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Views: 1078 Botox® or Dysport® Botulinum Toxin Type A 500U. Your rejuvenated skin with expression and naturalness. However much people care, it is normal that eventually appear on the face wrinkles, also called frown lines. Likewise, it is absolutely normal to want to eliminate to preserve a youthful appearance longer, In the correct size and with the accompaniment of a physician, that attitude only makes good. Raises self-esteem, confidence and willingness to live. One of the most successful ways to remove wrinkles is through the application of Dysport or Botox. Patients seeking treatment for rejuvenation looking to improve their appearance, considering the safety of the treatment, its practicality and ability to maintain the naturalness of facial expression. Practicality and effectiveness of a procedure that can be performed in the doctor’s office with no or little recovery time, makes BOTOX one of the more procedures performed today. * Whenever we express ourselves, we laugh or cry, facial muscles contract. As a result of these frequent contractions, with the passage of time, the activity of these muscles produce the development of deep lines such expression as forehead lines, crow’s feet, brow, among others.

* BOTOX is applied directly into the muscle responsible for the formation of the expression line wrinkle, causing its temporary relaxation and giving the face a more rested, rejuvenated and pleasing appearance. * After application, the facial expression looks more relaxed appearance, but in no way give the appearance of mascara. The overall result may be either natural. * The initial therapeutic effects is generally marked at 48-72 hours after treatment with the total duration of action of about 4 to 6 months. * Like any medical procedure, its indication must be correct and, if necessary can be combined with other techniques available against skin aging. * In cases of deeper wrinkles, the procedure fails to erase the 1st application, but mitigate ensuring better results with subsequent applications. This treatment should be applied only by a physician. Frequently asked questions How long until I see results? The results are from the second day after being applied Dysport and in the course of the day, the results will be increasingly evident. How long does the effect of Dysport? The effect of Dysport may last four to six months, depending on each patient, after which a new application to maintain or improve the initial results is recommended. Should I have many wrinkles to decide to apply Dysport?

Not necessarily. Wrinkles are marking daily, the more time passes, the more will cost you more depth and work to eliminate them. What part can apply Dysport? Wrinkles on the forehead, to bow eyebrows, crow’s feet and frown, among others. Can I feel any side effects in the application of Dysport? First it is important to know that botulinum toxin type A has been shown to be safe in numerous studies. However, some side effects can occur a few hours after application: Mild and transient head, little swelling, bruising, which can be covered with makeup, mild pain at the site of application. All these effects are temporary and reversible. Can I apply Dysport during pregnancy or breastfeeding? Like most treatments, Dysport can not be used during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Can I apply Dyposrt with other cosmetic procedures? In principle yes. Depending on the patient, the results are optimized with the combination of other procedures such as peelings, filler, lasers, among others.

Your doctor can evaluate the case and correctly oriented. ¿Dysport is only for women? No, Dysport is used in both women and men. In fact, they made gestures so strongly that cause wrinkles permanently. What should I do after application? Just follow some simple guidelines: * Do not handle (touch) the treated area. * Do not lower your head and do not lie down for a period of 6 hours * In case of small swelling and / or hematoma put compresses of ice water in the area. * Avoid physical exertion for a period of 24 hours. * You can return to normal activities immediately. What is it and who sells Dysport? Dysport is a trademark of highly purified botulinum toxin type A, with sales in more than 70 countries, marketed by Galderma in Argentina, the company world leader in dermatological research.

Dysport is a medicine that removes fine lines very quickly, allowing the site where ever someone had wrinkles or frown that seemed always furrowed, it becomes a smoother skin and a noticeably more pleasant demeanor. How does Dysport? Dysport is a medicine that is applied using small injections into specific muscles that are related to expression lines, relaxing them to avoid when making a marked expression (surprise, smile, anger, etc. ) wrinkles are evident. Will I lose the natural expression by applying Dysport? No, on the contrary, thanks to Dysport you can express all the emotions freely and naturally without causing wrinkles and without revealing age.