Genital herpes

Genital herpes is caused by herpes simplex virus. It is an acute inflammatory disease of the male or female genital tract that can result from primary or recurrent infection. sexually transmitted infection is considered. It has a high prevalence in sexually active people. Herpes classes It affects the mouth and lips. is acquired by direct contact with secretions from oral cavity come from an excretory virus. Ulcers are of variable size and number Erythematous and painful, fever, headache, malaise, rectal and vaginal secretions. skin lesions characterized by small grouped vesicles that progress to ulcerative lesions. Can be: Epidemiological: history of contact with a person who presents symptoms consistent with infection.

Clinical: presence of symptoms and signs described above. Laboratory: confirm the diagnosis of infection. What is herpes? Diagnosis: Genital herpes It affects men and women symptoms: male: -Ampoyas In the rectum or around; -Llagas That are slow to heal; Flu-like-symptoms (fever and swollen glands)

female: -blisters In the vagina or rectum or near these; -Llagas That take weeks to heal; Flu-like-symptoms. Possible long-term effects: psychological -Aflicción -can Produce a life-threatening infection in infants of mothers with the disease. Two types of herpes: Herpes simplex virus type 1: Marinelly Lopez Health 12-R Herpes simplex virus type-two

It is acquired later in life, after initiated sex and is transmitted by infected genital fluids. Clinical manifestations TRY: Tzanck test: involves scraping cells from the ulcer in order to identify infected cells, it must be done in the early days into the lesion. Oncological Cytology: The same procedure is performed, the difference is that it is done to women and cells are taken from the vaginal wall and cervix. Viral culture Virus isolation in cell culture can be performed on urine, blood, skin lesions, or mucous membranes. Clinical Picture: 3 to 7 days incubation PRIMARY INFECTION multiple vesicular lesions like papules, extremely painful.

inguinal lymphadenopathy. THEY may ulcerate Ulcer flat, painful, It disappears in 7 to 10 days Leaves no scar Effect on pregnant women If the herpes is active at the time of birth, the mother can infect her baby. The risk of transmission is higher if you caught herpes for the first time in the last months of pregnancy. The best option is to have a birth by caesarean. It is important to know that the mother can continue to breastfeed even if I have herpes. Treatment Genital herpes requires Acyclovir 400mg 3-5 times a day. It should be given psychological support patient education and companion.

Avoid having sex while genital lesions. HERPES no cure, ONLY TREATMENT Side effects Abstinence mandatory or compulsory use of condoms spontaneous abortions. premature births. The touching the affected area, also it affects the rest of the body.

What if my baby has diarrhea?

“Oh dear, what’s going on? ” If the diaper contents hour after hour becomes thinner and your baby’s diapers frequently has full, mothers are alerted. Especially when the chair even smells strikingly unpleasant or unusual color. Clearly: Something’s wrong. Chances are your baby will be in a bad mood and clearly show by whining and lack of appetite that it is unwell. Maybe your child gets a fever, measure its temperature quiet times. Behind diarrhea stuck rarely bacteria or even food poisoning, such as salmonella. Usually viruses are the triggers. Especially with babies, it may also be that your child can not tolerate a (newly introduced) food or a drug. It is therefore necessary to consider always useful if your baby has eaten or drunk something unusual date. Then discuss with the pediatrician / pediatrician whether this food may have caused the symptoms. Hold your baby while drinking in a more upright position. Worry.

After meals for a period of calm without hectic movements or wild Hopsereien Many babies do it well, if they are stored after drinking so that her torso is slightly increased. Attention, little need quickly liquid Diarrhea that lasts longer than six hours can be dangerous – especially if also should vomiting and / or fever happen. Infants and young children quickly lose very much more liquid. Therefore, your child needs medical attention early. The rule of thumb is: For doctor or in practice call if your baby has diarrhea for several hours, even more so when it is feverish, constantly vomits or acts sick. This of course also at night. Call your pediatrician at the duty standby pediatrician or take your baby to the nearest hospital with pediatric ward. Your pediatrician / Your pediatrician will examine your child carefully and check especially if his fluid balance is in danger. He / she is above all tell you exactly what and how much should your baby drink. Especially on the needs of children matched electrolyte solutions (such as Santalyt) are ideal to replace lost fluids and to stabilize the mineral metabolism quickly. However, very young children and seriously ill must be monitored under certain circumstances in the children’s clinic in order if necessary to obtain an infusion that normalized their fluid balance quickly enough.

Tip: The electrolyte solution is sold in powder form. This powder can be used in boiled, cooled water or tea dissolve (instructions on the package insert instructions). Experience has shown that drinking the whole children are most likely when the electrolyte solution mixed into normal bottles and especially cool, is necessary also given refrigerator cold. Often a baby can continue to receive their usual milk or Breinahrung. Discuss with your doctor, however, if a so-called ‘Diarrhea Food – also “medicinal food” called is useful or how much you should dilute the milk eventually and if you settle certain Breisorten and juices temporarily better. If you are breastfeeding, you can usually create your baby just as needed. Typical signs that a baby suffering from serious dehydration: Low lying-set eyes, dry lips, sunken fontanelle, blunt lie, the child takes no part in his surroundings. The skin on the belly of the child is “wrinkles”, if taken shortly between the fingers and then release leaves. This is a serious emergency and you must immediately call their pediatrician. Prevention tips You probably can be ruled out ever that a baby gets a gastrointestinal infection. Because the triggering germs are transmitted mainly from person to person. However, a few simple hygiene tips can reduce the risk considerably lower:

When vials on strict cleanliness must be maintained. In the first half year of life of your child, you should make the cleaned bottles and accessories always in a vaporizer or in a water germ-free. Milk residues to throw away, never warm up again. Otherwise known germs could multiply explosively to any fact. Keep no ready-stirred milk food warm. For the night or on the go you can keep boiled water in a clean thermos. If other family members from diarrhea or vomiting suffer, they should kiss a baby / toddler in no case or cuddle with him. Please do not ablutschen the bucket of the child and not take Teat or dummy in his mouth (blank). Particularly careful hand washing with soap and warm water is also a must Healthy: After each toilet visit, before preparation of baby formula and before feeding your baby, cuddle him, it attract or wrap. If you have questions about diarrhea, you can in the Forum of Pediatrician Dr. filters buses. Please note: The tips of health round-ums Baby should serve as a guide.

The individual advice of a doctor or other specialists but they can not replace naturally. Dr. Andreas Busse Last Revised: July 2015 What to do? My baby . . .

Cold sores during pregnancy – page 1 – Hooray, finally pregnant (1st-5th month.) – Pregnant

Cold sores during pregnancy – page 1 – Hooray, finally pregnant (1st-5th month. ) – Pregnant-Online – Forum Forum for parents> Hooray, finally pregnant (1st-5th month) Cold sores during pregnancy (1/2)> >> Okisu: Hello, I have now found the morning I have a cold sore again. Had the now quite a while not had, but have since often load with. Now I wonder if that could harm the baby and whether it can trigger any ne FG ? ? ? Pixie:

As long as it does not carry over into the genital area, and there is active at the time of birth, it is probably safe for – and in the SS not uncommon, do not worry :) Rexi73: Hi Oki, that’s true. You have to stop now EMHR be careful that you do not wear it. But cold sores I had in the first SS also. The immune system is even now engaged in another activity. 😉 As can then erupt. I can recommend a cream Lomaherpan. Vegetable and safe for pregnant women. LG Rexi ♥ ♥ Chaosqueen:

My God, what I had herpes in the first SS: P The longest was by 4 weeks continuously . . . degree he had healed since sprouted next> :( S: D I’ve always taken the herpes patches as usual . . . As long as you do not have when the baby comes, everything’s okay . . . You can later only not infect the baby, which can cause severe mental retardation: P (I to birth a surgical mask worn during the herpes attack when I had my mouse with me . . .

;)) Okisu: Thank you for your answers. I’ve still there Virugard which is hand sanitizer against viruses. I will now time to use more often. Otherwise my sister has picked out what homeopathic what I can take. Well it makes me even courage. I place myself ever strikes a I will have the whole nine months Herpes> :( But I am already times calms it, as long as it remains on the lip, is safe for the child. navigation [0] Message Index [#] Next page Go to full version

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