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Viral infections such as bio-anthropological markers of human migration events The research aims to deepen the knowledge of the ethnic diversity of contemporary Argentina population, through the study of evolution and genotypic characterization of Latin American strains of HTLV 1/2, HHV-7 and HHV-8 associated with migratory events ancestral humans. The project by Dr. Trinks and Lic. María Laura Hulaniuk (doctoral fellow at the Institute of Basic Sciences and Experimental Medicine, University Institute). This project, in collaboration with the Genetic Fingerprinting (SHDG) of the Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry, University of Buenos Aires, led by Dr. Daniel Corach, part of the idea that viruses are microorganisms that have accompanied the man throughout human development, and this migration have also evolved. By studying the evolution of these viruses and their distribution throughout the planet, you can trace the pattern of human migrations. “They developed techniques to map or trace the ancestry of modern Argentina evolution, studying markers you are in our DNA. If we add what they do to us what we do here at the Institute from the point of view of the virus- we will be able to increase the knowledge of the origin of the current population Argentina “explains Dr. Trinks and broad” work with virus they have certain characteristics, among which, we are working at this moment-and for which we already have some results presented in congresos- is the Herpes virus type 8 “. The Herpes Virus Human type 8 (HHV-8) is the cause of Kaposi’s sarcoma, a malignant tumor that is, a form of cancer, which may appear on the skin or the viscera and, today, it is closely associated immunosuppression, mainly related to Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS). It has also been shown to have a global geographic distribution and is most prevalent in African and Latin American populations.

Unfortunately, in our country there is no data on the prevalence of this virus in the population. “One of the first steps of this project was to study groups of blood donors from the Italian Hospital and across the country, to determine the prevalence of this type of herpes virus. We found truly surprising results: in the northwest region in Jujuy specifically, we found a high prevalence of 12. 3% in units of blood were transfused. ” This virus, which is not normally It tests in blood banks is being analyzed samples from infected patients provided by the Department of Pathology of infected patients in the Italian Hospital, to study its variability and compare it with the ancestral population, through molecular methods. The contributions of the research project The project has two input lines: on the one hand, the ancestral population since the Argentina population is extremely diverse and unique composition worldwide for the high degree of mixing it presents. For anthropologists, forensic or even those engaged in forensic genetics, is a great addition to using different resources, and in this case the virus bring its action to further deepen understanding of the highly complex having the composition of the population. On the other hand is relevant from the point of view of the virus, “this is a virus that our country has not been extensively studied. Then we are moving this way. For virology or infectious diseases to determine the prevalence of different virus the different regions of our country and is also important from the point of view of public health because it allows doctors to know what we are are facing in today’s society “emphasizes Dr. Trinks. the subsidy

The grant helped mainly for the purchase of reagents, which allowed us to make rapid progress on the project. It is able to manage the flow of financial resources allowed them to speed up administrative processes and get faster reagents. “It allowed us to move much faster in the project have the reagents. We achieved several publications in congresses and we are already writing the first manuscript to send to publish the project, so it really was an important help “develop Dr. Trinks and explains how the investigation continues” we intend to achieve two publications with our work with the Herpesvirus kind. At the moment, we have finished the job of first publication, but we continue to work with patient samples provided by the Department of Pathology “. In the future, it is thought also expand to other viruses, such as herpes type 7 human virus (HHV 7) or human T lymphotropic virus type 1 and 2 cells (HTLV 1/2) which also serve as markers of human migrations. To learn more about the research, download here the summary presented at the XI Argentine Congress of Virology. open call Currently and until July 31 can be applied to a new edition of research grants University Institute Hospital Italiano. – “Grant Dr. Enrique Beveraggi” to research related to subjects of the Clinical Cycle – “Grant Dr.

Ruben Gutman” Research related to matters of Biomedical Cycle – “Grant Dr. Enrique Caruso” to research related to Education for Health Professionals – “Grant Dr. Alejandro Ayzaguer” the oriented Clinical Research Imaging More info: http://goo. gl/uKGJMn

Genital herpes transmission?

Hello lalenaluna, I think it’s great that thou art this idea and want to protect your partner. To your first question: se you then contagious when the virus multiplies and migrates in the genital region. However, this is not always accompanied by symptoms. Usually only the first infection of genital herpes is accompanied by major complaints (many are not even notice), the other infections are mild or will not be noticed. So ultimately you can not say precisely when one is just infectious. 2. Yes you can find out what type of virus it is. In the vaginal area it is usually herpes simplex type 2 (HSV2). For this must be done by a cold sore, a swab. You can either let go the gynecologist or an STD clinic / practice (STD = sexually transmitted diseases) 3. Your partner has to actually be only investigate if he has symptoms.

4. The issue is difficult since you, as described above “does not slow need to know when the herpes comes back. At the moment you should however longer prevent. That is so long until the bubbles are gone and I would say two months after that. After the decay the disease, the risk still high, being infected, therefore the protection for another 2 months. Unfortunately, the condom can not protect 100% against infection, because you can come in contact despite condom with the infected site. It should, incidentally, the bubbles do not touch, or if they should be generously wash hands to infect not other body parts. 5. With frequent outbreak there is a suppression therapy that can prevent 70-80% of relapses. In general, much stress can cause an infection, so you should have a healthy lifestyle: A lot of sports, healthy balanced diet with fruits and vegetables, relaxation . . . A small additional tip: If you are planning to become pregnant, you should consult a caesarean section into consideration, since a child might be infected otherwise at birth.

I would advise you, in detail to let you advise. The best advice you will probably in an STD clinic or practice. The deal with such sexually transmitted diseases. I wish you all the best Here is a link about genital herpes: Link Recommendation: http://www. apotheken-umschau. de/herpes-genitalis

ZOVIRAX cold sore cream at

applications – Cold sores Application Notes The total dose should not be exceeded without consulting a doctor or pharmacist. Type of application? Apply the medicine on the lips and the adjacent areas concerned. The application should not be done before eating. Wash after using hands thoroughly. Duration of treatment? The duration of use depends on the type of complaints and / or the course of the disease. General treatment Duration: 4 days. Without medical advice, you should not take longer than 10 days the drug. In case of persistent or recurring symptoms, you should consult your doctor. Overdose?

Any authorization which is applied as described, no overdose symptoms are known. If in doubt, consult your doctor. In general: Be particularly in infants, young children and the elderly on a conscientious dosage. If in doubt, ask your doctor or pharmacist about possible effects or precautions. A specialist’s prescription dosage may differ from the information leaflet. Since the physician to tune individually, you should use the medicine according to his instructions How is the drug dosage? Who? Single dose? Total dose? When? All ages a sufficient amount

5 times a day at intervals of 4 hours storage storage The product should be stored at room temperature Contraindications What speaks against an application? Always: – Hypersensitivity to the ingredients Under certain circumstances – speak this with your doctor or pharmacist: – Weakened immune system, for example, HIV infection, organ transplants, long-term high-dose steroid treatment Which age group is to be noted? – Children and young people under 18: For this age group are not available.

Is this drug over the counter, ask this in any case your doctor or pharmacist. What about pregnancy and lactation? – Pregnancy: Consult your doctor. Played by various considerations play a role, whether and how the drug may be used during pregnancy. – Breast-feeding: Consult your doctor or pharmacist. He will examine your specific initial situation and advise accordingly, whether and how to continue breastfeeding. Is that drugs were prescribed despite a contraindication, talk to your doctor or pharmacist. The therapeutic benefit may be higher than the risk that entails the application at a contraindication in itself side effects What adverse effects may occur? – Hypersensitivity reactions of the skin, such as: – Burning or stinging on the skin – itching

– Redness – Drying of the skin – Scaling of the skin Overdose If overdose is suspected or change during treatment, consult your doctor or pharmacist. For information on this point in particular side effects are taken into account, which occur in at least one of 1,000 patients treated Important instructions What should you consider? – Emulsifiers (for example, cetyl / stearyl alcohol) can cause skin irritation (for example, contact dermatitis). – Solvents (for example, propylene glycol, E 477) may cause skin irritation. operation How does the ingredient of the medicine work? The active substance combats certain viruses by damaging their genetic material, thus undermining their reproduction. He acts mainly against herpes viruses.

Thus, a herpes infection, for example, be stopped at the lips

Pimples on the tongue

Table of Contents Even on the tongue pimples may form, which usually settle in the region of the tip of the tongue. Look mostly like small, white dots and can be very painful. When the tongue pustules come into contact with something sharp or acidic, they make especially unpleasantly noticeable. Also it happens when you eat or speak the tongue abuts the teeth, whereby the pain is also triggered. The pimples on the tongue have nothing to do with a blockage of the sebaceous glands, but are other causes that need to find out. Causes of pimples on the tongue Pimples on the tongue are quite painful One reason, which leads to pimples on the tip of the tongue may be a lack of dental hygiene. Due to rare brushing bacteria collect in the mouth and throat that favor formation of pustules. Another focus of inflammation in the mouth, which can lead to pimples on the tongue, are bad teeth. be found precisely in the holes of rotting teeth large collection of bacteria. But often is not to look in the mouth itself the cause of the small white spots on the tongue.

A poor diet, which manifests itself in vitamin and mineral deficiencies, may also cause the problem. Anyone who suffers from digestive problems, is predestined for pimples on the tongue, because the organ in the mouth reflects the health of the internal organs again. In a generally weakened immune systems to pustules can form on the tongue and oral sex bacteria can be deported from the genital area in the oral cavity and responsible for the pimples on the tongue draw. The use of antibiotics can also cause pimples on the tongue, as the herpes virus, the love settles in stress also in the oral cavity. Prevention of pimples on the tongue The most important preventive measure against the unpleasant white dots on the tip of the tongue is a balanced diet. Who his body enough vitamins and minerals supplies, so it can not come to deficiency symptoms, has eventually eliminated the first cause of pimples on your tongue in advance. It is always sensible to take vitamins and minerals naturally through diet, than to make do with nutritional supplements. The next precaution against pustules on the tongue is also easy to make, because it relates to oral hygiene. A repeated, daily brushing is a prerequisite for a healthy oral cavity. After every meal the teeth and between teeth should be cleaned thoroughly with the toothbrush to provide bacteria a breeding ground. Incidentally, a too long use of medical mouthwash to avoid, since it affects the natural oral flora. Those who suffer from tooth decay, should the visit to the dentist and the tongue sake not putting it on.

When tooth decay numerous bacteria are involved, which can lead to pimples on the tongue. Problems with digestion not only lead to irregular bowel movements. Since pimples in the mouth can be an indicator of gastrointestinal problems, they should not be taken lightly. Who treats digestive problems immediately, can prevent the unpleasant nuisance in the mouth. If the pimples are caused to the organ of taste from the herpes virus, stress should be avoided. Emergence during taking antibiotics unpleasant pustules, the physician needs to be notified. In no case the medication without consulting may be discontinued with the doctor. Last but not least of course is a thorough cleaning of the genitals the alpha and omega of oral sex. Who often suffers from the small, white spots on the tongue, should also examine the personal hygiene of his partner. What helps against pimples on the tongue? The little blighters on the tongue may not be expressed. The easiest way is going to the doctor, who will prescribe an ointment for a thorough examination and to determine the causes. The doctor’s instructions should be respected, as is the package insert.

The prescribed ointment should not be distributed in the oral cavity, but are rubbed specifically on the pimples. It is advantageous, if after treatment for at least 30 minutes, the mouth is not rinsed. Also on the eating and drinking should be avoided for half an hour, so that the cure can do its effect. Even the pharmacist can offer advice and ointment aside. However, also offer numerous home remedies to for the treatment of pimples on the tongue. Best known are chamomile and sage. Both herbs have antibacterial and prevent inflammation. For an oral rinse, one liter of water is brought to a boil. If the water is then cooled back to 80 degrees, two tablespoons of each herb are added into the water. They should consider ten minutes. Then the herbal brew can be poured through a sieve and let cool. If the chamomile or sage tea is only lukewarm, it is used as a mouthwash. Against the first pain also helps clove oil, which is sprinkled on the tongue.

Without side effects, the oil can be dripped onto the painful area of ​​the tongue as often. Also helpful is the chewing of blueberries. The small, dark blue berries contain tannins, which have anti-inflammatory. Analgesic effect sucking an ice cube or drinking milk. Acidic foods and drinks should generally be avoided. Summary of treatment options Seek medical and can prescribe an ointment. The pharmacist for advice and a healing ointment ask. rinse your mouth with chamomile or sage infusion. Clove oil drip on the pimples. Blueberries chew. Ice cubes to suck or drink milk. Avoid Acidic foods.