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Shingles Rare is the person of adult age who has not had chickenpox. Well when a child or youth, have almost all had that disease characterized by itching, warmth, blisters on the skin and in which we recommended (much to our regret) not wash scratching or pain of leaving scars. Over the years, we just forget about it and just commented at some point, “and I spent chickenpox”, without realizing that it may actually have not gone entirely, ie, which is still active within US. latency Those who have families in the villages or who had someone older person nearby, you may on occasion they have heard of “shingles”, an itchy with redness of the skin begins to curl up by the body (usually chest) and according to the popular tradition, if completely screwed and closes, it can cause death. Reality is not so dramatic. At least today. That “shingles” is nothing other than the shingles, and this is only a reactivation of the chickenpox virus. Once you have had chickenpox, although the immune system removes almost all of the body, is latent in the nerve ganglia, dorsal both as trigeminal. The virus can remain in that state for a long time, but when the immune system is decreased (either by a disease, a situation of stress, lack of sleep, etc. ), the virus reactivates and replicates in neurons (the nerve) cells, and although again causes chickenpox, it does affect nerves. It is at this time when we noticed swelling of the skin with blisters and nerve pain due to irritation of the nerves affected.

There are people who do not show clear symptoms in the skin, but most complain of headache, fever and pain (sometimes very strong) in the area where spots appear then be turned into vesicles. If the herpes develops in the eye area, you must be especially careful because it can affect vision. Contagion Zoster, as has been said, is the chickenpox virus. It is passed by direct contact. That is, you need to touch the vesicles of an affected person to become infected. It is not spread by breathing. Obviously, if the infected person has not had chickenpox, instead of also developing herpes zoster, which is a Varicella develop. The virulence of this will depend on the immune status of the recipient. What to do? When a table has been medically diagnosed as herpes zoster occurs, aid that can be offered must pass from natural techniques, basically by stimulating the immune system to take charge of controlling the virus. Since homeopathy, can be treated with Rhus Toxicodendron (the principal in these cases, given that a picture of paroxysmal itching, vesicular edema, burning, red skin with blisters with liquid inside them that worsens with cold presented) , Cantharis (to appear online vesicles and burning sensation and itching) or Mezereum (vesicles that form white scabs and itching worse at night). It is advisable that homeopathy is accompanied (especially if it is not led by a professional) with supplements such as vitamin C (as long as there is no intestinal problems), Lysine (a highly recommended amino acid in cases of shingles because of its antiviral power ), trace mineral copper (for viral infection of any type), vitamin B12 and Germanium sesquioxide shaped.

While shingles has a very bad reputation and thus the term “ringworm” was coined, we must remember that the immune system is critical in this case, and it was not always in the past, may increase so that it could adequately combat envites of any type of infection. Either ways, although you must lose fear, we must be careful, because it can be a very annoying, painful problem and should be treated as soon as possible. By Rafael Sánchez Naturopath Madrid Remember that you get a 5% discount on the total purchase For more information see Volume purchase you can choose your gift For more information see

Herpes home remedy cold sore treatment – what helps?

Angelika W. wrote on December 2, 2014 For cold sores: At the first sign I take 3 drops in a small glass and dab with cotton swabs 5 x day some of the active ingredient to the site with the bubbles on it. On day 2 of the Herpes made easy without having inflamed. I’m excited! Never before, I have my cold sore wegbekommen so quickly. Great! Greetings Angelika. Can only recommend your method! Genital herpes was my problem . . . At “Pipimann” – I know that’s different!

But everyone likes to know what we’re talking here. For years I have suffered from HSV2. The small wounds burn like hell when there which is ran more than air. Therefore I leave as off the fingers and wearing neither salve nor what else else on it. I take the home remedies from your counselor. So I wait and see what happens. retaken Starting Monday XX drops of the drug to me and on Tuesday and Wednesday regularly again. Since I have smooth but a very important point in your counselor overlooked: this ingenious drug as a bath additive. X drops to the bath water and then reinsetzen. Initially I had some reluctance because at genital herpes after all, tiny open sores are present that could burn. I idiot – Had I immediately started using the bathroom, I was the herpes on “Pipimann” immediately got rid of. So take note: After the above-mentioned bath, best evening, immediately blot dry and off to bed. For me it was gone in 48 hours; I mean the scars etc.

The little bodies dry out after bathing and fall from quasi – Anyone who thinks evil, which is to turn around and ask :) in the corner. The same phenomenon I could discover in the palms – After the bath the affected tissue dries easily from. Accordingly, so no healthy skin; only what disturbs and does not belong there. Recognition of this herpes treatment: Those suffering from Genital herpes, once a bath should prepare with the home remedies that continue to run hot water, relax animal and hope positively to the things that are to come. 3 baths in succession, it should already be there and it is said: Stay away from Pipimann! Thank you for this brilliant tip and the herpes home remedy! Micha M. Flensburg About 6 months ago I searched the net a treatment for genital herpes for my wife and me. I’ve been suffering for 18 years and HSV2 have also made my wife the “gift” so that in the last period almost non-stop outbreaks had . . . (certainly a tribute to our sex life!

) We were looking for an alternative solution to our problem, and so I stumbled on the net about your page and immediately bought your book. We both started the application in the morning and perform evening. Starting with only a little of the active ingredient, but fast results! Bottom line, now I feel as saved and my wife also. It is yet another treatment with XXXX begin for the next month and a half. Now there are nearly 5 months since the treatment and I have not had an outbreak more, what a big break! It pays to read your guide and this treatment path to go to finally be free of this ugly beast called genital herpes. Thanks for your great help! Roger K. from Gladbach I suffer from cleft lip and Gentital herpes. I’ve seen it since I’m 25 and am now 41.

My husband has also caught the genito herpesvirus. Probably by me . . . . When we learned we were from your counselor very curious and ordered him immediately. After that we also ordered the same home remedies and since December 31 in the House. We did not have a complete herpes outbreak more since the beginning of self-treatment with this drug. There is only the feeling / sensation, tingling that the herpes virus is still there, but never quite breaks out. And this is often the case with me and my husband happened . . . but not anymore!

No full-blown cold sore more! I had 2x a herpes outbreak in the month and was waiting. This month came my period and went and no herpes showed up! I am amazed! It is the first month in 16 years in which I was no outbreak. My feeling is, with this means is it possible to reduce the herpes outbreaks and to defeat soon herpes HSV2 completely. In other words, this active substance forces the problem to the surface, to be finally treated. I’m anyway on and am 16 years the first month free of symptoms. Thanks Ina M. at Dortmund Hi Henry, the other day I woke up in the morning and looked in the mirror the herpes at the known location on my upper lip. Property me then immediately something XXXXXX mixed in a small bottle and then repeatedly done every day on the lip. The next morning all the bubbles were gone, and it has a crust formed.

Incredible ! ! ! I used to use creams, and after one week a Krust’le has formed. And now my herpes has completely disappeared on day 3. I know not that. Everything happened so fast. Am thrilled! Steffi W. Nürnberg My wife got an outbreak of cold sores a week (takes else with her usually 2 weeks), after taking the drug stagnated the disease and 2 T. was later to see the place with any cold sore more! I loved this home remedy and your method.

Many greetings Markus from Salzburg My husband now takes on a herpes outbreak equal 1Tr. of the active ingredient, plus a few drops of water and the swab he dabs it repeatedly to the bubbles. The cold sore goes away faster than usual with any expensive ointment (Zovirax) from Apo. He had otherwise always days to fight up to a month with his herpes. But now no more! Thanks Andrea B. near Münster Hello Mr. Winter, I am also very satisfied with their eBook and home remedies. If it tingles on my upper lip, then I know that herpes is on the march. Then I take a few drops evening and already the next morning to feel anything anymore. If I have a cold sore, it has healed thanks to the agent in record time.

I also feel that occurs the herpes fewer. I think the virus is gradually destroyed and my immune system is strengthened. Anyway, I’ve hardly still suffering from herpes outbreaks. That is really great. Thank you so much A. Konrad near Konstanz War 2 weeks in the sea in the best weather. Normally I get at such a sunlight on the sea with wind always cold sores and sun allergy on hands and feet. Then I could only hand Schuhn and socks out. The herpes laid me “chess-mat”. Thanks to your counselor and the herpes home remedy, I had no more signs. I took every evening a small dose.

Everything worked fine and I could enjoy the rest of the time at sea. Thank you for your guide! LG S. Lingus Dear Henry, I suffer for years from cold sores and searched desperately for a solution! The doctors could not help me . . . So I came across your counselor and your treatment. I was highly impressed with your solution and ordered the home remedies. During the 24 h. Where the order of the herpes agent was traveling, I naturally got another cold sore, as so often before. The lower lip was swollen and there were many bubbles seen on the lips.

Now the house agent finally came and I made, as required, a solution, and wetted finger on the bubbles so. After a few minutes the itching ran after and no new blisters were added. After about 1 hour I wet the point again and this again in the following hours. The next afternoon the herpes was almost gone. I can not believe it! I could not believe it, and of course, made at the same point on. Within the following 48 hours, the skin had become smoother. However, a little flushed from the herpes. But they were no longer visible sores at the site. So compliment to your counselor. I was not expecting that. Thanks from Hamburg H. Sattler

Herpes simplex – labialis disappeared in 3 days! I was asked by my mother to write to you. Your guide and this ingenious drug has finally simplex brought a healing of your herpes my mother. It had become unkontrolierbar and was around the mouth area getting worse. One third of the mouth was covered with large unsightly scab . . . That looked really very disgusting. So you started your way to work and made a solution as recommended cope. My wife helped your case and the application was performed every hour. She used the drug on the second manner described. So a combination application. The results were a resounding and visible within 12 hours.

The tingling mouth fell very quickly and the drying process had already begun. After 24 hours, the tingling sensation was reduced to 50%. The rapid recovery was evident. After 48 hours, the scabs had dried and began to drop. After 72 hours, the problem was solved and the herpes completely gone! So once again thanks for your guide and your help! Tobias Laube including mother and wife Hi Henry, be happy it describes too little of what is going on inside me. It’s just a blessing and I have my life back! For those who do not want to believe it or are suspicious, should follow your advice and try this method of treatment. If they really want the disappearing of herpes, then you must do it. These fine Dokotoren are here in the world to make money with us. They practice around us and create but not to heal us there.

If someone has only a tiny piece of common sense, it will apply your method. You have me anyway really helped me to cure my herpes. And within a week. Class! Send you my big THANKS. Erik Schreiner Bremerhaven

“STD (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) Triage – Anonymously Ask a Dermatologist” in the App Store

description Are you worried you did may have a sexually transmitted disease (STD)? STD Triage anonymously connects you to a board-certified dermatologist in under 24 hours. To use, simply download the app, take two pictures of your skin trouble (rashes, bumps, intimate issues, redness, spots, etc. ) and submit your question. No registration. No hassle. Just to answer. Your personalized answer from our dermatologists will contain medical information about your skin problem: what it most likely is, how it can be Treated, and whether or not you shoulderstand see a dermatologist or a STD testing clinic in-person. _______________________ FEATURES: 24 HOUR GUARANTEE: STD Triage promises a response from a dermatologist within 24 hours of your case submission. EXPERT Dermatologists: Every STD Triage dermatologist has had more than 5 years of specialized workout in dermatology at top medical institutions and havebeen tested and vetted by a senior medical advisory board.

100% ANONYMOUS: No login or identifiable information is needed. Additionally, your information is encrypted and always kept on secure servers. SKIN GUIDE FOR INTIMATE ISSUES: The skin guide Provides information about the mostcommon skin conditions, Including herpes simplex virus, folliculitis, and balanitis. Read for yourself about common skin problems from a safe source. FIND YOUR CLOSEST Dermatologist STD triage helps you decide what to do next with your skin trouble. Some issues resolve Themselves with at-home treatment, while others: such as herpes simplex virus may require follow-up care. STD Triage has a map showing the nearest STD testing clinic, dermatologist and pharmacy based on your location. _______________________ Our on-demand dermatologists are experts at Evaluating skin problems. They have already helped over 8,000 users identify and get information about Their skin issues, Including sexually transmitted diseases, so called sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Common skin problems of the intimate area include balanitis, folliculitis, yeast infections, herpes simplex virus, hemorrhoids, fissures, and genital warts. Symptoms of STDs can include burning itching, rashes, bumps and redness in the genital area. Your case is kept completely Call anonymous and secure on STD triage.

We do not require names, email addresses, or phone numbers. STD Triage is the trusted leader in mobile dermatology for sexual health issues. Our brand has been covered by CNN, The Huffington Post, Medgadget and many other news outlets. For any questions about Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) Triage, please contact info@iDoc24. com DISCLAIMER: Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) triage is a medical information service. The medical information provided by our dermatologists is based on the information They are given by users and Should not be Regarded as a definitive diagnosis of any kind, but Merely as complementary information to at initial internet search or other Comparable investigation. Our physicians are specialists in dermatology and venereology. STD triage is not a diagnostic service, but can be used for guidance on what can be done in the event of a visual trouble. Our doctors and STD triage can not and do not replace a proper medical consultation. The service does not replace a face-to-face visit to your doctor, and Should be Treated as a complement to on internet search. Even if the dermatologist recommends a face-to-face visit, our customer surveys show did the relief of knowing what the trouble Could be is worth the cost of using service.

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