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Cold sores are Caused by the herpes simplex type 1 virus, Which MOST Individuals purchase via direct Contact with someone With the virus: such as via kissing or face-to-face contact, or by sharing an contaminated private merchandise-a towel, razor or eating utensil. Inactive Components: carnauba wax, colloidal silicon dioxide, crospovidone, FD \x26amp; C Blue No. 2 Lake, hypromellose, magnesium stearate, microcrystalline cellulose, polyethylene glycol, polysorbate eighty, povidone, and titanium dioxide. Infectious mononucleosis (attributable to Epstein-Barr virus) is Characterized by fever, sore throat, swollen lymph nodes, physique-ache, headache and swollen tonsils. Intermittent remedy: Should you experience Outbreaks seldom, or at irregular occasions, your physician prescribes an antiviral drug May so that you ‘can use When Outbreaks do occur. It additionally goes to Indicate that you ‘do not must be Having an herpes outbreak to unfold. Kind I can spread herpes Also from a chilly sore down to the genitals if one would not preserve good hygiene practices resembling common hand washing. Type I herpes is the non-sexually transmitted form Which is whos Often Known as cold sores “and causes sores on the mouth, face and lips. Sometimes, the first signs of herpes II is a cluster of blister-like lesions in the genital area (head of penis, labia, anus, cervix) Which unfold and merge, break and crust over inside four to fifteen days. Earlier research of the investigational herpes vaccines protected it confirmed genital herpes Against illness in ladies who Were not contaminated With HSV-1 or HSV-2, but Whose sexual companions HAD Been Known To have genital herpes. Early indicators of a kind 1 genital herpes infection inside two Often seem to 3 weeks of publicity to a partner Who has the virus. EBV does not trigger a rash of any variety; Often symptoms include a low-grade fever, malaise, sore throat, fatigue and headache. Echinacea is named a medical plant and Because of Its anti-viral properties it may be use for the remedy of herpes.

It Means, Moreover figuring out Which herpes remedies to start out utilizing to cope With the situation. Additionally, if you Have and Have HSV-1 interaction in oral sex, you can Provide your accomplice genital herpes. Additionally, in case your hands Have Come Into Contact with your sors, it’s best to wash them completely and apply medication to reduce With cotton swabs contact. Additionally, it’s doable to get genital herpes from HSV-1 if you HAD the single cold sores and sexual activities Performed THROUGHOUT That Time. Though HSV-1 Generally Infects the mouth and lips, it may well additionally cause genital herpes zoster otc treatment. The quickest approach to order MyLastOutbreak and begin the process of Eliminating herpes from you life, is to visit this secure checkout page This web page is hosted by our merchant ClickBank, a safe and trusted platform treatment for herpes simplex Promoting digital products online. The herpes virus stays in your physique indefinitely and Becomes Periodically energetic. If you want to see more info on cold sore remedies Quickly (mouse click the following web site) look at our web site.

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Which means (preferably a budget) will help prevent redness on the lip for a herpes?

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ALS [Archive] – Forum of the German Society for Muscular Disorders e.V.

Hello Traude, I hope that your assumption is not true and sich’Dein suspicion not confirmed. ALS is, so far as I know, very rarely heritable (5%). Your suspicions with the shingles is interesting for me because I had this disease also. In short: In 1978, after the death of my mother I got shingles at the age of 37 years. This affected the nerves of the face (eyes, ears etc. ) Treatment Vitamin gifts un cortisone. After healing my health was quite good. I have always exercised regularly and felt in top shape. In 1998/99 I noticed increasing weakness in endurance sports and strong fasciculations in the legs. Then 99 strong nocturnal leg cramps were added. Doctor prescribed magnesium tablets .

My blood pressure at this time was unusually high for me. I attributed this to strong psychological occupational exposure. In 1999, I got to a violent herpes infection in the hip area. Large guesswork? 2000 in February examination by a neurologist. Some values ​​were borderline. I then tried to ignore these symptoms. Then in May 2000 broken leg by falling from a ladder. Big surprise the muscles simply could no longer auftrainieren properly. In Oct. 2000 I was an artificial. Hip implanted. I hoped that it would then back uphill.

– denkste- It was always schlechter. Die weakness in the legs pronounced. Then began in summer 2001, the odyssey through the clinics (Gr. St. Clinic, University Hospital of the Saarland University Hospital Ulm Prof. Ludolph) ALS diagnosis highly probable. Next Uni Klinik with all sorts of desperate attempts at treatment: plasmapheresis, cortisone treatment, immunoglobulins to chemotherapy. The reason was that the measurement results e. g: EMG not revealed clearly ALS. Between them every few months repeatedly Herpes – rashes. Meanwhile: whether to use only slightly more than 3 years wheelchair 23 hours breathing assistance device, torso, neck and arm muscles.

What is interesting, this parallelism with herpes zoster and herpes. Unfortunately, there is, despite our suspicions lack of precise data from any contexts. An accurate diagnosis is not possible, but the disease progresses corresponding to the klin. History of ALS. I try despite this misery to keep his head up and to elicit every day something good and beautiful. Furthermore, I hope that your assumption proves false. With kind regards Call me

Effects and changes in HIV-associated skin diseases caused by HAART (Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy)

Sammet, Stefanie (2002): Impact and changes in HIV-associated skin diseases caused by HAART (Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy). Dissertation, LMU Munich Medical School preview PDF Sammet_Stefanie. pdf 4MB Abstract Prevalence of HIV-associated skin diseases under HAART (highly active antiretroviral therapy) Introduction: The spectrum of skin diseases in HIV-infected patients is wide, with cutaneous infections being mostcommon. The introduction of highly active antiretroviral therapy [HAART], love especially in combination with protease inhibitors, strongly improved the immune functions and reduced the incidence, morbidity and lethality of HIV associated opportunistic infections [OI]. In order to evaluate the functional immune reconstitution under HAART, with the Increasing number of CD4 T cells, we Analysed frequency and severity of HIV-associated skin diseases. Methods: In a retrospective study we selected two different cohorts of the HIV outpatient clinic, Department of Dermatology and Allergology, University of Munich. Cohort I included 157 HIV-infected patients Treated with HAART Documented from 1996-98.

Cohort II included 753 HIV-infected patients without HAART Documented from 1985-95. Mantel-Haenszel’s test for comparison of cohorts which used. In addition, we Performed on intra-individual analysis of all parameters in 56 patients of cohort I. Findings: The prevalence of oral candidiasis, Kaposi sarcoma [KS], persistent ulcerating herpes simplex what lowerthan estimated, love especially at CD4 counts under 200 / ul. The prevalence of recurrent herpes simplex, zoster and ano-genital warts Increased under HAART. With the Increasing of the CD4 counts the prevalence of mollusca contagiosum and oral hairy leukoplakia Decreased. On the whole the severity of HIV-associated skin diseases which milder under HAART. Discussion: Our data demostrated did HAART Directly impairs the manifestation of candidiasis and KS. Our data show, dass die functional immune reconstitution under HAART Indirectly influences the manifestation of recurrent herpes simplex, zoster and ano-genital warts. This retrospective study of 910 HIV-infected patients shows did the spectrum of HIV-associated skin diseases altered under HAART. The estimation of the immune status and the life expectancy as deterministic mined by the absolute CD4 T cells in the peripheral blood and the viral load has to be re-Evaluated. Abstract Effects and changes in HIV-associated skin diseases caused by HAART (highly active antiretroviral therapy) Introduction: The spectrum of HIV-associated skin diseases is great.

Since the introduction of highly active antiretroviral therapy [HAART] improving the immunological situation and the decrease in the incidence of opportunistic diseases [OI], the morbidity and mortality was observed. The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of HAART used since 1996, consisting of two reverse transcriptase inhibitors and a protease inhibitor, and their induction of CD4 lymphocytes in the incidence and progression of HIV-associated skin diseases out. Methods: 157 HIV patients were compared HAART with 753 HIV patients without HAART who presented in the immune Outpatient Clinic of Dermatology and Allergology at LMU Munich in the years 85-98. Moreover, the distribution of the frequency and the severity degree of HIV-associated skin diseases related to the modification of CD4 cells and viral load [VL] was determined at 56 HAART-treated patients between 1996 and 1998. Evaluation was carried out because of the immune ambulance retrospectively-built base and History Documentation arches; Statistical analysis was performed by means of suitable for cohorts significance test by Mantel-Haenszel. Results: The prevalence of simplex Mundsoors [OK], the Kaposi sarcoma [KS], the persistent / ulcerating herpes [HSV] took more HAART from as it was expected by the increase in CD4 cells. The prevalence of HSV-rezidivans, the zoster and condyloma acuminata increased significantly under HAART. With increase in CD4 cells on HAART, the prevalence of molluscum contagiosum and oral hairy leukoplakia decreased. Overall Level of value HIV-associated skin diseases decreased under HAART. Discussion: The results of this work show that: HAART must have a direct influence on the development of KS and OK, secondly, that HAART acts indirectly by partial immune reconstitution on HSV-rezidivans, zoster and genital warts. In summary shows the retrospective study of 910 HIV patients that HAART affect the HIV-associated opportunistic diseases of the skin greatly. The significance of the most important surrogate marker, the concentration of CD4 cells in the peripheral blood and the VL must be re-evaluated in patients with HAART.

Beauty and More TV – Innovative lips gel: lipivir® stops the herpes before it can

forsa survey: One in three has already tried several preparations Temperatures below the zero limit stress during the holiday season, high UV exposure in ski – when the immune system is attacked, threatening around 90 percent of adults who are carriers of the herpes virus, an outbreak. So far, only preparations were available, the only be used when the outbreak has already manifested – so the earliest the first lip tingling, but usually when the unsightly cold sores already “blossom”. The good news: Now, finally, there is a unique therapy that act now before it erupts. Affected first time have the opportunity to be proactive and to stifle the herpes in the bud. Cold sores: a long ordeal Many sufferers. in terms of the treatment of cold sores (herpes labialis) quite a bit behind, as now suggested by a recent Forsa survey1 behalf of lipivir® Thus, 32 percent (including 38 percent of women and 24 percent men) already tried two to four products and 3 per cent from five to seven. The result shows not only that the respondents do a lot to avoid the dreaded cold sores, but also that the preparations that previously were available, the high expectations of those affected to an effective treatment often does not do justice. About 90 percent fewer cold sore outbreaks With the innovative lip gel, it is now for the first time to be possible active before the cold sore will ever felt – and with success, as a recent Swiss study, 2 which was conducted at the University Hospital of Zurich shows. At the clinical study included 40 patients with at least eight times a year suffer from cold sores. On average, the patients were affected by cold sores already for 22 years – by an equally long history of suffering in terms of self-confidence is expected.

By 2 times daily application (morning and evening) of the lip gel had in an observation period of 6 months, more than half of the participants not only herpes outbreak. Compared to the previous period without treatment there was less outbreaks to almost 90 percent. Conclusion: With the unique lip gel in discrete format for handbag or trouser pocket (lipivir®, new to the pharmacy) is now a treatment option available that already then apply before the first signs of an outbreak will be felt for the first time. So concerned have a good chance to stop the herpes before it announces itself. This means: more self-control, quality of life and regained freedom. The Swiss Lips gel at a glance lipivir® . . . is an anhydrous gel of polyethylene glycols. is the first medical device for topical application for cold sores, which is used before the herpes outbreak will ever felt. prevented with regular use with high probability the occurrence of cold sores. is applied daily to 2 times 1.

lipivir® is since September 15, 2013 available without prescription in pharmacies in the practical 5 g tube at the price of 19,65 Euro 3 and sufficient for the application of approximately eight weeks. 1 forsa – Society for Social Research and Statistical Analysis mbH. Representative telephone interviews on behalf of lipivir® with 506 respondents who had cold sores before. Survey period October 29 to 31, 2013. 2 Senti G et al. A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study to test the efficacy of topical 2-hydroxypropyl-beta-cyclodextrin in the prophylaxis of recurrent herpes labialis. Dermatology 2013; 226: 247-252. 3 suggested retail price

topic portal: “Olympic gold” for the lemon balm for cold sores: | health

New study shows superior efficacy of the medicinal plant! (Mynewsdesk) Autumn brings humans and storms and cold waves also a high likelihood of cold sores. 15 million German regularly suffer from the painful itchy, annoying bubbles. Those of them who trust in Melissa, have a clear advantage. A recent study (1) has taken the mode of action of the medicinal plant against the herpes virus in detail under the microscope. The result should convince even skeptics: Melissa extract reduces the activity of the herpes viruses by 99 percent. This creates no other drug! In addition, it was demonstrated that the composition of a medicinal cream with high-dose balm extract (LomaHerpan) is ideally suited to combat cold sores. Who wants to prepare his lips in time for the fall, which helps a lip balm with a balm base (LomaProtect). Both products are available only in pharmacies. (1) A. Astani, Reichling J, Schnitzler P . : “Melissa officinalis Extract Inhibits attachment of herpes simplex virus in vitro”.

Chemotherapy 2012; 58: 70-77 Autumn is Herpes time. Because colds and weather changes call for the immune system and are characterized as typical triggers of herpes simplex. Classic in the herpes treatment are the synthetic drugs acyclovir and penciclovir. Today in therapy preparations with Melissa extract, however, are very popular. For good reason: Melissa extract has earlier forms no resistance and is also particularly compatible with herpes. More and more people put the balm in typical “herpes” situations even preventively a – be it stress, at the beginning of a cold or the weather changes in autumn. High Dosed balm extract is to be confused in any case with a “home remedies”. Studies have shown that the antiviral potential of Melissa is at least equivalent to the synthetic substances. A recent, German-Iranian study showed that medically concentrated lemon balm extract achieved a viral deactivation to 99 percent and the adhesion of herpes simplex to the host cell effectively prevented. This means that the herpes viruses of ingredients the balm made harmless while the skin cells are so well protected that no viruses penetrate and can cause a bubble attack. This double point of attack Melissa has earned her a reputation as a double and even preventively effective herpes agent. Furthermore, the researchers were able to show that the ingredients in the balm extract received unique synergies.

Only then is the balm for superior drug for herpes simplex infections. However, Melissa develops its antiviral potency in high doses only. Homemade lemon balm tea or oils do not achieve the required concentration of specific substances balm. In the fight against herpes Patients should therefore rely on preparations from the pharmacy. Once announcing a herpes thrust has LomaHerpan, the only medicine cream based on high-dose balm extract, the virus efficiently in his place. Anyone who wants to protect his lips z. B. in the fall as a precaution, she maintains with LomaProtect. Besides concentrated melissa Block Stick contains specially tuned high-quality vegetable oils and the sun protection factor 30. So spoiled, kissing lips any bubbles attack into the wind! Lomapharm Over 130 years of tradition in the manufacture of medicines, as well as a high level of customer orientation characterize the profile Lomapharm. As part of the Lohmann Group, headquartered in Emmerthal (Weserbergland) our company is owner-managed by the fourth generation.

Our aim is to be prepared by innovation and compelling prices on the demands of the future. Because our motto is that man should be able to afford healthcare. Many patients get the benefit. Our product Fort Folio include non-prescription herbal and mineral salts and vitamin-containing medicines. A particularly well-known and with regard to the effective properties and unique medicine is our balm medicinal cream LomaHerpan in herpes simplex infections in the lip region. Also, a special feature is the popular cosmetic UV protective lip balm LomaProtect on Melissa basis, with the many herpes patients in the bubble-free time pamper their lips.

Treatment standards of HSV1 and HSV2- infections

Herpes simplex virus (HSV) – infections are chronic persistent infection with individually different recurrence clusters. only clinically-visible HSV are Coincidentally far – infections treated – subclinical and V. A. latent infections are therapeutic indications. Regardless the type of virus, the treatment goals in primary HSV – infection inhibition of virus replication, shortening the duration of pain and prevention of systemic complications. With early and accurate dose therapy these goals with the available Nukleosidananaloga acyclovir genital herpes with valacyclovir and famciclovir reached (Tab. 1) brivudine is with HSV 2 infections ineffective and in Germany so far only for the treatment of shingles (herpes zoster) approved. In recurrent HSV – infections influencing the rate of recurrence, the aim of the anti-viral treatment. Again, reduction of viral shedding with abbreviation of inflammatory symptoms and the rapid healing of the main goals of therapy. Orolabiale HSV infections Treatment of HSV primary infection (herpetic gingivostomatitis) The primary manifestation of HSV infection can be treated with topical, oral or intravenously administered antivirals. In children, the therapy has been proven with Aciclovirsuspension.

In adults acyclovir orally or intravenously (iv) should be given. (Table 1) Symptomatic treatment includes as needed analgesics, antipyretics and antiseptic mouthwashes. Recurrent herpes orolabialis Acyclovir may be administered as episodic therapy as a preventive therapy or as suppressive therapy (chronic treatment). Prerequisite for the success of “episodic therapy” is the early application of Virustatikums and the correct dosage (Tab. 2). Local therapy is recommended only for a slight herpes labialis. Effective antivirals in cream form are penciclovir containing a and foscarnet-containing topical b. As local symptomatic therapeutics melissa extract-containing topical zinc sulphate-containing lotions and idoxuridinhaltige solutions mentioned. In severe herpes labialis (multiple and multilocular blisters, severe swelling and erythema) is always preferable systemic therapy. When preventive antiviral therapy (Kurzzeitsuppressionstherapie) is the oral antiviral therapy which is indicated for exposure to known trigger factors (stress, UV exposure or when tampering with CO2 or Erbium YAG lasers in the facial area). With frequent and very frequent recurrences (> 6 recurrences per year) the suppressive therapy is recommended (Tab. 3) During this long-term treatment herpes recurrences are prevented.

genital herpes Treatment of primary genital herpes There is always the systemic antiviral therapy with acyclovir, valacyclovir or famciclovir indexed. Treatment of recurrent genital herpes Severity and duration of herpes genital herpes also glutealis can be reduced by systemic therapy. The prerequisite is the early initiation of treatment, ie Therapy already when the symptoms appear. Especially recommended is the patient-initiated, episodic oral therapy (Tab. 2). For the self-initiated treatment of genital herpes with acyclovir cream and other antiviral topical there is no convincing study results. As with recurrent herpes labialis is an oral suppressive therapy for several months recommended (Table 3) with more than 6 recurrences per year. (A Vectavir cream, b Triapten Antiviral cream) New antiviral substances Helicase – primase inhibitors and “Immune response modifier” Resiquimod are in early Phase II and Phase III trials and can not be added to treatment recommendations.

Therapy for HIV infection Basically, the therapy with acyclovir, valacyclovir or famciclovir in the mentioned dose is sufficiently effective. In therapy resistance increasing the dose is recommended. Treatment of severe herpes diseases and diseases with aciclovirresistenten viruses Severe herpes diseases (Eczema Herpeticatum, Erythema multiforme, generalized infections, meningitis, encephalitis, hepatitis or pneumonia are indications for parenteral therapy with acyclovir (3×5-10 mg / kg body weight per day, 7-10 days) Frequent recurrences can be through oral suppressive therapy with acyclovir, herpes in prevent genital area with valacyclovir or famciclovir. Infections with herpes viruses can aciclovirresistenten (3×40 mg / kg bw / day for 2-3 weeks) are treated with foscarnet. Therapy in pregnancy Because of unknown risks should in early pregnancy (1. -14. SSW) be waived aciclovir. In principle, treatment with acyclovir may only take place if clearly needed as primary genital herpes, life-threatening maternal HSV infection and genital herpes in overt onset of labor (avoiding caesarean section). Treatment of newborn

The manifest HSV infection of a newborn (herpes neonatorum) should the dosage of 20-60 mg / kg body weight over 16 21 days are treated immediately with acyclovir iv.

Therapy as gentle as possible for the fetus

Specific pregnancy dermatoses Therapy as gentle as possible for the fetus By Sarah Grieb and Daniela Bruch-Gerharz / The nine months of pregnancy go to the skin over its mark. While the physiological changes in the skin are well known, mostly reversible and without danger to the fetus, are the so-called specific pregnancy dermatoses represent a potential risk for the child. Early diagnosis and specific treatment are essential. DISPLAY Specific pregnancy dermatoses go exclusively with pregnancy and / or the early postpartum period, ie the period after birth, accompanied (Table). They are strictly distinguished from existing dermatoses such as autoimmune disorders or tumors, as well as from randomly occurring in the course of a pregnancy dermatoses, such infection. Table: Classification of clinical-morphological aspects diagnosis clinic laboratory findings trimester

pemphigoid gestationis Redness, grouped standing sores and blisters DIF: C3 at the basement membrane zone, IgG1 in serum (HG factor) II, III polymorphic rash Redness, eczema, sores – III prurigo gestationis Nodes, scars – III Intrahepatic of pregnancy

No / secondary lesions, nausea, vomiting, jaundice Pathological increase of bilirubin and γ-GT III Among the specific pregnancy dermatoses today are four conditions as secured, which can be clearly diagnosed due to clinical, histological and laboratory findings: Pemphigoid gestationis, polymorphic eruption of pregnancy (PUPP syndrome) prurigo gestationis intrahepatic of pregnancy Pemphigoid gestationis is a bullous autoimmune dermatosis, usually occurring in late pregnancy or immediately after birth. Typical Symtom is a fierce itching. When lesions are found partly in groups arranged vesicles and tense blisters, which begin at the belly button and can spread to the entire skin surface (Figure 1). In most cases, pemphigoid gestationis runs but without bubbles. The polymorphic eruption of pregnancy (PUPPP, pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy) got its name from its manifold clinical picture of redness, blisters and eczema-like lesions.

Usually the disease begins in the abdominal stretch marks (striae) and spreads from there over the abdomen and thigh (Figure 2). Itching belongs also the leading symptoms. Plate prurigo gestationis is the occurrence of multiple, often boisterous knots at the extremities stretch sides and the belly that heal with scarring and hyperpigmentation. Unlike the above three conditions are found in the intrahepatic of pregnancy only secondary lesions that are caused by massive itching with subsequent scratching. Complicating occur nausea and vomiting. In severe cases, it takes a few weeks after the itch to cholestatic jaundice, clinically characterized by hepatomegaly, dark urine and pale stools. By crossing toxic bile acids in the fetal circulation results in an increased incidence of premature births and stillbirths. The diagnosis of specific of pregnancy will be provided, including the history, the clinical, laboratory and histological findings and possibly also by means of direct (DIF) and indirect immunofluorescence (IIF). Systemic with glucocorticosteroids In the treatment of pregnancy dermatoses such as pemphigoid gestationis, polymorphic rash and prurigo gestationis glucocorticosteroids and antihistamines play a central role. First is the knowledge of physiological Glucocorticosteroidspiegel important for a proper use of systemic steroids. Thus, in the course of pregnancy, an increase in levels of both bound and free cortisol recorded (from 20 to 25 g / dl at 50 to 70 g / dl). The produced cortisol originates to 90 percent of the mother and only 10 percent from the fetus itself.

The fetus, however, is mainly exposed to the cortisol produced by himself, since maternal cortisol is inactivated in the placenta through the type II hydroxysteroid. Therefore, the effect of this enzyme can be used in the selection of a glucocorticosteroid preparation and therapeutically. In addition, the expected under a glucocorticosteroid therapy side effects must be considered. teratogenic in animal studies In animal experiments, a teratogenic effect has been demonstrated in a systemic treatment with glucocorticosteroids during the first trimester: most pronounced in triamcinolone, undetectable for methylprednisolone. A central position is occupied by dexamethasone and prednisolone. Figure 1: pemphigoid gestationis In humans, however, a higher overall rate of malformations was not sufficiently substantiated. However, there is an increased risk of cleft lip and palate clefts. In the second and third trimester intrauterine growth retardation, placental insufficiency and premature birth and transient hypoglycemia, hypotension and electrolyte disturbances may occur in the newborn; the chances of this happening increases from a dose of 10 mg prednisolone per day. In principle, the indication for glucocorticosteroid therapy system should therefore be provided strictly. Whereas, in order to guarantee adequate drug levels in the pregnant woman, on the other hand to obtain the lowest possible serum levels in the fetus, the effect of type II hydroxysteroid should also be used therapeutically in the choice of a suitable preparation. Prednisolone treatment of choice

To ensure maximum security, preparations high in animal experiments teratogenem potential must be strictly avoided. So currently a recommendation for prednisolone is pronounced as drug of choice. If you plan to long-term therapy, the usual dose is 20 to 40 mg prednisolone and should not exceed 10 mg prednisolone as a maintenance daily dose for the prevention of fetal growth restriction. After the end of treatment an adrenal insufficiency should always be excluded in mother and child. Postpartum is through the physiological drop in cortisol levels recurrence of of pregnancy possible and can be treated by re Glukocorticosteroid administration. Figure 2: Polymorphic rash Practical recommendations concerning the topical application of glucocorticosteroids are based on the fundamentals of a systemic application. The reason: Particularly in inflammation with subsequent disruption of the epidermal barrier therapeutic serum levels can be achieved by absorption. Therefore, especially in the first trimester and for external application, the need for a clear justification. Drugs of choice are compounds which are also available for systemic therapy during pregnancy are available or can be cleaved in the skin to systemically administered compounds. An application recommendation is for methylprednisolone before as Class II steroid, can alternatively be applied mometasone furoate as Class III steroid in time and geographically limited therapy; the striae (stretch marks) should always be left out. H1 Rezptorenblocker itching Particularly in addition present the pruritus with antihistamines may be contemplated.

Due to the long application experience classical H1-receptor blockers are preferred with sedating active component the newer, nonsedating preparations principle. In the first trimester older antihistamines are considered relatively safe; in the second and third trimesters of their administration is even classified as safe. In the treatment of intrahepatic of pregnancy, the treatment with the hydrophilic bile acid ursodeoxycholic acid (UDCA) has been proven. The effect is due to a stimulation of bile secretion, while protecting the epithelium against cytotoxic effects of bile and anti-apoptotic effects. This results in the improvement of pruritus and liver. Accompanying measures indispensable Regardless of the etiology and severity of the patients of pregnancy should be made aware of general measures which affect the success of treatment significantly. Thus, an additional drying of the skin due to frequent washing must be avoided, because the dry skin itch-scratch cycle activated, promotes the development of dehydration and eczema may be associated with worsening of pregnancy dermatoses. Therefore, in addition to specific systemic and topical therapy a consistent, regular topical therapy with nursing-hydrating emollient is particularly important. are this different bases available, which can be adjusted by various additives to the individual needs of patients, depending on skin condition. As harmless applies the local anesthetic polidocanol; it is used for the symptomatic treatment pruritogener dermatoses. As is also harmless urea in different concentrations (3 to 10 percent); He is appreciated for its hydrating and penetration enhancing effect. /

literature . . . At the draftsman Address of the authors: Professor Dr. Daniela Bruch-Gerharz Dermatology Clinic of the University Hospital Moore Street 5 40225 Dusseldorf bruch-gerharz@med. uni-duesseldorf.


date information on the Koi herpes virus – General Questions and Topics

 People, here are a few bad news to the outbreak of koi herpesvirus am Neckar and haselbacher see Neckar haselbacher see Haselbacher see II still important explanation of the koi herpes virus From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia here the source / Link: Wikipedia The koi herpes virus is through the koi herpesvirus (KHV) disease caused like, acute to subacute extending viral disease of carp and koi carp. It is since the end of 2005 in Germany a compulsorily notifiable disease. The incubation period is a function of various factors such as stress and the particular condition of the fish, from one week to several months. If it comes to the outbreak of the disease, the mortality rate is usually between 80% and 100% in a period of 24 hours to 14 days. 1. exciter

The Koi herpesvirus (KHV) has been described by Hedrick Ron of the University of California, Davis as a herpes virus in the 2000th It is not yet known if this virus with the herpes virus cyprini, which was described in 1990 in Japan, is identical. is classified the Koi herpes virus as a DNA virus of the virus group Herpesviridae (herpes viruses). For the first time occurred and described the virus in 1998 in Israel. The pathogen is found in Koi and Nutzkarpfen. Other non-cognate cyprinids as grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella) or Goldkarausche (Carassius auratus) seem to stay by the virus is not always affected. Secured this information is in that KHV has been demonstrated in goldfish and they, if they do not become ill, act as intermediaries. What is certain is that the virus only infects carp fish. 2. transfer Like most viruses, including the Koi herpes virus is transmitted by direct contact. This can be even through the skin and gill excretions, water or other liquids have been in contact with infected fish the fish. The handling in the water with your hands, or working with objects such as landing nets or nets or contact with the footwear are already sufficient to transmit the virus. Waterfowl can also bring the virus into the water, even though the virus does not survive more than two hours outside of its habitat.

Without a carp as a host the virus survived up to 14 days in the water. In most cases, the virus is carried over by new additions of fish in the stock. 3. disease The disease course is rather nonspecific and many of the symptoms that occur are masked by other diseases or occur as a secondary infection in appearance, do not permit the conclusion to KHV infection. Among these are especially poor water values ​​(ammonia, oxygen deficiency, overfeeding or poorly functioning filter systems) to call but also bacterial diseases that you can bring in to the pond. However, in the temperature range between 18 ° C and 25 ° C, the highest loss rates are observed. The onset of the disease is possible even at 8 ° C. Accordingly, the virus must have adapted to European standards according to the findings of the latest research. At temperatures above 30 ° C and 4 ° C (in vitro conditions) does not seem to be infectious the koi herpesvirus. The disease is also influenced decisively by other environmental and management conditions (water quality, stocking density, stress). The clinical picture includes the following symptoms: * apathy

* Separation from shoal * Increased mucus formation * Shred-like mucus detachment * Gasping at the surface * Necrosis on the gills (white or red spots) * Necrosis and hemorrhages in the skin * Fressunlust or feed refusal * Sunken eyes * Head Stand * Color loss * Rough skin (sandpaper effect) Bleeding in and on organs * Necrosis in organs

* Swollen spleen * Altered kidney Pathologically the koi herpes virus by interstitial nephritis, inclusion in gill or gut, beamforming on the gills, giant cell formation and an altered blood picture is marked. 4. diagnosis The pathogen can be detected by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) or LAMP test (Loop-Medicated Isothermal Amplification) (see koi herpesvirus detection). 5. quarantine Quarantined have disease-suspicious and freshly imported animals. This also applies to conditionally weak animals. With valuable animals the ponds with nets must be secured against bird flight. Additions are for at least 14 days to set at least 20 ° C separately, ideally in different temperature ranges and a duration of about four weeks. after two weeks there are no recognizable symptoms should be at least a Koi, better two, to be implemented from the existing pond to Neuzukauf to quarantine.

The introduction of new items in the older parts must be avoided under all circumstances. Embarrassing hygiene in relation to equipment and people can counter well contamination Koipopulation. It is strongly recommended that Kois known from KHV areas such as China, Israel, Japan or Thailand submitted prior to introduction in Koi ponds for the above-mentioned Time must be kept in quarantine. Buyers should only retailers acquire animals that can examine their Kois by PCR analysis, proof of negative test results from a recognized veterinary institution can demonstrate and have an appropriate quarantine facility. For traders this evidence should not yield to the exception of a purchase. Also mixing of animals of different origin areas should be avoided. The acquisition of so-called immunized (not to be confused with vaccinated! ) Animals should be considered critical because these animals can carry the pathogen latently infected and healthy stocks so again. Such fish are the introduction of a real vaccine (S. U. ), Since around 2006, no longer commercially anyway. KHV can be very contagious. A contaminated water splashes can be enough to endanger the whole stock.

6. treatment Treatment with potentially recoverable not at the present time. Infected animals can with a temperature increase of more than 30 ° C over a period of about 30 days so treated (immunized) are that they can live with the virus. However, these animals, if they survive, to vectors (carriers). These carriers can then at any time bring contagious viruses in circulation, which are not immunized animals infected and can kill. If the disease has broken out culled under circumstances, the entire contents and the pond to be drained. Then an intense Desinfizierungsbehandlung should be. After R. Hoffmann (Institute of Zoology, Fisheries \x26amp; Fish diseases d. LMU München) are immunizing action against herpes viruses in animal husbandry in general of particular problems, because you have to do it with the herpes virus infected animals with lifelong carriers of the virus. Therefore, the vaccination of healthy animals could lead to a vaccination, however, does not guarantee that the vaccinated animal is not even in contact with the herpes virus to unrecognized virus carriers. therefore herpesvirus vaccines are not capable of eliminating the disease from livestock.

Especially the carriers (ie healthy virus carriers) is that in the course of their lives leaving us, after his observation repeatedly viruses and so far could not infect infected animals were. This view preclude currently opposite experience from Israel, which survived a serious epidemic with extreme losses and protected by Vaccine carp production has been successfully re. The vaccinated animals ill not, the not yet infected Koi seriously ill and dies in most cases. Despite claims has not been demonstrated that the above-mentioned vaccine ever on days field virus vaccinated fish.