped with medication. Here are homeopathic medicines that boost the body’s defenses proved very successful.

Antibiotics are usually not very successful, since viruses do not it is recognized. The vaccine provides only a very inadequate protection. This means that many dogs can, despite vaccination, kennel cough, in a possibly milder form get. Vaccination is recommended for most highly exposed animals (shelter). Parainfluenza 2 virus: The causative agent is a paramyxovirus. Single infections with this virus only cause a mild disease of the upper respiratory tract, or go without clinical symptoms over. Only in connection with the infection of other bacteria or resistance-reducing factors (poor hygiene or stress, poor nutritional status, weak offspring) can lead to a more severe course in which fever may occur. Virus can be excreted to the 8th day of illness of the dog. Herpesviruses: The herpes viruses are among the most involved viruses of kennel cough complex in dogs. In this disease, they can exacerbate symptoms. compromised herpes viruses are especially 2-3 weeks old puppies, when these are subjected to hypothermia.

In this age can not be vaccinated. It can cause diarrhea, vomiting, cough and other symptoms. The responsibility for housing conditions and thus the provision accordingly is in this period with the breeder. Other areas of the body can be affected by herpes viruses. In pregnant females, for example, can lead to death of the puppy an acute infection during this period. But the mother animal is frequently no symptoms. The next time you throw the puppies are protected by the maternal immune cells. When repeatedly occur herpes problems in a herd, the breeding conditions should be verified. Bordetella bronchiseptica bacteria: These bacteria can be secondary pathogens in kennel cough complex or even with the distemper of the dog. This means that the bacteria can colonize the upper respiratory tract after the mucosa have been previously damaged by viruses. The bacteria worsen the symptoms. Inoculations were often of questionable value.

Leptospirosis (Stuttgart dog disease, Leptospira canicula): It is a bacterial infection in dogs. There are very many genera (= serotypes) of these bacteria. Against two of them can be vaccinated. Against diseases caused by other serotypes vaccination not protect. The years of vaccination of our dogs has however led to a shift of disease occurring. The most common disease-causing serotypes are now those against whom can not be vaccinated. These serotypes produce a more severe disease than the originally responsible serotypes. The classic disease against which is vaccinated, often passes unnoticed or without typical symptoms, with rapidly transient weakness and disturbance of the general condition. But it is also an acute and severe or rare fatal course be observed with typical organ symptoms. The organ damage that occur are caused by the toxin of the bacteria. This leads to serious systemic disorders, diarrhea, vomiting, blood vessel damage, rare paralysis, pericarditis, photophobia, blurred vision and pneumonia. In a chronic course, the kidneys and liver often remain permanently damaged.

It affects mostly young, weakened or unvaccinated animals. The vaccination is to protect only about 6-12 months, why should actually be used accordingly often vaccinated. However, since the protection is only against two serotypes and these are now rare in relation to the other serotypes responsible for leptospirosis, the value of vaccination is somewhat questionable. For this reason, I recommend a compromise between a vaccination in 3-year cycle and an effort to create good posture and social conditions to promote the robustness of animals. Rabies (rhabdovirus): Rabies is an almost always fatal viral disease, are at the symptoms such as personality changes (aggression, urge Hiking, restlessness, biting of objects) typically with drooling. But atypical history forms before coming and make diagnosis more difficult. This disease can be transmitted to humans and then extend also fatal. In case of suspected rabies treatment of an animal, no attempt should be made in unvaccinated animals. The suspicion must be reported to the Office and the unvaccinated animals are killed. The rabies vaccination is in principle only necessary if animals (dogs / cats) are to be taken abroad with (entry requirements). Germany is since April 2008 as a rabies-free, therefore no direct risk of infection by foxes longer exists. This fact is the result of an extensive vaccination campaign of foxes.

In African countries, South America, India and Southeast Asia, but also in Eastern Europe and Turkey rabies is, however, still common among feral animals. In Northern Germany spreads in recent years, bat rabies from. These viruses are closely related to the classical pathogens which can be transmitted by a bite to humans. How great is the risk of a bat bite, everyone should decide for themselves. For the first vaccination, the dog must be at least 3 months as better 6 months. Vaccination should be made possible as a single vaccination. Before coming to Norway and Sweden have a blood test is required which can prove an adequate rabies. This required rabies (so-called rabies titer = amount of immune cells against rabies virus in the blood) is not achieved after vaccination with multiple vaccines often. A booster with a single vaccine achieved a better detectable rabies titers. If the dog is to be taken abroad with the country’s own regulations must be observed. Please inquire in good time about the current requirements. Entry Requirements dogs, cats and ferrets to Norway vaccination generally

Intolerance of vaccinations alternative vaccination practices Advice and information Vaccination puppies Vaccination puppies Vaccination scheme adult dogs Vaccination – yes: Description of the disease, should be vaccinated against the Seeding – No: Description of the diseases against which should not be routinely vaccinated

Tire suas Duvidas sobre a AIDS e outras doenças sexual elements transmissíveis – Editoria de

10 de Abril de 2015 às 09:52 ••• atualizado em 10 de Abril de 2015 às 09:52 0 COMPARTILHAMENTOS Publicado POR Segundo o Ministério da Saúde, as doenças sexual elements transmissíveis, ou DSTs, são consideradas como um dos principais problemas de saúde pública em todo o mundo. As corn famosas, além as AIDS, são a sífilis, a gonorreia, a clamídia, o herpes genital e o HPV (Human Papillomavirus). Mas não outras doenças menos importantes, como as Hepatites Virais e as infecções pélvicas causadas por bacterias, também são transmitidas pela relação sexual. Estimativas do Ministério da Saúde IndiCam que a DST corn prevalentemente na população brasileira é a clamídia, seguida since gonorreia because sífilis, do HPV, genital herpes do e, por fim, as AIDS. O chefe do Departamento de DST’s da Sociedade Brasileira de Urologia, Julio José Máximo de Carvalho, explica que todas essas doenças podem ser prevenidas através do uso de preservativos masculinos ou femininos, mas alerta quanto a alguns cuidados. “É preciso conferir o prazo de validade since camisinha. Ela também somente deve ser aberta na hora de usar eo ideal é evitar LUBRIFICANTES oleosos, como a vaselina, pois podem danificar o preservativo. Além disso, a camisinha semper deve ser colocada e retirada do pênis ereto “, diz. Ele ainda recomenda atenção com a higiene adequada, não apenas da região íntima, mas também dos objetos de uso sexual. Veja algumas informações importantes sobre cada uma dessas doenças.

Clamídia A clamídia é um tipo de infecção provocada por que pode Bacteria atingir os órgãos Sexuais da mulher e homem do. A doença é bastante comum entre os jovens e alguns dos seus sintomas são dor ao Urinary, aumento de corrimento vaginally sangramento fora da época da menstruação e dor durante a relação sexual. O mais grave é que, quando não tratada, pode levar à infertilidade. Mas atenção: em muitos casos, a doença é completamente assintomática. Portanto, a recomendação é consultar regularmente to especialista que irá fazer o diagnóstico e iniciar o tratamento adequado, geralmente com uso de Antibioticos. Gonorreia A gonorreia também é uma infecção causada por que pode Bacteria infectar o colo do útero, o canal anal, a garganta e os olhos. Seus sintomas são semelhantes aos provocados pela clamídia, e da mesma maneira pode se como uma manifestar doença assintomática. Para as died antes, a enfermidade é bastante Danosa: mulheres com gonorreia e clamídia não são tratadas passíveis de contaminar o Recém-nascido durante o parto. No primeiro mês de vida, o bebê tem infectado chance de desenvolver oftalmia neonatal, uma conjutivite que pode levar à cegueira. Para prevenir, a conduta é aplicar to colirio na primeira hora após o nascimento. sífilis

Trata-se de uma doença infecciosa causada pela bacteria Treponema pallidum e que como apresenta sintomas iniciais pequenas feridas nos órgãos Sexuais e caroços na virilha. Essas lesões não doem e não COCAM. Em fase corn avançada, a doença pode provocar manchas em várias partes do corpo e queda dos cabelos. Quando não tratada, a sífilis está relacionada a complicações graves como cegueira, paralisia, doença cerebral e problemas cardíacos. Assim como todas as DST’s, o parceiro também precisa ser tratado. Recomenda-se ainda durante cuidado a gravidez, porque a sífilis pode provocar aborto e ser transmitida ao Recém-nascido, causando má-formação do feto. Por isso, é importante para fazer o most detectar a doença ainda durante o pré-natal. HPV (condiloma acuminado) O HPV é uma DST que pode ser causada por mais de 150 tipos do human papillomavirus. Alguns desses micro-organismos estão Intimamente relacionados ao aparecimento do câncer no colo do útero e ânus. O principal sintoma since doença é o surgimento de nos Verrugas órgãos genitais e lesões no colo do útero, mas na maioria dos casos, é uma enfermidade assintomática. O diagnóstico do HPV é feito pelo exame de Papanicolau, prescrito anualmente pelo ginecologista. O Dr.

Julio José Máximo de Carvalho explica que o tratamento varia de acordo com o prognóstico e pode incluir eliminação the lesões com cauterização Elétrica, química, a laser ou com uso de crioterapia (cauterização a frio). De acordo com o especialista, existem também os tratamentos imunológicos através since aplicação de creams locais. herpes genital Trata-se de uma doença também por provocada to vírus que, apesar de não ter cura, tem tratamento. Seus sintomas incluem pequenas bolhas que se transformam em feridas. Depois da contaminação, os sintomas podem reaparecer provocados por fatores físicos e Psicológicos relacionados à baixa da imunidade como estresse, cansaço, esforço exagerado, febre, exposição ao sol, traumatismo, uso de prolongado Antibioticos e menstruação. Na presença de qualquer sinal ou sintoma dessa DST, a recomendação é de procurar to especialista o quanto antes. Ele indicará a melhor forma de tratamento. AIDS (Síndrome da Imunodeficiência Adquirida) A AIDS é uma síndrome provocada pelo vírus HIV que o sistema ataca imunológico, responsável por defender o organismo de doenças. O portador do vírus, chamado de soropositivo, pode ficar anos sem desenvolver a síndrome, mas neste período é capaz de la Transmiti a outras pessoas. Portanto, é importante tão a Prevenção através do uso do preservativo. Carvalho explica que a global AIDS atinge mente mais homens do que mulheres – a proporção é de dois casos para um – na faixa etária de 30 a 49 anos.

Ainda segundo o especialista, isso é explicado pelo fato de que o homem tem geralmente to número de maior Parcerias Sexuais do que as mulheres. “O HIV também é mais facilmente transmitido do homem para a mulher durante o sexo” esclarece. O número de mulheres infectadas, no entanto, é maior entre jovens na faixa de 13 a 19 anos e vem aumentando significadamente na terceira idade. Apesar de não ter cura, os muitos Avancos da medicina permitiram ao portador do vírus HIV manter a infecção controlada. “Observamos melhores resultados obtidos com associação de medicamentos antirretrovirais, que uma maior permitiram qualidade de vida com menos efeitos colaterais” explica Carvalho. comunicar ERRO ComUnique à Redação erros de português, ou informação técnicos encontrados nesta página:

BIOTURM Natural Cosmetics – Foot Deocreme No.80

Ingredients: Aqua, Salix Alba Bark Extract, Glycerin, Polyglyceryl-6 Palmitate / Succinate, Distarch phosphates, Helianthus annuus Hybrid Oil *, Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil *, Squalane, Cetearyl Alcohol, Alcohol, Lac *, Cetyl Palmitate, Acacia Decurrens / Jojoba / Sunflower Seed Wax / Polyglyceryl-3 Esters, Glyceryl Stearate, Butyrospermum Parkii butter *, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate, Sesamum Indicum Seed Oil *, Usnea Barbata Extract, Sodium Stearoyl Glutamate, Sodium Hyaluronate, Palmitic Acid, Stearic Acid, Polyglyceryl-6 Caprylate, Polyglyceryl-3 Palmitate, Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil, menthol, citrus aurantium Bergamia Fruit Oil, Mentha spicata Herb Oil *, Tocopheryl Acetate, xanthan Gum, tocopherol, oryzanol, Limonene, Linalool ingredients: Water, willow bark extract, glycerin, vegetable. Fatty acid esters, starch complex, sunflower oil, jojoba oil *, squalane, higher fatty alcohol, drinking alcohol, lacto-intensive active complex *, vegetable. Fatty acid esters, acacia / Jojoba / sunflower fatty acid esters, vegetable. Fatty acid esters, shea butter *, liquorice root component, sesame oil *, lichen extract, wash-active amino acid, hyaluronic acid, vegetable. Fatty acids, Fettäureester on veg. Base, polyglycerol, sunflower oil, menthol, natural bergamot, spearmint *, vitamin E derivative, natural thickener, vitamin E, rice ingredient, ingredients of nat. eth. Oils * from controlled organic cultivation free from synthetic preservatives, dyes, PEG, paraffin oil

free from perfume The main active ingredients: Usnea (beard lichen) Usnea Barbata Extract The old man’s beard belongs to the family of lichens (Parmeliaceae), these are symbiotic organisms from a fungus and green algae or cyanobacteria (blue-green algae). They can be found on trees and shrubs in areas with high humidity. The assertion usnic the Bartflechte has a strong anti-bacterial and also has anti-inflammatory, anti-proliferative and deodorizing properties. salicylic Salicylic Acid The salicylic acid is obtained from oil of wintergreen (Gaultheria procumbens) – a traditional medicinal plant that has been used by Native Americans for various ailments. Salicylic acid has antibacterial and keratolytic properties. Lacto-intensive active complex Lac

Fresh Biomolke is fermented by a special procedure. The basis of almost all BIOTURM products fermented Biomolke caused by the contained ingredients normalization of skin flora and the acid mantle. The natural lactic acid, essential amino acids, trace elements, etc. , are well absorbed by the skin and normalize the moisture content. More information can be found in our extended drug Description: lacto-intensive active complex.

PTF Archive: genital herpes, fertility and what now? (Sexuality).:. PT-Forum (archive)

Author Message Malko helpers  76  Wild south M, 40 Tue, 06. Dec. 05, 16:25 Genital herpes, fertility and what now? Hello everybody! After my last relationship broke up because of lack of Vetrauens to her, I am now in love with a woman, the properties that I’ve missed in many women before: inner balance, the calm oasis, maturity, intelligence. We know each other for about 6 weeks.

After we have become the last time intimate (safe sex), I confessed to her that I am infected since the last relationship of HSV-2 (genital herpes). Sincerity and honesty have always been my principle. After this disclosure, we both fell into a deep hole, I uncanny fear they now therefore losing, they (34) also has no children and wants it so much. This is also in my mind, but I would infect them with the virus, then stands a potential pregnancy under high risk . . . She said she did not yet know how to deal with it. She said talking possibly much about it. Safer sex is still a problem for us represents, but what happens when the desire for children is unstoppable? Artificial insemination is not exactly what I had imagined times . . . I’m currently pretty desperate, love them so much, they want a hand no longer lose but on the other hand I want you not to take the chance of a pregnancy symptom-free and retire from their life .

. . what should I do? Has anyone had similar experiences? Zwangsfee1974 helpers  120  Hesse W, 32 Tue, 06. Dec. 05, 16:32 Re: herpes, fertility and what now? Hi,

did some research on the Internet. It is a disease that can not be cured. On the subject for pregnancy I’ve found the following: “Genital herpes in pregnancy Has the mother at birth genital herpes, a birth is attached by Caesarean section to avoid transmission to the child. In studies it has been shown that the risk of infection of the newborn is highest if the mother was first infected immediately before the due date with the virus. If a newborn demonstrably infected with herpes simplex, once a two-week internal treatment with antiviral agents should be initiated. ” You know each other only 6 weeks. As you come to the issue of children? Malko helpers  76

 Wild south M, 40 Tue, 06. Dec. 05, 16:44 Re: herpes, fertility and what now? Hi Zwangsfee Quote! : You know each other only 6 weeks. As you come to the issue of children? Well, we cherish indeed both this wish for many years, we are both childless, I think it’s just an idea that has joined us from the beginning. There was also no discussion so far for such a common desire, but an option for the future that everyone probably cherishes in a love relationship . . .

(more or less)? SensibleLionQueen Forum-insider  303  Cologne W, 20 Wed, 07. Dec. 05, 11:22 am Re: herpes, fertility and what now? Hi, I have just informed me in Internt, and there is the herpes very well is curable. I looked like www. netdoktor. at.

You’ll probably be better informed, but I can understand that it deters your new girlfriend and she is afraid of contagion. Unfortunately I do not know what to advise you big. I always think that’s an open discussion on the best. lilu [Indispensable]  1154  Vienna W, 32 Wed, 07. Dec. 05, 11:58 am Re: herpes, fertility and what now? Hi, I suffer myself under the virus, I’ve probably sometime suffered in my childhood and that broke out only by extreme psychosocial stress.

me they explained – and I have also informed me that contribute more than 90% of the people of this virus in itself. not at all, but it comes to the outbreak. that means WHILE you have acute relapsing, you should be careful, because then you can infect them. in the time in which the virus is resting, post them to my knowledge also pregnant without danger. curable, it is not. it sits at the nerve roots and if it is “caused” then it goes back to the nerve end and breaks out – mostly with stress, too much UV irradiation or immunosuppressive much like fever blow himself (thus eg with colds. ). in the time where it is erupting just extremly contagious. but I have no problem with it (except that the initial infection – or erstausbruch damn was painful and I arrived at the hospital). also my partner I have not been infected yet. Because kinderwunsch I also do not worry me. should I really the birth itself have an outbreak, it is precisely cesarean. the infection of the child is done when it comes in contact with the bubble .

. . . for me it was so I made my real thoughts, where I got this because my partner the first and only is – and he apparently has not. have clearance research only afford the one mostly as a toddler already infects – but it does not break. So a kinderwunsch it is not in your way. and if you practice moment during the acute phases of hygiene high 40 and “no sex”, you have to protect a good chance your girlfriend. _________________ Happiness is not a right but an attitude Malko helpers  76  Wild south

M, 40 Wed, 07. Dec. 05, 19:35 Re: herpes, fertility and what now? Hi Lilu! Your response has really made us both a lot of courage! Thanks and thanks again Unicorn1984 Forum-insider  222  Fürth / Bayern W, 21 Thu, 15.

Dec. 05, 17:45 Re: herpes, fertility and what now? Zwangsfee1974 wrote: You know each other only 6 weeks. As you come to the issue of children? And what is there sooo abnormally? Also I have with 18 when I with my present husband came together very quickly had the theme, since I previously a partner had and also NEN Kivu had and in time came out that my sister was pregnant and my partner had no Kivu – ie a . . . . map drawn as I previously for other future views had ever separation behind me, was the subject of “child” one which we have already clarified very quickly with me because I did not want to again be sooooo disappointed! @ Malko I hope you find a way, so that you can stay together and witness lots cute children can

_________________ VLG Kathy (on the long road to Wunschkind) Naruf recurring guest  7  Germany M, 21 Fri, 16. Dec. 05, 16:12 Re: herpes, fertility and what now? I advise you to consult a doctor when really a pregnancy is in question. Herpes simplex virus may act as a teratogen when an intrauterine infection takes place. The possibility of such an infection is.

When asked a doctor about the level of risk – can give you unfortunately in ways no information. but hope that their hinkriegt all good! lg Naruf

Pharmacy Switzerland Potency, Kamagra 24 std delivery

Melton Kieran wrote: Potency problems are more common than you might think. While there was no sex among 18- to 30-year-old previously almost no day, it seems more likely today. Levitra Archives – Nutrivital. good evening, I am Wagner Emmanuel, 56 years old doctor on duty. Where i can buy low price treatment in Kentucky? thanks you very much! Melton Kieran wrote: It is not too much that Viagra Original is currently a very popular aphrodisiac. It is designed for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Compare pill without prescription offer. Penile erectile dysfunction. Benton Rayden wrote:

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order CANESTEN Extra Nagelset ointment 1 St – besamex

applications There are several agents that can cause disease. Whether the drug against the infection is present, only the doctor can decide. – Nail fungus, in which a detachment of the diseased nail necessary ista application notes Type of application? Apply the medicine on the / the affected nail / nails. After this glue the patch for 24 hours over the nail. For daily dressing changes you bathe the fingers or toes for about 10 minutes in warm water and then scrape with a spatula the softened nail substance from. After drying ointment is applied and glued a patch again. Duration of treatment? The duration of use depends on the type of complaints and / or the course of the disease. General duration of treatment: 7-14 days. After the nail detachment further treatment with antifungal agents is necessary.

Overdose? There are no known overdose symptoms. If in doubt, consult your doctor. Forgot application? (Not so with twice the amount) Put the application to the next prescribed time normally continue. In general: Be particularly in infants, young children and the elderly on a conscientious dosage. If in doubt, ask your doctor or pharmacist about possible effects or precautions. A specialist’s prescription dosage may differ from the information leaflet. Since the physician to tune individually, you should use the medicine according to his instructions How is the drug dosage? Who? Single dose? Total dose?

When? All ages a sufficient amount once a day regardless of the time of day storage storage Storage before dawn The drug should be kept away from heat. Use storage or preparation The medicinal product may be used after opening / preparation less than 3 months! The pharmaceutical preparation should be stored at room temperature after opening / Contraindications

What speaks against an application? – Hypersensitivity to the ingredients Which age group is to be noted? – Infants under 1 year: The drug should be used only after consultation with a physician or under medical supervision. What about pregnancy and lactation? – Pregnancy: Consult your doctor. Played by various considerations play a role, whether and how the drug may be used during pregnancy. – Lactation: There are, according to current findings, no evidence that the drug while breastfeeding should not be used. Is that drugs were prescribed despite a contraindication, talk to your doctor or pharmacist. The therapeutic benefit may be higher than the risk that entails the application at a contraindication in itself side effects What adverse effects may occur? – Skin irritation, such as:

– Redness – Burning on the skin – itching – Scaling of the skin Overdose If overdose is suspected or change during treatment, consult your doctor or pharmacist. For information on this point in particular side effects are taken into account, which occur in at least one of 1,000 patients treated Important instructions What should you consider? – Beware of allergy to fungal agents (e. g. clotrimazole)! – Wollwachsalkohole (. Eg lanolin, lanolin) can cause skin irritation (for example, contact dermatitis).

operation How do the ingredients of the drug? The drug consists of a combination of active substances bifonazole and urea. Bifonazole effective against fungal diseases. The active agent damages the outer envelope, the so-called. Cell membrane of fungi. This case thus loses some of its functions, it is e. g. impermeable to nutrients – the cell starves, or cell components come out and the cell disintegrates. Depending on the drug concentration, the fungi are hampered in their growth and proliferation or killed directly. The drug is also effective against certain bacteria. By urea skin is enhanced moisturized and can store them for longer. As a result, the upper stratum corneum softens and the skin is smoother and softer.

In addition, the horn plate of the nail can be softened and removed gradually. The addition of urea allows the drug bifonazole the penetration of the skin surface into the deeper layers