CT and MRI findings of human herpesvirus-associated encephalopathy 6: comparison of herpes simplex findings With

OBJECTIVE: It is Important to differentiate human herpesvirus 6 (HHV-6) -associated from herpes simplex encephalitis encephalopathy (HSE). These conditions are like, Although With regard to Involvement of the mesial temporal lobe, HSE is sensitive to acyclovir but HHV-6 encephalopathy is not. We Compared the imaging findings of the two conditions. MATERIALS AND METHODS: We Encountered eight cases of HHV-6 encephalopathy and nine cases of HSE. We divided into an observation time early, middle, and late periods defined as 0-2, 3-30 and more than 30 days from the onset of neurologic symptoms. Differences Between HHV-6 encephalopathy and HSE on CT scans in the early period and in distribution and temporal Changes in the regions AFFECTED on MR images in the three periods Were Analyzed. RESULTS: At MRI in the early and middle periods, all eight Patients With HHV-6 encephalopathy HAD exclusive Involvement of the mesial temporal lobes, and all nine Patients With HSE HAD Involvement of Both the mesial temporal lobes and the extratemporal regions (p <0. 01). Among WHO Patients underwent MRI head, six of six With HHV-6 but none of six encephalopathy With HSE HAD resolution of high signal intensity on T2-weighted and FLAIR images (p <0. 01). Among Patients WHO underwent head CT in the early period, none of the four With HHV-6 encephalopathy and six of the seven With HSE HAD abnormal findings, treats including parenchymal swelling, Decreased attenuation of affected regions, and abnormal gyral enhancement (p <0. 05) . CONCLUSION: Serial MRI Showed abnormal transient signal intensity in the mesial temporal lobes in Patients With HHV-6 encephalopathy but persistent abnormal signal intensity in the mesial temporal lobes Both the extratemporal and regions in Patients With HSE. CT in the early period Showed no abnormality in Patients With HHV-6 encephalopathy but definite abnormal findings in Patients With HSE. These Differences May be useful in the differential diagnosis of the two conditions.


HERPES LABIAL USAMOS ACICLOVIR? CUANDO Y CMO? Dra. Pamela Rojas G. , Mdico Familiar PUC INTRODUCCIN El compromiso y oral labial es la manifestacin ms frecuente de infeccin por virus Herpes Simple. La primo infeccin ocurre en general en la infancia temprana y las recurrencias pueden persistir por el resto de la vida (1). 1. Primo infeccin: Clnicamente se caracteriza por fiebre alta seguida de odinofagia y dolor generalizado en la mucosa orally. Al examen se observa el desarrollo de vesculas de labios, encas y paladar, a asociado edema y eritema (1). 2. Recurrencias: Se caracterizan por dolor, ardor y prurito.

stas preceden la aparicin de lesiones vesiculares, que una terminan formando lcera y una posteriormente costra. Sin tratamiento, las lesiones curan en alrededor de una semana (1). EFECTIVIDAD DE LOS TRATAMIENTOS 1. Primo infeccin: A. Acyclovir tpico versus placebo: i Efectividad. No existen REVISIONES sistemticas (RS) ni estudios randomizados controlados (ERC) que su evalen efectividad en herpes labial (2). b. Aciclovir sistmico versus placebo: i Efectividad. No existen RS que su evalen efectividad en herpes labial.

Tampoco existen ERC que lo evalen en adultos (2). En nios existen 2 ERC pequeos. El primero que el uso de encontr acyclovir orally (200 mg, 5 veces al da) en nios con lesiones de gingivoestomatitis herptica, de menos de 4 the de duracin, reduca la duraci n del dolor al compararlo con placebo (4. 3 con acyclovir v / s the 5 con placebo, P = 0. 05) (3). El segundo ERC, realizado en nios entre 1 y 6 aos y con lesiones de menos de 3 de the duracin, encontr que el uso de acyclovir orally (15 mg / kg, 5 veces al d a por 7 the) reduca el tiempo de curacin al compararlo con placebo (4 con the acyclovir v / s 10 the con placebo) (4). 2. Recurrencias: A. Acyclovir tpico versus placebo: No existen ERC de calidad que los comparen con placebo o no tratamiento (1). b. Aciclovir sistmico versus placebo: No existen RS que su evalen efectividad en la profilaxis de herpes labial. 4 ERC encontraron evidencia limitada que que el uso de sugiere acyclovir orally profilctico puede reducir la frecuencia y de las severidad recurrencias, comparado con placebo.

No existe el momento sobre claridad para iniciar la terapia ni el Nmero de que debe ser the utilizada (1). efectos ADVERSOS 1. Antiviral tpicos: Distintos reportes que dan cuenta de efectos adversos locales (prurito, rash) al usar antiviral tpicos. Los efectos reportados NO muestran diferencias estadsticamente significativas al compararlo con placebo (5, 6, 7). 2. Sistmicos: La mayor parte de los estudios no muestran efectos adversos al usar acyclovir. Slo algunos reportan cefalea y nauseas en que pacientes reciben acyclovir orally, sin embargo, no muestran diferencias significativas al compararlo con placebo (3, 4, 8, 9, 10). RESUMEN: Pese a la alta de incidencia herpes labial en la poblacin, existen pocos estudios de calidad que sustenten su tratamiento con acyclovir. No existen estudios randomizados de calidad que la evalen efectividad de acyclovir tpico, como agente teraputico ni profilctico, en herpes labial. Los estudios sobre disponibles acyclovir sistmico, Avalan su efectividad en la reduccin de los sntomas durante la primoinfeccin. Como agente profilctico, existe evidencia limitada que su sustenta indicacin en prevenir recurrencias.

REFERENCIAS 1. Torres G. Herpes Simples. www. clinical evidence. com. August 9, 2005 2. Worrall G. herpes labialis. Clinical evidence, April 2005 3.

Ducoulombier H, J Cousin, DeWilde A, et al. Herpetic stomatis-gingivitis in children: controlled trial of acyclovir versus placebo. Ann Pediatr 1988; 35: 212-216 4. Amir J, L Harel, Smetana Z, et al. Treatment of herpes simplex gingivostomatitis with aciclovir in children: a randomized double blind placebo controlled trial. BMJ 1997; 314: 1800-1803. 5. Raborn GW, McGraw WT, Grace M, et al. Herpes labialis treatment with acyclovir 5% modified wässrige cream: a double-blind randomized trial. Oral Surg Oral Med Oral Pathol 1989; 67: 676-679 6. Fiddian AP, Ivanyi L.

Topical acyclovir in the management of recurrent herpes labialis. Br J Dermatol 1983; 109: 321-326 7. Smith J, Cowan FM, Munday P. The management of herpes simplex virus infection in pregnancy. Br J Obstet Gynecol 1998; 105: 255-268. 8. Torres G. Herpes Simples. www. clinical evidence. com. August 9, 2005

9. Rooney JF, Strauss SE, Mannix ML, et al. Oral acyclovir to suppress frequently recurrent herpes labialis: a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. Ann Intern Med 1993; 118: 268-272 10. Spruance SL, ML Hammil, Hoge WS, et al. Acyclovir Prevents reactivation of herpes labialis in skiers. JAMA 1988; 260: 1597-1599 11. Raborn GW, Martel AY, Grace MG, et al. Oral acyclovir in prevention of herpes labialis: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. Oral Surg Oral Med Oral Pathol Oral Radiol Endod 1998; 85: 55-59.

What to do about pityriasis rosea (psoriasis)? – Allergies – med1

16:12:04 12:03 hi @ll ! ! ! I’ve been about 2weeks at the torso and part of the arms as a braid, looks really bad ! ! ! There are some red spots, in many places also the skin peels off. And slowly it begins also the head ! ! ! Doctor so mitgegen me a fat cream and otherwise he thinks I only have to wait until it goes away. but I do not, it’s getting worse !

! ! You must help me please I’m desperate full on ! ! ! Are there other means or methods aids Thanks in advance P | lay) aspixmp 16:12:04 12:11 Heard . . . I’ve heard that there is a radiation for something !

! ! Is that also helps solarium or dried or Irritating the more the skin P \x26amp; layaspLimp 16:12:04 12:14 Doctor thinks yet . . . the that comes from the weather and from age’m 18years ! ! ! Is that Is Contagious Because my friend had sometimes before nem year ! !

! You must help me I baruch your help ! ! ! P layjaspimp 17:12:04 19:52 Annoying, annoying Hi Playaspimp, I had now 2 x Rosch surface (supposedly gets you the only 1 x in life, but I had really 2 x). Typical of the Röchenflechte the primary medallion (the mother of the spot, the other spots are scattered over the body). The main features of pityriasis rosea are: They often begins with a large spot, the so-called. Primary medallion, which within a few days following an increasing number of smaller patches.

They usually takes about 6 weeks sometimes 8 to 10 weeks and then disappear without life a second time to appear again (or not). Many spots occur in the first few weeks, only a few afterwards. First, then, is to aggravate and spread. The individual patches are located mainly on the trunk (chest and back) and the upper portions of the arms and legs. Rarely, lesions on the face, elbows or hands on. For me, the spots also migrated laterally high neck. At my first pityriasis rosea I konultierte my dermatologist prescribed me and the radiation in his practice. But who really brought nothing. Except that was larger by some immediately after irradiation of the itching, as previously. Even creams bring no improvement. Only Only time heals the pityriasis rosea. You should avoid unnecessary skin irritation. So wear tight clothing, do not exert strenuous sports, not overly showers and visit no tanning beds).

In some 6 – 10 weeks its gone ! ! ! Best regards T / horax68 17:12:04 19:54 . . . . Oh . . .

. contagious that pityriasis rosea is not the way ! ! ! And it is more common in young adults. T) horpa68 17:12:04 20:57 Aha! I’ve had a few times already. I’ve just skip back prescribe from my dermatologist Dermatop-ointment, which is, however, with cortisone. but quickly goes away with it. it acts certainly if we have the same. So, I have bright, sensitive skin and dry air (in winter) I get red braids, which spread over the neck.

then looks like I have a brand. itches and burns not particularly, but the skin feels like leather and it just looks ugly. so get to the dermatologist I’d even say. a`topmkinYd312 06:01:05 21:57 Hello florets Typical of pityriasis rosea is the primary medallion (Mother spot). With me at the hips, and from there it is then migrated. In my opinion it is a virus infection. herpes, is my suspicion. After visiting a dentist I had Herpes than ever.

Then pityriasis rosea. No fear they disappear after a few weeks by itself, about 6 weeks. My tip: No cream, not prescribed by the doctor are others. No water, so do not take a shower. Do not scratch (itch anyway hardly). That has helped me quickly. Do not worry pityriasis rosea is not contagious. Although Looks bad, will disappear faster if you follow my advice. Honest. This infection is not weather or age-dependent and does not leave scars. So the fencing carries with serenity and the certainty that it comes only once. And remember.

! No cream and keep dry if possible. Get well. P, ETRAC-Agnxes 08:01:05 19:30 ey, with me but it’ll work with cream. did you really not showered 6 weeks long? I do not consider myself clean for fussy, but this must not be true avtom9kind3x12 28/01/05 20:50 cortisone tablets Yesterday my dermatologist has diagnosed pityriasis rosea and prescribed me a cortisone ointment and very strong cortisone tablets.

Until ten minutes I still thought that I was suffering from a very severe skin disease because my doctor has prescribed so strong middle. Now that I am all read very relieved that it is actually something very innocent. My URGENT question now, however, are these cortisone tablets now really still necessary if the braid so either way again disappears by itself? Of the tablets I have strong outflow get u. That within a few hours . . . . Can I stop taking your tablets? Thanks for your help Julia SvchZo} konlade] 2 29/01/05 09:20

At Chocolate 2 Why these strong pills? Clear the pityriasis rosea go away so fast. But it is also quite a strain on the body. I advise you again to talk with your doctor. Maybe you can settle slowly, the tablets yes. If he insists on his treatment, be sure to search for another doctor. Ointment is short yes ok, but these tablets. Maybe your doctor has also a reason why he has prescribed the tablets. Red with him or with another doctor. I also learned that I had two doctors consult. Their treatments were quite different. I am then for the decision that has helped me the most.

greeting Enllo \x26amp; r @ axn 16:02:05 21:36 I had also already several times! Once get, hahaha. Looks pretty disgusting but is actually not so bad. For me it has also not itchy. I enjoyed my super dermatologist prescribed anything because they said that there is hardly accelerates healing. you should restrict and if possible using a shower gel without perfumes showers. Even with detergents should be careful and refrain entirely from fabric softener. That should not make sport but has also been said to me as I remember you should not because it is a viral disease and you somehow should not run around like that. Well, a great people can disfigure nix! Get well

WQasse} rmethoxde 20:02:05 14:32 Help pityriasis rosea Hello! Since 2 weeks I have pityriasis rosea. My doctor gave me a cortisone ointment but nothing helped me. My dermatologist has then recognized that this is a pityriasis rosea. He advised me to radiation treatment, but allegedly only accelerates healing. Now I try it so, apply marigold tea on the skin. Thus, it no longer itches so much, and if it does not help, then it is at least good for the skin. I would be interested but times where pityriasis rosea actually come from? Okay ciao! CiaraX

C ~ iaxraX 05:03:05 19:44 My 10 year old son had 6 months the röschenflechte. kinderarzt and dermatologist agreed darüber. begann with a flu infekt. behanldungsvorschläge went by without washing soap to the cortisone treatment. nothing helped. looked terrible . ging also accompanied by headache and physical exhaustion. only a naturopath half. sie sat all mitt moose from, dealt mainly with the headache (migraine almost) with homäopatischen mitteln. sie said one may suppress the rash with nothing. during migraine treatment has the braid even again verschlimmert.

vor approx 8 weeks were headache and fatigue eliminated. a week ago he had another flu infekt. unsere naturopath said, the circle closes. of influenza infection-has healed. the lichen verschwunden. wir you are very grateful. m imi954 11:04:05 22:12 Florets? That sounds too cute!  Hi, I just probably this lichen. The mother stain on the shoulder and insanely itchy places on the upper body. Was any event in four doctors and one was good .

. . As mentioned in many contributions this lichen goes away after 6 to 8 weeks. The reasons for this are unknown. Neither for coming nor going. What should be considered: It depends on the course of disease, whether you need an ointment or a cortisone agents. These funds are not intended to cure the disease but to breastfeed the itching, so the symptoms. That Little itch as little medication. Much more itch of the stuff. The best doctor of my fours said: Better from the outside only, because if it should be a virus, which experts seems reasonable to most, is cortisone, thanks to the immune system debilitating effect, rather counter-productive. The sport is bad for the welding, as well as much showers and everything else the skin very stressed. Hygiene is important, but not too much.

Something body lotion is not wrong, but not fat, just do anything to the itchiness to minimize. can cure this Lichen far only by itself. I hope I could help my fellow sufferers with the compilation of information of my doctors . . . CU Bigbadbee bXig-bya) DBEE 12:04:05 17:29 Hello Exactly the same has begun with me about 3 weeks before the Easter holidays and is now still not entirely clear. Partly this lichen has left even scars on my arm and made the skin very dry. I 3 or 4 different creams have been prescribed, and in addition I’ve still Eucerin from the pharmacy brought.

Best has helped so far the combination Kordison / Eucerin. However, you have to be careful with Kordison, especially now that the sun comes out more often. I had greased me the stuff on her arms and went through Pisa, in bright sunshine – then saw my arms two days very dried up and shriveled from. And healthy was that I do not think. Good luck! M! ELR [lek2x5

herpes ear | Question to Prof. Dr. Dietrich Abeck, Dermatovenerology

Good day, Dr. Abeck, My son 7 weeks old, has on his left ear so pick elchen with crust would give them, feels at least as of. The is yellow. Could this be herpes? Or are they really just pick moose? If herpes is what I would have expected, since it is dangerous for such small children. And would a pediatrician recognize or can overlook that if he looks at the ear? Can herpes also have in your mouth? I have the time to blisters in the mouth, which had often and the dentist has always spoken only of canker sores and known thought now that that may be herpes. Thank you in advance for your answer. Best regards Tinki

of tinki2015 on 05/22/2015 Answer: Re: herpes ear ad 1: Herpes is clinically well recognized. ad 2: I think you can trust your dentist diagnosed with mouth ulcers! Reply Prof. Dietrich Abeck on 05/23/2015 Similar questions to Prof. Dr. Dietrich Abeck – skin of babies and children Good day Dr. Abeck. My daughter is 2.

8 J and since have a monthly plan on both ears, or on earlobes. The location is not particularly dry or irritated. I treated first with panthenol and last with calendula cream. It always forms a Kustre . . . minuschka 05/05/2015 Keywords: ear Hello Professor, probably you missed my question from last week, so I place them again today: Hello Mr. Prof. Abeck, my daughter (13Wochen) has behind the ear (near the earlobe) a place with small pimples that a kind white or . . .

Sandra1501 04. 28. 2015 Keywords: ear Hello Mr. Prof. Abeck, my daughter (13Wochen) has behind the ear (pinna close) a place with small pimples that form a kind of white coating (I can not, unfortunately, describe it). On the other hand it also has a couple of pimples, but . . . Sandra1501 04. 21. 2015

Keywords: ear Dear Prof. Dr. Abeck, my son (8 months) has an inflamed, oozing, open place behind the ear, directly in the fold. After a few days of treatment with zinc oxide ointment has become not better. What could there do? Thank . . . Lana14 04. 14. 2015 Keywords: ear

Hello, my baby is now 5 weeks old and has been a week quite a lot of pimples. That’s not a big deal but since yesterday have these pimples that are more common on the ears, developed into a moist / sticky “rash” or crust. What is . . . Mummy Clou 27/02/2015 Keywords: ear Dear Professor, I unfortunately always under Herpes Nasalis. My daughter is now 14 weeks as a. In the forum I could find no answer, how long herpes is so dangerous for a baby despite intensive search. When the danger has passed 14 weeks? Naturally . .

. momnew 09/12/2014 Keywords: Herpes Hello Professor Abeck, my son had 8 months old 2. 5 weeks before Herpes on the forehead, about the size of a plum. It was alternately treated with Aciclovoir and Fusicutan cream. Now the crust is off but the surface is still red for 1 week. I had . . . Lotte111 07/11/2014 Keywords: Herpes Hello, our son 17 months scratched even as an infant constantly on the head (also had “parchment skin”).

Mostly he had red dry patches. Now the scratching begins after half a year pause again. He does it mainly at night (goes with his finger in the . . . bigben 06/28/2013 Keywords: ear Hello Mister. had Dr. Abeck, my daughter last summer always sores behind the ears. It started with dry and flaky, it nässelte until crusty. Then rubbed on the ears until the wound jumped again . .

. . we had at that time as a self . . . laulina 22. 01. 2013 Keywords: ear My son, four months, has since its birth very sensitive, scaly, dry, z. T. cracked skin. In the extremities (mainly on the outsides) and the face (mainly hairline, forehead and temples) I have after much Try now the DadoSens .

. . MrsYellowhead 18. 12. 2012 Keywords: ear The last 10 questions for Prof. Dr. med. Dietrich Abeck