Is it contagious canker sore?

Image: www. consejos-de-belleza. com mouth sores Different types of sores can appear anywhere within the mouth. Some of the places where cold sores can occur are: The back of the mouth The inside of the cheeks gums The lips Language Causes Mouth ulcers can be caused by irritation following:

A sharp or broken tooth or poorly fitting dentures Biting your cheek, tongue or lips Burning your mouth from hot food or drinks use braces chewing snuff Cold sores are caused by herpes simplex virus and is very contagious. You usually have tenderness, tingling or burning before the sore actually appears. Cold sores usually starts as blisters and then crusts. The herpes virus can live in the body for years and appears only as a canker sore when something active, such as: Another disease, especially if there is fever hormonal changes (such as menstruation) Stress Sun exposure

Canker sores are NOT contagious and can appear as a pale or yellow ulcer with a red outer ring. You can have one or groups of these lesions. Women seem to collapse them more than men. The cause of canker sores is not entirely clear, but may be related to: A weakness in the immune system (eg by cold or flu) Hormonal changes Stress Lack of certain vitamins and minerals in the diet, such as vitamin B12 or folate. Less commonly, mouth sores can be a sign of a disease, a tumor or a reaction to medications. This may include: Drugs that can cause mouth sores include acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin), beta blockers, chemotherapy drugs, penicillamine, phenytoin and sulfonamides. Home Care Mouth ulcers often disappear in 10 to 14 days, even if you do nothing.

Sometimes they last up to 6 weeks. The following measures can make you feel better: Avoid hot foods or drinks, salty or spicy foods and citrus Gargling with cold water or salt Eat popsicles, which is helpful if you have burning in the mouth Taking painkillers such as paracetamol For canker sores: Apply a thin paste of baking soda and water on the ulcer. Mix 1 part hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide) with 1 part water and apply this mixture to the lesions using a cotton swab. For more serious cases, treatments include fluocinonide gel (Lidex), the anti-inflammatory amlexanox paste (Aphthasol) or mouthwash of chlorhexidine gluconate (Peridex). The non-prescription drugs, as Orabase, can protect a sore that is inside the lips and gums. The Blistex or Campho-Phenique may provide some relief from cold sores and fever blisters, especially if applied when the sore appears inicialmente. Para help cold sores or fever blisters, you can also apply ice .

Call your provider Call your doctor if: The sore begins soon after starting a new drug It has large white patches in the mouth or tongue (may be thrush or other infection) The mouth sore lasts longer than 2 weeks You have a weakened immune system (eg, HIV or cancer) You have other symptoms like fever, skin rash, drooling or difficulty swallowing What to expect at the doctor’s office The doctor or nurse will thoroughly examine and review the mouth and tongue. Questions will be asked about your medical history and symptoms: Treatment may include: A drug that insensible area as lidocaine to relieve pain (do not use with children). An antiviral drug to treat herpes lesions (however, some experts do not think the drug does away with ulcers before). Steroids gel applied on the ulcer.

A paste reduces swelling or inflammation (as Aphthasol). A special type of mouthwash as chlorhexidine gluconate (Peridex like). Prevention You can reduce the chance of getting common mouth sores: Avoiding very hot foods and drinks Reducing stress and practicing relaxation techniques like yoga or meditation chewing slowly Using a toothbrush soft bristle Visiting your dentist immediately if you have a sharp or broken tooth or ill-fitting dentures If you seem to develop canker sores often, talk to your doctor about taking folic acid and vitamin B12 to prevent outbreaks. To prevent cancer of the mouth: Do not smoke or use snuff. Limit alcohol intake to two drinks per day.

Wear a wide-brimmed hat to protect lips from the sun all the time and use a lip balm with sun protection factor of 15. alternative names aphthous References Daniels TE. Diseases of the mouth and salivary glands. In: Goldman L, Schafer AI, eds. Cecil Medicine. 24th ed. Philadelphia, Pa: Saunders Elsevier; 2011: chap 433. Source: http://www. nlm. nih.

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The three-month injection for the prevention

What is Depo-Provera and how is it administered? As the name suggests, the Depo-Provera is administered every 12 weeks in the buttocks or upper arm. The injection should be carried out within the first 5 days of a period of a doctor. Because of this progesterone depot in the muscle, a small amount of the hormone is then continuously released into the blood and transported to the uterus to the ovaries with the blood. The effect begins immediately after the injection, subsequent injections are the 14 days before the expiration of the 3 months, ie 10 to 12 weeks, necessary. How safe is it? The syringe is a safe method of contraception. However, the effective protection depends, as with all hormone preparations the woman’s age and the implementation dates for a booster injection. For optimal use, the contraceptive effectiveness of Depo-Provera is 99% in the first 2 years. Then the security falls Information Statistics English a little, to 97%. Nevertheless, the contraceptive injection is considered one of the safest methods of contraception. This is in particular the fact that the risk of application failure is extremely low. advantages

The Depo-Provera is especially suitable for women who other estrogen-containing preparations may not take, but prefer a lasting hormonal contraceptive method. It is also for women an advantage that can not keep a regular intake time of the pill (such as shift work or many time shifts by traveling). Due to the constant action of more than 3 months of spontaneous sex is possible and not worry about a possible pregnancy you have to do during this time. The injection offers the same advantages as the pill: it blunts the bleeding or may even lead to exposing them for some time. In addition, the pain may be lower and the risk of uterine cancer is lowered during the period. Unlike the pill, the effect is not affected by vomiting. Consequently, Depo-Provera and women is recommended to those suffering from chronic stomach and intestinal diseases. Since the injected hormones also thicken cervical mucus (cervical mucus), not only sperm but also bacteria are prevented from further entering the Gebämutter. This results in an additional protection against Beckenentzündüngen (pelvic inflammatory disease, PID). PID can lead to ectopic pregnancy (pregnancy outside the Gebämutter) or even cause a miscarriage. disadvantages The main drawback of this the three-month injection is that they can not be undone once the injection has been administered. The effect and possible side effects are not reversible for the next 3 months.

In addition, it may take a little longer, until the full fertility is made after the end of treatment. In most cases this is the case after 2-3 months, but it may also sometimes take up to a year. Although side effects are rare, it may still, as with all other hormone-containing contraceptive methods also cause headaches, come dragging in the chest, weight gain, mood swings, stomach problems and acne. Although menstrual periods weaker by injecting generally, some women make to the contrary experience. In these cases, it can lead to long-lasting interim and spotting come, so usually no subsequent injections are desired. Other risks Will the Depo-Provera for a long time (over 2 years) applied, the risk can increase to osteoporosis. This process is reversible and the bone density increases again, when the injections are stopped. This is also the reason why young women and girls is not recommended under 18 years of Depo-Provera. In these cases, which shall not be unnecessarily impaired not yet fully completed, bone growth, which is why other contraceptive methods are preferable. Contraindications From a Depo-Provera is not recommended if: You are pregnant;

They had just one birth behind (they wait with an injection of at least 6 weeks); You have breast cancer; You have bleeding between periods; You had a heart attack or stroke in the past few months; They suffer from high blood pressure, blood clots, diabetes or liver disease;

“The men are quietly spend the door for me”

A woman with real entertainer qualities: Eleven years was Ina Müller one half of the cabaret duo Queen Bee. Now she’s solo success. In NDR television the 42-year-old “Inas north”, the music and Talkmix “Inas Nacht” and the dome show moderated “Land \x26amp; Love”, which comes much more charming than the RTL-equivalent “Farmer Wants a Wife”. With her tour for the album “Female. Single. 40” the singer Müller ensures out arenas, and also their Low German songs and books a large audience. Morgenpost Online: Mrs Müller, currently you are working pretty much for television. Ina Müller: Yes, and if it then would what I want, I would still make a lot more television. This is extremely difficult to repeatedly decide there for or against something. Morgenpost Online: 320 days a year. Where do you get the energy? Müller: I do not know. Nothing is not to much, if I’m honest.

I pull these boots now since a half years through and can give up anything, because everything makes so’n fun. One just needs to give up his private life, but that is necessary also ‘ne time. In addition, I believe that also give me the field of energy. Morgenpost Online: About your cheeky northern Germany Schnack laugh in southern Germany. Assuming ARD program director Guenter Struve offers a show in the First. What would you say? Müller: I would say yes. Morgenpost Online: Short and sweet. Müller: Yes, because I find not only the first great, but Struve also nice. I would say yes, if I like the concept. And immediately no, if you do not like me. Morgenpost Online: You are the fourth of five daughters on a farm in the district of Cuxhaven grown. Is this where your love for Low German language?

Müller: The love of the Low German language came with the mother’s milk, because we have spoken at home only Platt. In between I’ve Low German but hated in puberty that was really bad. But at some point I have to stage this love found again when I realized how great the audience finds Low German songs. That was a bit of a passion. Low German are simply my roots, and Low German is simply ‘ne eerily beautiful language. Can also be much better singing than High German. A Plattdüsk album I could write itself. Morgenpost Online: And High German? Müller: High German I’ll get just the help of Frank Ramond. Because: I can not. I think I’m also not quite able slimy lyrics to sing by myself. When I wrote someone else ‘nen slimy text, then I say: But he is beautiful. And sing the well.

But his own texts, that is, I believe, to close. My own texts that throw ‘I always be gone. I write ‘the evening, and then les I the morning and thinking’ ogottogottogott. What is alittle bit unfortunate because I would be perhaps more courageous. Morgenpost Online: Here Are you really so brave. Approximately in your dome show “Land \x26amp; Love”, where you always meet the candidates very easy and natural. Is that just your income that the candidates come out of itself, or is placed on their repartee at the casting value? Müller: Absolutely not. When casting is taken extremely sure that the mix is ​​right. We would not take three older men or three younger men. There has to be a wife. The market is full with women around 50 who are looking for ‘nen man. Whether encouraging village or in the city.

But our candidates must also have a real chance to find someone. We’re doing but no action. And if even the cows have to be carried about, we also help without the camera is on. Morgenpost Online: Was that your idea that women join the men looking for? Müller: That was all clear from the outset, it was not spoken. Morgenpost Online: Have you ever been with RTL “Farmer Wants a Wife” seen? Müller: No, but not because I did not want to watch, but because I was never home. I have recently said to someone, I will watch Saturday’s times. Until I was informed that comes not Saturday, but Monday. Morgenpost Online: The rate increases from week to week. At the beginning of the new season the show was okay, but in the meantime but the whole thing seems very artificial. Müller: You watching the because because there you because you want to understand the phenomenon has not it? Morgenpost Online: Uh, for professional reasons.

Müller: If I see the success of the mission, I believe, it will run with the dome program similar to the cooking shows. Morgenpost Online: The ZDF is planning next year’s program “Ossi seeking women” to start. Müller: I know that there is research which groups are also difficult to convey. It should be there: corpse washers and prostitutes. I think we can look forward to some television formats next year. I always like to say this sentence: Long live the music. (laughs out loud) Morgenpost Online: Exactly, music! In your songs you often broach role models. In the song “Stupid kicks well” as you sing simple men with simple-hearted, “somewhat underexposed, but large and neat, which are not as bright, but really good in bed”. Müller: This is of course completely exaggerated. It should provoke, so you say: What is the mood for that spins well. I can imagine your next question to me now: Do you really want that the men are back?

Morgenpost Online: I have not asked. Müller: What would you have asked? Morgenpost Online: Do you think that us men often the head is in the way? Müller: No, I think that we often are women in your way. I think we have not then we expressed clearly enough, as is said: Awake to a difference, but will be a bit more like us, but not too much as we do. Of course, I do not want to back the Neanderthal man, who pulls the woman by the hair through the cave. but I want to resume a normal male-female ratio of flirting. The are calm again stopping the door for me. When I get up in the train ‘, then to the bide me, help me and rausstellen the suitcase. The man sometimes I’m in his role a bit sorry. I think he knows himself no longer, as it should be. Morgenpost Online: As a guest of the WDR broadcast “Zimmer frei” They have recently outed as a football fan. My favorite club is Bayern Munich.

And as North German? Muller: Bayern Munich has thus revealed that I have lived in Munich ‘. I like Uli Hoeness. I’ve always doing photos when I met the whole team in Bremen ‘. I with Franck Ribéry. May I show you the picture, I’m so proud of it. Morgenpost Online: Like. Müller: And you have HSV-Fan? (The interview took place in Hamburg. ) Morgenpost Online: Exactly, and how it is with you with the HSV? Müller: I think the HSV also quite good. But now let’s see (Müller shows the photo on which she smiles while Ribéry beside her – as usual – straight face contorts).

See how excited I am? If the so happy and running around to the door and with his feet deflects to the right and left, then I like the way. I’m so glad that takes my pain from Mehmet Scholl’s farewell. Morgenpost Online: Coming back to the topic of men. You once said: Saturdays together Macchiato on the market, then together ‘nen bar, then everyone alone for sports, then back together on the couch – it was not sexy and make love broken. Do you not even on Saturdays together see the “Sports Watch”? Müller: Yes, but I would previously not have been on the market together. I have gladly pulled so: Rüber senator (the restaurant Zum Alten Senator in Hamburg is miller hangout), bring two fresh draft beer and cheer sofa together “Sports Watch” movies. That I find beautiful. The rest is just not for me. So about the guy is wearing the wicker basket, and you walk through the organic market to buy good food. There are so couples-attitudes that have never suited me and be my never lie. Contraction in itself I think is a very difficult process.

Rather, I believe that we should deal with it, to keep the love alive. And I think that does not work by getting too close. Morgenpost Online: Another quote from you: “At the age I would have so much money that I can pay a young man who brings me drinks and lovingly caresses the face. ” Their idea of ​​family replacement in old age? Müller: So, I as a woman over 40 who are aware no family in the sense children will, of course I also dream of someday find the man I love so great and where everything works great. This dream must have one, otherwise one could indeed kill also. As for the future: No one knows what it takes, no one knows what the euro is still worth. Why do I with my money so three piles. One thing is for old age, and which I hope to be able to pay someone brings me a drink. Jung I have only said that because you are looking, I think the contact with people who are simply younger. And emphasize his face, well, what do you expect with 75 out of life, if we are honest, except that you have someone stroking his face? Men see that, I think, sometimes different. The can imagine at that age well, get started again.

I’m realistic.