What I can put in a crust cold sores?

by Varick Cold sores are a product of the herpes simplex virus 1. When the virus is activated, small blisters form on the outside of the area of ​​the mouth and lips and can even affect other parts of the face. Blisters of cold sores can be painful. Fill, then drain and scab. According to the Institute of patient education, the blisters of cold sores usually disappear within one to two weeks. Meanwhile, there are steps you can take to make them less painful and prevent spreading. To alleviate the pain There are many creams available over the counter that will provide some of the pain associated with cold sores. One way that these creams to fight pain is to keep the soft and wet to the outer layer of the crust not dry and crack vials. Apply the medication directly to the crust. Another topical treatment that can prevent dryness and cracking is petroleum jelly. Applied to ulcers, petroleum jelly also prevents bacteria outside the open scab.

To relieve swelling of a cold sore, you can apply ice packs directly to the sore. Ice will relieve pain and do much of the subsidy swelling. If the cold sore scab is dry and cracked when inflated, it will cause a feeling of “division” which can be quite painful. The Nemours Foundation lists the sun as one of the primary aggravators of cold sores, and the more the sores and scabs can encourage more strikes virus from spreading and causing pain in the inflamed ulcers and scabies. Sunscreen protects the scab sun and keeps softened. While you can use a stick of sunscreen to cover the cold sore scab, be sure to discard after use as it is now contaminated. To prevent outbreaks of separate and continuous One of the best treatments to be applied to cold sores crust to prevent the spread of the virus is petroleum jelly. As mentioned above, petroleum jelly maintains the soft outer crust and bacteria out, but also prevents the HSV-1 virus Cascarita leaving the area and being passed on to others. Tea tree oil has antiviral properties, specifically against herpes simplex virus, according to a study by the National Institute of Health. Tea tree oil, applied twice daily with a cotton ball, can help prevent the spread of the virus to others when applied to a festering scab. If you have an active cold sore scab, be sure to wash your hands after touching the sore. Discard disposable items that were not in contact with the crust and have no physical contact with the other until the crust is gone.

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Mouth ulcers and on the tongue, causes, remedies and treatment | Symptoms and Treatment –

Aphthous ulcers occur in the interior of the mouth and can take various forms. The aphthous stomatitis designates a specific ulcer in the mouth, which is very painful. This disease can individuals of different age ranges infested infested children to Erwachsenen. Die spaces lips, the insides of the cheeks and tongue. In some cases, the disease can also spread to the upper regions of the throat. Aphthous stomatitis or stomatitis Herpetic The herpetic stomatitis (or herpes labialis) is a disorder of the oral cavity, which develops after an infection of the mouth, in the form vesicles. It is the result of a herpes virus that resembles the varicella These bubbles can burst and cause a severe local pain. The aphthous stomatitis caused by various factors of a viral infection. Types of mouth ulcers The classification of these wounds in the mouth based on the intensity and size of the lesions. Aphthous ulcers from minor type

These mouth ulcers are relatively common and have a size of 3 to 10 mm. For their healing they need about 2 weeks. Aphthous ulcers of the type major (Sutton-type) They infest cheeks, tongue and lips and are mainly in children who have finished puberty. This type has a size greater than 10 mm and is ill-defined. After their healing they generally leave scars. herpetiform ulcers This is a severe form of ulcer that forms in groups and generally relate to women after the age of 18. They can be very painful. Causes of mouth ulcers The exact reasons why form aphthous ulcers, are unclear, although scientists suspect that a combination of factors for the occurrence of such stoves is present. Possible triggers of aphthous ulcers: 1.

A trivial trauma in the mouth, caused by a dental procedure to hard tooth brushing, sports injuries, eating spicy and sour foods (vinegar and lemon) or accidental biting the cheek; 2. toothpastes and mouthwashes, which contain sodium lauryl sulfate; 3. food allergies, especially in chocolate, coffee, strawberries, eggs, nuts, cheese and very sour foods such as pineapple; 4. Lack of vitamins (eg, vitamin B3 or B12), zinc, folic acid or iron; 5. Allergic reaction to certain bacteria in the mouth; 6. Helicobacter pylori, those bacteria that also cause stomach ulcers; 7. hormonal fluctuations during the menstrual cycle;

8. Emotional stress; 9. substances contained in drugs for chemotherapy. Aphthous ulcers may arise, such as, for example, due to various diseases: 1. celiac disease, a severe intestinal disease due to an intolerance to gluten, a protein that is found in most grains; 2. Inflammatory intestinal diseases such as Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis; 3. Behçet, a rare disease that causes inflammation throughout the body, including the mouth; 4. A faulty immune system, healthy cells in the mouth instead of pathogens such as viruses or bacteria attacks;

5. HIV / AIDS, which suppresses the immune system; 6. Unlike the herpes labialis aphthous ulcers are not caused by infection with herpes viruses. What are the symptoms of mouth ulcers? Aphthous ulcers are painful sores in the mouth, on the cheeks and lips, on the tongue, the gums and palate. Most frequent symptoms of aphthous ulcers are: 1. Burning in mouth or up to 24 hours continued itching before the appearance of the wound. 2. ulcers that knows are gray or yellow and have a red rim. 3. It comes to throat pain when the aphthae are in this area.

4. Painful sores in the mouth. 5. difficulty speaking, eating and swallowing. Less common symptoms that may also indicate a possibly serious infection: 1. fever 2. Enlarged lymph nodes 3. tongue swelling. Seek medical if aphthous ulcers: 1.

are larger than usual; 2. diffuse occur; 3. more than 3 weeks are made; 4. cause severe pain even after the application of nonprescription painkillers; 5. prepare difficulty drinking enough liquid to be adequately hydrated; 6. are accompanied by fever. Are mouth ulcers are the same as the bubbles when cold sores? No, mouth ulcers are anything but the bubbles when cold sores.

Aphthous ulcers form inside the mouth and are not contagious. Herpes sores are infections caused by the herpes simplex virus, they show up only on the lips or outside the mouth and are infectious. How can one determine whether a wound is an aphthous ulcer or herpes ulcer? Herpes labialis usually develops outside the mouth, the lips, the chin or on the nostrils. Aphthous behave differently: they usually develop inside the mouth. Differential diagnosis of aphthous stomatitis Various other diseases can cause mouth ulcers, for example, stomach ulcers and oropharyngeal alterations. Physicians should then charge a differential diagnosis to rule out that the patient reported symptoms do not affect these pathological disorders. Treatment of mouth ulcers and tongue drugs If the ulcers are painful, the doctor may prescribe a medication to relieve the symptoms. It is important to pay attention during pregnancy or lactation, that these drugs are not contraindicated. Antimicrobial mouthwash

The antimicrobial mouthwash helps to kill bacteria, viruses or fungi that can cause an infection in the mouth, when this is not able to brush their teeth properly. Chlorhexidine (CHX) is the most frequently prescribed mouthwash. It is usually used twice a day. steroids Steroids are drugs that reduce inflammation. Medicines for mouth ulceration contain a low dose of cortisone to relieve the pain caused by the wounds. Once a Aphthe in the mouth developed, should be initiated with a drug treatment. Hydrocortisone is the most commonly prescribed cortisone. Painkiller If the mouth ulcers are very painful in the mouth, the doctor may prescribe a pain reliever that is applied directly to the ulcer. The doctor prescribes usually benzydamine (TANTUM Verde®), which must not be administered in the form of a mouthwash or sprays. Benzydamine should not be used as seven consecutive days longer. The doctor may also prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs in tablet form, for example Alrheumun®.

Natural remedies from grandma’s time To relieve pain and speed the healing process: Rinse mouth. Salt water, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda 1 teaspoon in ½ cup of warm water to dissolve) or a mixture of 1 teaspoon of diphenhydramine (Benadryl) and use 1 teaspoon of Maalox. The liquid after the mouthwash spit. Several times a day the Aphthe dab a small amount of milk of magnesia. From baking soda and a little water to mix a slurry, and cover with this the aphthous ulcers. Free counter products that contain benzocaine, try to surface anesthesia. take ice in your mouth and let melt slowly on the wound. brush your teeth with a soft toothbrush and use a low-foaming toothpaste as Biotene- or Rembrandt toothpaste. Using a turmeric-mouthwash. In a cup of lukewarm water a quarter teaspoon of salt and half a teaspoon of turmeric powder mix (does not dissolve completely). A daily dietary supplement of the vitamin B100 complex occupy.

A Propolis try, which is available in pharmacies. Propolis is a propolis which produce bees to construct their hive, it has excellent antiseptic and healing properties. Deglycyrrhizinierte licorice (DGL), a Süßholzextrat, the healing effect of the mucosa has, available in health food stores and in powder form or as chewable tablets. Thus in the mouth form a Speichelbrei and apply on the aching areas. The powder of elm with water to a pulp mix; alternatively suck tablets elm, which can be bought in grocery stores and pharmacies. Local application with alum powder directly on the mouth ulcer. This product is available in pharmacies. It will burn for a few minutes, but then quickly lead to a cure. Prebiotics are products that help build the bacterial flora in the digestive tract, which are also useful in the treatment of aphthous ulcers. The pain of aphthous ulcer by avoiding acidic and spicy spicy food and abrasive foods (eg nuts, which can irritate the mucous membrane) reduce as far as possible. Natural Remedies Aloe vera Mouth rinse: rinse the mouth several times a day with a little aloe vera juice.

Gel of Aloe vera or apply the juice to bring directly to the wound (obtained from the leaf inside the plant). Three times a day using 2 tablespoons of aloe vera gel. Honey and turmeric 1 teaspoon honey mix with ¼ teaspoon of turmeric and apply to the wound. Mouthwash of tea tree oil: preparing a mouthwash by adding 10 drops of tea tree oil in 1/3 cup of water. keep this mouthwash 30 seconds in the mouth, then spit it out. Tea tree oil acts as an antiseptic mouthwash and helps to prevent secondary infections and heals make the wound. One can prepare a mouthwash by dissolving ½ teaspoon salt in a cup of water. keep this mouthwash 30 seconds in the mouth, then spit it out. homeopathy The homeopathic remedies most commonly used are: 1. borax 2.

Mercurius Solubilis (mercury) 3. Nitric acid (nitric acid) 4. Sulfuricum acidum (sulfuric acid). Duration of aphthous ulcers? forecast The recurring small Stomatitisaphthen or herpes are of short duration. Proper medical treatment guarantees a good prognosis, even with large mouth ulcers. The disease is not chronic, provided it is not a result of an inflammatory pathology of the digestive tract or relates to the Behçet syndrome. Small ulcers heal in about 10-14 days, but the herpes sores can also consist a month before they pass away. prevention The prevention of aphthous aims to avoid abrasive, acidic and spicy foods that cause pain and other irritations.

Dried fruits such as walnuts and artificial sugar (contained in desserts) can favor relapses.

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herpes zoster

definition Herpes zoster (shingles) is a viral infection caused by a reactivation of the varicella (chickenpox) is caused. The rash occurs in the rule, particularly in the thoracic region. Here, the rash takes the form of a belt at (Zona = belt). It is a disease that affects mainly older people (aged 60) and persons with weakened immune systems. Herpes zoster is a common disease. One reason is that a large part of the population has Variezellen (chickenpox). Reactivation is possible at any time. We point out that in certain circumstances the children of Herpes Zoster may be affected. The disease can be carried out without a prior chickenpox disease. Thus, the child gets an immunization against chickenpox. Epidemiology – Throughout Germany about 320000-400000 people of herpes zoster (shingles) are affected.

– In France, more than 100,000 cases of herpes zoster are known. In the United States there are about 500,000. It is important to know that about 90% of people are suffering in childhood chickenpox (which is a prerequisite to developing herpes zoster). 20% of adults fall ill later on Herpes Zoster. – About one third of people aged 60 who develop zoster herpes, suffering from post-herpetic pain. This is a strong and unpleasant pain. From the age of 70, the number may increase to 50% of cases. causes Herpes zoster is a disease which is caused by a DNA virus called varicella-zoster (VZV). To suffer from this disease, the patient in childhood must have come with the chicken pox pathogen in contact. This is a reactivation of the chickenpox virus. The virus migrates to the nerve pathways along, and remains in an inactive mode. The following causes may be responsible for the reactivation:

– stress – Strong sunlight (on the beach, in the mountains, etc. ). – Serious health problem – A vulnerability of the immune system, especially for people who suffer from diseases of the immune system (e. g. AIDS). risk groups The following persons are among the groups at risk of herpes zoster disease: – People who are older than 50 years, some specialists suspect that all older people will suffer more than 85 years, once in their lives under shingles. ; – People with a vulnerable immune system. In this group are found as HIV / AIDS patients, people with cancer chemotherapy and all the people who are suffering from an immune disease;

– People who use medications such as corticosteroids or immunosuppressants. Please note that for an infection from Variezellen (chickenpox) is necessary in childhood. symptoms We distinguish a total of three different ligands phases of acute Herpes Zoster: infection In the first week of infection a direct contagion goes out by the patient. It is the acute phase of the disease (when the bubbles occur). However, the patient does not transmit herpes zoster, but the chickenpox (varicella virus). Pregnant women who have never contracted chickenpox should be extra careful and not to approach people with herpes zoster (during the acute phase). Read also complications of chickenpox in pregnant women. 1. Prodromalphase – Before the appearance of the rash In the first phase the following symptoms of herpes zoster may occur:

– Pain, tingling, burning pain of Neven (for example, a nerve along the thoracic region). The symptoms occur in a localized region of the body. – Sometimes there may be a slight fever and gastrointestinal symptoms. 2. Acute phase – During the eruption During the acute phase or the rash following symptoms are observed: – After about 2 to 3 days, small blisters develop on a red ground. This rash is formed only in certain parts of the body. In the beginning there is a clear liquid of bubbles, but darkens after a few days. Subsequently, form the vesicles a crust and eventually fall off. Until this cycle is complete, it may take 2 to 4 weeks. The rash occurs in the rule, particularly in the thoracic region. Here, the rash takes the form of a belt at (Zona means in ancient Greek Belt).

Herpes Zoster may also occur on the forehead, the cheeks, the face, the ears (zoster oticus), or around the eye area (Ophthalmology area). The most affected by the shingles zones and regions are the regions of the thorax (53% of cases), cervical (20%), trigeminal (15%) and the lumbosacral region (11%). In severely immunodepressed patients, such as HIV / AIDS patients, the affected area may appear diffuse. – Severe pain, sometimes unbearable pain in the region of rash occur. 3. postherpetic neuralgia – After rash – complications Herpes Zoster In some cases, herpes zoster can lead to complications. We speak of a post-herpetic neuralgia or post-herpetic pain (Zoster = shingles). This neuralgia (pain in the nerve) is a serious complication. This takes at least 1 month or several months. The complication arises as problematical in the elderly. Below are the typical symptoms of postherpetic neuralgia: – Pain, burning, burning in the area where the rash is.

– Permanent pain – Strong tenderness These complications of the disease can daily such as difficult sleeping or eating, and even in some cases lead to depression. It should be noted that, for a timely treatment the chances of curing the disease can be reached without complications. General note We note, in some cases, the symptoms of herpes zoster sometimes with those of an ordinary herpes disease (other viral infection) or appendicitis can be confused. diagnosis The diagnosis of a disease with herpes zoster (shingles) results from the anamnesis (medical history) of the patient. It can also be provided by the by the characteristic symptoms. In some cases, a pathogen must be. This is especially the case if the symptoms are not unique. Laboratory tests, which allow the identification of the virus are the PCR, ELISA, or immunofluorescence. complications The complications of herpes zoster disease can present itself as severe.

Particularly in the case of herpes zoster ophthalmicus, as risks to the cornea – the retina – nerve, etc. exist. In this case, a doctor should be consulted immediately. Herpes Zoster can also lead to post-herpetic neuralgia, which causes severe nerve pain. This is a deeply oppressive or smarting. When to doctor We recommend each patient a doctor immediately for a herpes suspected to consult zoster disease. It is extremely important as soon as possible to begin with an antiviral treatment, to achieve the maximum effect. When Herpes Zoster affects the eye area or pain occur, it is a medical emergency. treatment In case of illness of herpes zoster, it is extremely important as soon as possible to begin treatment. On optimal treatment is already after the first three days of the first signs. This measure helps to prevent complications that often occur in people over 50 years.

Below you will find all the treatments that may be prescribed by the attending physician. These treatments are effective against herpes zoster and the complications that may occur (for example, post-herpetic neuralgia). Treatments in a disease of Herpes Zoster – For the pain, antalgic agents such as Paracetamol, NSAIDs (Asperin, ibuprofen, . . . ), pain relievers such as morphine derivatives. – In order to prevent the multiplication of the viruses and to relieve the pain: aciclovir, valaciclovir, famciclovir, brivudine, etc. – To avoid pain and reduce the duration of symptoms: steroid. – Any antibiotics in topical form (cream, . . . ) to prevent bacterial superinfection.

Possible forms of treatment in case of complications (for example, post-herpetic neuralgia) for Herpes Zoster The usual drugs are usually anti-pain agents: – Acetaminophen or NSAIDs (ibuprofen, Asperin, etc. ) – Tricyclic antidepressant (such as amitriptyline) – Local anesthetics (drugs or patches on the basis of lidocaine) – Anti-epileptic drugs (e. g. , gabapentin) – Corticosteroids (for example, prednisone) – Opioids (codeine, morphine, . . .

) [Source of the proposed drugs: translated from English by Xavier Gruffat from the health side “webmd. com”, 2007} medicinal plants In case of illness of herpes zoster, a doctor must be consulted. Typically a drug treatment (antivirals) occurs. However, medicinal plants can serve the pain to ease, caused by the disease. – Cayenne pepper, which may be used in the form of a cream or a patch. – Aloe vera, which is used as a gel, to alleviate the pain. We also note that envelopes of clay for treating herpes zoster serve. Try it for yourself: natural medicines against herpes zoster. Essential Oils for the care of shingles Dilute in a tablespoon of alcohol at 45 degrees Celsius, 5 drops of the following essential oils: lemon, cypress, basil, geranium, lavender, rosemary, sage and thyme.

Soak with this mixture a compress and wear them 3 times a day for 10 minutes on the bubbles on. Note: This treatment should be started at the onset of pain immediately: pain and fever usually disappear within 24 hours. Perform the treatment after healing a few days away to avoid a relapse. aDVICE It is extremely important for suspected herpes zoster, to begin treatment as soon as possible and to consult a doctor. The earlier the treatment, the better the chances of a cure without the occurrence of serious complications. – Strengthen your defenses. This can be done with the use of Vitamin C. – Avoid stress. Namely, this is one of the triggers for herpes zoster. To prevent anti-stress courses can be carried out. This can help to reduce stress, and thus prevent development of Herpes Zoster. – If you suffer from herpes zoster, be sure to avoid any contact with pregnant women or immunocompromised individuals, who were not suffering from chickenpox.

The chickenpox can contribute to the deformity of the fetus and in general lead to health problems. – Upon the occurrence of severe itching (for example, during an acute phase of herpes zoster), which causes insomnia, an H1 antihistamines can be used. This is freely available in pharmacies and can be taken as a supplement to traditional treatment. prevention Herpes Zoster Vaccination An agent for the prevention of herpes zoster is vaccination, the preventive administration of acyclovir or immunotherapies. Prior vaccination worldwide – In the US, the herpes zoster vaccine will by the authorities strongly recommend that if you are older than 60 years old. – In France and in Switzerland, the vaccination is not specifically recommended. Vaccination means Zostavax®. To be more specific, the herpes zoster vaccination in Switzerland is not in the vaccination schedule (Status September 2013). The health authorities have decided that the benefit to public health is limited. They also inform that the chickenpox vaccine (Varilrix®) has no effect against herpes zoster, because the viral concentration for zoster prevention is insufficient.

– In England a large vaccination campaign was carried out, in which the over-70s against herpes zoster could be vaccinated. Information on vaccination A large study, “Shingles Prevention Study”, was carried out with 957 people suffering from herpes zoster. It showed that a reduction of the typical pain by 62% and postherpetic neuralgia of were achieved by 67% by the vaccine. How to translate Herpes Zoster in other languages?