CT and MRI findings of human herpesvirus-associated encephalopathy 6: comparison of herpes simplex findings With

OBJECTIVE: It is Important to differentiate human herpesvirus 6 (HHV-6) -associated from herpes simplex encephalitis encephalopathy (HSE). These conditions are like, Although With regard to Involvement of the mesial temporal lobe, HSE is sensitive to acyclovir but HHV-6 encephalopathy is not. We Compared the imaging findings of the two conditions. MATERIALS AND METHODS: We Encountered eight cases of HHV-6 encephalopathy and nine cases of HSE. We divided into an observation time early, middle, and late periods defined as 0-2, 3-30 and more than 30 days from the onset of neurologic symptoms. Differences Between HHV-6 encephalopathy and HSE on CT scans in the early period and in distribution and temporal Changes in the regions AFFECTED on MR images in the three periods Were Analyzed. RESULTS: At MRI in the early and middle periods, all eight Patients With HHV-6 encephalopathy HAD exclusive Involvement of the mesial temporal lobes, and all nine Patients With HSE HAD Involvement of Both the mesial temporal lobes and the extratemporal regions (p <0. 01). Among WHO Patients underwent MRI head, six of six With HHV-6 but none of six encephalopathy With HSE HAD resolution of high signal intensity on T2-weighted and FLAIR images (p <0. 01). Among Patients WHO underwent head CT in the early period, none of the four With HHV-6 encephalopathy and six of the seven With HSE HAD abnormal findings, treats including parenchymal swelling, Decreased attenuation of affected regions, and abnormal gyral enhancement (p <0. 05) . CONCLUSION: Serial MRI Showed abnormal transient signal intensity in the mesial temporal lobes in Patients With HHV-6 encephalopathy but persistent abnormal signal intensity in the mesial temporal lobes Both the extratemporal and regions in Patients With HSE. CT in the early period Showed no abnormality in Patients With HHV-6 encephalopathy but definite abnormal findings in Patients With HSE. These Differences May be useful in the differential diagnosis of the two conditions.

What if my baby has diarrhea?

“Oh dear, what’s going on? ” If the diaper contents hour after hour becomes thinner and your baby’s diapers frequently has full, mothers are alerted. Especially when the chair even smells strikingly unpleasant or unusual color. Clearly: Something’s wrong. Chances are your baby will be in a bad mood and clearly show by whining and lack of appetite that it is unwell. Maybe your child gets a fever, measure its temperature quiet times. Behind diarrhea stuck rarely bacteria or even food poisoning, such as salmonella. Usually viruses are the triggers. Especially with babies, it may also be that your child can not tolerate a (newly introduced) food or a drug. It is therefore necessary to consider always useful if your baby has eaten or drunk something unusual date. Then discuss with the pediatrician / pediatrician whether this food may have caused the symptoms. Hold your baby while drinking in a more upright position. Worry.

After meals for a period of calm without hectic movements or wild Hopsereien Many babies do it well, if they are stored after drinking so that her torso is slightly increased. Attention, little need quickly liquid Diarrhea that lasts longer than six hours can be dangerous – especially if also should vomiting and / or fever happen. Infants and young children quickly lose very much more liquid. Therefore, your child needs medical attention early. The rule of thumb is: For doctor or in practice call if your baby has diarrhea for several hours, even more so when it is feverish, constantly vomits or acts sick. This of course also at night. Call your pediatrician at the duty standby pediatrician or take your baby to the nearest hospital with pediatric ward. Your pediatrician / Your pediatrician will examine your child carefully and check especially if his fluid balance is in danger. He / she is above all tell you exactly what and how much should your baby drink. Especially on the needs of children matched electrolyte solutions (such as Santalyt) are ideal to replace lost fluids and to stabilize the mineral metabolism quickly. However, very young children and seriously ill must be monitored under certain circumstances in the children’s clinic in order if necessary to obtain an infusion that normalized their fluid balance quickly enough.

Tip: The electrolyte solution is sold in powder form. This powder can be used in boiled, cooled water or tea dissolve (instructions on the package insert instructions). Experience has shown that drinking the whole children are most likely when the electrolyte solution mixed into normal bottles and especially cool, is necessary also given refrigerator cold. Often a baby can continue to receive their usual milk or Breinahrung. Discuss with your doctor, however, if a so-called ‘Diarrhea Food – also “medicinal food” called is useful or how much you should dilute the milk eventually and if you settle certain Breisorten and juices temporarily better. If you are breastfeeding, you can usually create your baby just as needed. Typical signs that a baby suffering from serious dehydration: Low lying-set eyes, dry lips, sunken fontanelle, blunt lie, the child takes no part in his surroundings. The skin on the belly of the child is “wrinkles”, if taken shortly between the fingers and then release leaves. This is a serious emergency and you must immediately call their pediatrician. Prevention tips You probably can be ruled out ever that a baby gets a gastrointestinal infection. Because the triggering germs are transmitted mainly from person to person. However, a few simple hygiene tips can reduce the risk considerably lower:

When vials on strict cleanliness must be maintained. In the first half year of life of your child, you should make the cleaned bottles and accessories always in a vaporizer or in a water germ-free. Milk residues to throw away, never warm up again. Otherwise known germs could multiply explosively to any fact. Keep no ready-stirred milk food warm. For the night or on the go you can keep boiled water in a clean thermos. If other family members from diarrhea or vomiting suffer, they should kiss a baby / toddler in no case or cuddle with him. Please do not ablutschen the bucket of the child and not take Teat or dummy in his mouth (blank). Particularly careful hand washing with soap and warm water is also a must Healthy: After each toilet visit, before preparation of baby formula and before feeding your baby, cuddle him, it attract or wrap. If you have questions about diarrhea, you can in the Forum of Pediatrician Dr. filters buses. Please note: The tips of health round-ums Baby should serve as a guide.

The individual advice of a doctor or other specialists but they can not replace naturally. Dr. Andreas Busse Last Revised: July 2015 What to do? My baby . . .

The slumbering enemy in the body

It burned on her skin, as if someone had put a cigarette on it. The pain was so unbearable that Hermione villagers (68) immediately went to her doctor. The looked at the pustules that had occurred on the right half of the abdomen, exactly. The signs of a viral infection were clearly because the red dots spread out in strips. The doctor turned quickly diagnosis: Shingles, also called herpes zoster. “If the rash even goes around the entire waist and closes, I’m in danger,” the suspected sufferers. A common myth, but it is not right to happiness. The danger is rather the impugned immune system than of the spread of the rash. Defence weakness as a trigger in Germany some 400 000 new shingles cases are registered every year. Mainly affects people aged over 60. The varicella-zoster virus, which lies dormant after a chickenpox disease in the body, is active again. This is due to a weakened immune system, as a result of another disease or stress.

In addition, a genetic predisposition or the long-term use of various drugs -. For example, the employed in rheumatism TNF blockers – contribute to the development of this disease. Initially, patients feel tired and exhausted and get a slight fever. Two days later they have sensorineural disorders and pain, which can be very strong. Shortly afterwards, the typical skin rash is visible: red bubbles – about the size of a pinhead. Most commonly the abdomen and chest area are affected by this skin change. Infectious disease is only when another person comes in contact with the liquid of the bubble. Ointments against pathogens An experienced doctor recognizes the shingles usually already at a glance. If the symptoms are not clear, a blood test is necessary. treated at an early stage, the symptoms can be reduced quickly and the disease process can be shortened. With so-called anti-virals, the spread of the virus is stopped. Also for therapy tablets are administered to alleviate the pain.

Patients should treat yourself to rest, so that the immune system is not weakened further. In addition, the affected skin with antiviral ointments should be well maintained. In general, the acute symptoms disappear following at least four weeks off again. If the disease is not treated, the risk of so-called PHN increases – these are pain that can last for a lifetime. This dull burning is then usually treated with antidepressants. Also gel with the local anesthetic lidocaine, or capsaicin, the hot substance in chili peppers, can provide relief here. If the shingles on the face, a rare luxury, the varicella-zoster virus are in the cranial nerves. From the disease then not only the skin is affected. Also keep an eye, nose or ear can be attacked. To avoid severe complications as a possible loss of sight or a single sided deafness, next to the dermatologist, a specialist in the respective subject area should be consulted. In some cases there is Palsy symptoms in the face. In almost all concerned but these symptoms disappear after a few days or few weeks. Preventive is since 2004 recommended by the Standing Committee on Vaccination at the Robert Koch Institute, a chickenpox vaccine against the virus for children.

A specific vaccine against shingles for people over 50 years is approved in Germany, but currently not available. Expected end of this year, the drug can be bought back in the pharmacies. Thus, although is not a 100 -% – achieved strength protection against shingles. But should break out the disease, the symptoms are much lower.

avoid infection – Herpes

Herpes viruses are very treacherous, often enough a weakened immune system in order to infect it. To prevent an infection, there are a few options, there is a real protection but never. Preventing a herpes infection Look for a strong immune system. Getting enough sleep, the absence of nicotine and excessive alcohol and a healthy diet are a very good start here. If your partner has cold sore, avoid kissing on the mouth, do not drink from the same glass and wash yourself always hands if you have touched the cold sore. If you drink from a bottle, always remember, this clean off at the mouth before the first preparation. Often the bottles are not sufficiently cleaned and there are still sitting on the edge of herpesviruses. If you realize that it on the lip a little itchy and a cold sore starts to appear, use the same herpes ointment. used early enough, you can still prevent herpes often. There are small transparent patch that can stick to herpes blisters. These cover the bladder, so get the virus not to glasses or contact with the finger. Take the upper hand herpes blisters, you go to a doctor.

There are also tablets that combat herpes very well, but they are only applied when the sore is too pronounced. Try not to permanently hold with your hands in your face or on the lips. Even on doorknobs or handles of shopping carts to herpesviruses may be located, you would then distribute in your face. When herpes in the genital area for sexual intercourse should a condom be used. In addition, touching the bubbles should be avoided with hands or mouth. A herpes infection can usually be difficult to avoid. but top priority is hygiene and emergency disinfectant. How helpful do you find this article? The content of the pages of www. helpster. de was created with great care to the best of my knowledge and belief. For the correctness and completeness, no guarantee can be given. For this reason, any liability for any damages in connection with the use of the offered information is excluded.

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