Attention! 10 conditions that you can purchase with a KISS

Much has been heard about the benefits of giving kisses on the mouth, help us burn calories, boost metabolism, fight depression and anxiety; are aids in the treatment of oral diseases, increase blood flow and therefore are a good recipe for lowering blood pressure; but as in all, also they have a downside. If you are a person with strange behavior with respect to cleaning or are you like Sheldon Cooper and can not be near the fluids of other human beings, which still will reinforce your reasons for not wanting intimacy with another living being . Fungi, worms and many more bugs Of course, you never consciously’d give a kiss to a person who has a mouth full of worms, but if your girlfriend likes to give kisses to their dogs or cats Surprise! This habit leaves pathogens in the mouth that can be passed in the little kisses. Perhaps a fungus can not kill you, but do disgusting! strep Streptococcus is a bacterium that lives in the mucus of the nose and throat, which is easily spread through saliva. It is responsible for causing pharyngitis, pneumonia, necrotizing fasciitis and toxic shock syndrome. Herpes labialis Herpes is not only a sexually transmitted disease, there is also cold sores is transmitted through the mouth to the genitals or vice versa. The disease has no cure, but it is controlled and treated with medication. Mononucleosis

Not for nothing is called the kissing disease because it is a virus that transited through saliva, not just for a kiss, also by sharing toothpaste or sneeze near someone else. It is not a danger to life, but it can cause a agradamiento spleen. Gum disease Every 10 seconds during a kiss can be exchanged 80 million bacteria, which raises the possibility of getting an infection in the gums, which in turn generates caries. Wow! Hepatitis B This virus enters the body through saliva, blood, vaginal secretions and semen, and cause cancer in the liver or reducing functions. cytomegalovirus It is similar to mononucleosis, as it is transmitted through saliva, blood and fluids. Symptoms are similar to those of a strong flu, which can result in serious consequences for pregnant women, especially. warts Warts in the mouth may appear as a form caused by Human Papillomavirus (HPV) which is very contagious. Meningitis

The disease causes inflammation of the membranes of the brain and spinal cord that causes headache, neck stiffness and other consequences that can lead to death. The disease is spread through saliva. Flu It is the most common disease that is transmitted with the fluids from one person to another. Fever and sneezing in sight! Via: D10mx 47 People Sharing Add a comment

How do I heal and prevent cold sores with Abreva and l lysine

For years I suffered from cold sores (also called fever blisters known). I was afraid I knew when I got fedora first tingling on my lip. about 2 years ago I discovered Abreva. What a relief! It is a white cream that comes in a small tube and can be purchased without a prescription. Instead of a week or more, my bladder was gone in days. To my delight I found when I immediately apply Abreva, heal my cold sore quickly and were less severe and rarely develops into a full bladder. I also take L lysine. Be sure that you. With your doctor about the dose I take 2 / 500mg tablets 3 times per day as soon as I think I get a fever blister. L Lysine is an amino acid and is sold without a prescription almost everywhere vitamins available. Cold sores are caused by the herpes simplex virus. Unfortunately, after the initial infection, the virus remains with you forever.

The virus will cause a blister outbreak from different triggers for different people. I used to get fever blisters, when the weather is very cold or very hot, and I had forgotten lip moisturizer. I jump out a Fever Blister after my lip encounter a cup or after drinking orange or pineapple juice, while my lips were dry. I suppose the acidity irritated my skin and bladder came out. I myself have, after mass. I have learned to always keep my lips moisturized. I think Vaseline next to my bed and never let my lips get too dry for long. I have instructions to read from others to toothbrushes and lipstick thrown away after a blister outbreak, but frankly I do not always do. If it is almost time for a new toothbrush or lipstick, I’ll throw the old, but when they are new, I wash the brush and wipe the lipstick in the tube. I used to episodes in which was after a blister is almost healed, immediately another would develop. Sometimes it would be weeks before I get rid of them. With Abreva quickly heal my cold sore within days and I have not one after the other more. They are religious to prevent cold sores and heal the rules that I follow.

1. Keep lips moist at all times. Wear lipstick or moisturizer and a tube Abreva go anywhere. 2. Keep moisturizer (eg Vaseline) next to your bed and you are likely to use when you wake up in the night with dry lips. Apply the Vaseline right before you fall asleep. 3. If you feel that first tingle, a cold sore, which immediately applicable Abreva and some L lysine. I have heard of numerous outbreaks perhaps one or even none a year away. Linked items

Herpesvirus infections of the horse

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Herpesvirus infections in horses are caused by different herpesviruses. Economically the most significant is the infection with the Equine herpesvirus 1 (EHV-1). Equine herpesvirus 1 (EHV-1) and 4 (EHV-4) of equine herpesvirus 1 infections trigger a rhinopneumonitis from (airway inflammation) or viral abortion in mares. Equine herpesvirus 4 can also cause rhinopneumonitis, but no virus abortion. The viruses enter through the nose (droplet infection) in the animal. They are widely used and widely endemic, so that occurs frequently reinfection. For respiratory disease usually occurs only in young animals or weakened animals. The virus abortion occurs in late pregnancy. rhinopneumonitis The disease manifests itself mainly in the upper respiratory tract (rhinitis, pharyngitis), possibly also in pneumonia. The incubation period is 2-10 days.

It manifests itself with fever (up to 40. 5 ° C). These usually come coughing and nasal and ocular discharge. To which there is a temporary neutropenia and lymphopenia. The disease usually heals in 2 out (to 5) weeks. Under certain circumstances there may be a secondary bacterial infection. Virus abortion in mares to infect pregnant mares with the virus, there may be a disposal of the foal between the seventh and eleventh month of gestation. EHV 1 attacks the lining of the uterus and placenta, so that the fetus can no longer be supplied with sufficient nutrients and dies. In addition, there may be the birth of weak foals, which then usually die shortly after birth. paralytic syndrome In rare cases EHV-1 also lead to neurological disorders. As a myelitis (inflammation of the spinal cord) leads to paralysis of the hind limbs.

prophylaxis In disease cases is to ensure that the animals concerned are isolated and unnecessary contact with people is avoided. Who had direct contact with diseased horses, other stables should not enter. The quarantine is to keep to three weeks straight after the acute infection. The main control agents is the preventive vaccination (vaccination), both a Lebend- and inactivated vaccine are available. Although the vaccines trigger an antibody response, but can not completely prevent reinfection with field virus. However, the disease is usually harmless in vaccinated horses, virus abortions do not occur. It should be noted that the vaccination only lasts a maximum of 9 months, the mucosal immunity is usually much shorter. Therefore, the vaccination must be repeated every 6 months. Pregnant mares should at 3-4. Gestation for the first time, in 7/8. be vaccinated gestation again. Equine herpesvirus 2 (EHV-2)

The Equine Herpes Virus 2 is widespread and also occurs without specific diseases in horses. It is transmitted by direct contact with infected animals. Diseases caused by the virus manifested as keratoconjunctivitis (inflammation of the conjunctiva and cornea of ​​the eye) and diseases of the upper airways. Equine herpesvirus 3 (EHV-3) The Equine Herpes Virus 3 solves a benign genital infection of which is referred to as Koitalexanthem or cold sore. Transmission is via the mating (venereal disease). Symptoms are pinhead to pea-sized vesicles, pustules or erosions of the vestibule or the penis or foreskin of the penis. Infected animals remain lifelong carriers of the virus and must therefore be excluded from breeding. After § 16 Tierseuchengesetz (Austria) is the cold sore the horse a compulsorily notifiable disease. See also horsesickness literature Role / Mayr: Microbiology, Infection and Infectious Diseases, 7th Edition 2002, Enke, ISBN 3777317950

This article addresses a health topic. He is not the self-diagnosis and does not replace medical diagnosis. Please this following these instructions on health issues! Web Links Equine herpesvirus 1 (EHV-1) in the horse, situation 2012 (PDF) – University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna  Retrieved from “https://de. wikipedia. org/w/index. php? title=Herpesvirusinfektion_des_Pferdes\x26amp;oldid=143546632”

The miasma doctrine in homeopathy

Information from the Naturheilpraxis René graves The Miasmenlehre homeopathy arises from the attempt of Samuel Hahnemann, the cause of chronic diseases to get to the bottom. When teaching about the miasma there in homeopathy different views and opinions. The miasma doctrine is often called the “difficult issue”, was the different interpretation repeatedly updated and expanded. The further concept of Dr. Rajan Sankaran as connects with the miasma additional individual feelings and reactions of the patient to the problem. Sankaran has also miasms Hahnemann further added. A Miasma is a chronic disease in homeopathic sense, the word “chronic” in homeopathy has a slightly different meaning than in normal usage. Translated from the Greek means Miasma defilement or impurity. The homeopathic school says that miasms are chronic processes that are either set by a disease in transition, or are already established in the heredity of a person. Miasma disrupt the regulation processes in the organism of a living being to each specific way. Then, the organism can no longer restore the proper functioning of these processes by itself and will always be susceptible to other diseases. If no action from the outside to be made, serious, long-term and terminal illnesses may have developed after many years.

To take a miasma in itself, but it is not a requirement that you suffer from the diseases in question, or must have suffered. In the various syndromes rather were “energy pattern” observed which can be found in other diseases in the same way. So if someone is wearing the appropriate miasma in itself means that he has an increased susceptibility to certain diseases with the same energy patterns. Wearing someone more miasma in itself, so the probability is seriously ill the greater. In practice, in my experience, only well-trained therapists are to be seen in a position miasmatic processes. Only they can stop them with an effective means to antimiasmatisches miasmatic process. For this purpose, especially the knowledge of Arneimittellehre (Materia Medica) and a good repertory is necessary. Such a therapist will consider the body as a whole. He will not only give an acute onset of disease attention, but also try to see the people in his entire system. For this purpose, it must all his personal and family history, bringing his illness biography and significant events in his life experience. We distinguish several miasms in homeopathy: Psora – already available The sycosis – either acquired or inherited already

Syphilis – either acquired or inherited already The tubercular – inherited The Cancerinie – inherited The Vaccinose – acquired by vaccination 1. Psora Psora is already set in place and genetically in every living being. It means that each of birth contributes to the willingness in him to become ill, to age and eventually die. By Psora functional disorders may be caused, such as Dizziness or inflammation. 2. The Sycosis The cause of sycosis gonorrhea is called. Here can be done in addition to the direct contagion even an inheritance the disorder over several generations.

The Sycosis makes especially for diseases such as mucosal inflammation, warts, skin growth, cysts and gynecological problems. 3. Syphilis Also it is acquired or transferred in the form of impaired regulation circuits or deformities over several generations. Syphilis is considered a trigger for diseases like severe Mandelvereiterung, White spot disease or abnormalities on / in the body or to the teeth. But even ulcers or other serious diseases can have as cause syphilis. 4. The tubercular The tubercular is exclusively inherited. It is generated by psora and sycosis or psora and syphilis merge. It can show symptoms of various diseases, therefore. By tubercular we find diseases such as ear infections, tonsillitis, Appendicitis and thyroid diseases.

Also diabetes or allergies can be caused by the tubercular. 5. The Cancerinie Again, no infection is possible, but the transfer is made by way of inheritance. Here are all three miasms psora, sycosis and syphilis are fused together, whereby the worst diseases can arise. These include cancer, the Pfeiffer’sche glandular fever, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, rheumatism or recurring teething. 6. The Vaccinose The Vaccinose is triggered by vaccinations and possibly passed on to the next generation. Point of attack here is the immune system, which is disturbed by a vaccination. As a result, auto-immune diseases and allergies, as well as inflammation in the brain or in the nerves can occur. There appear diseases like paralysis, multiple sclerosis, behavioral problems and possibly cancer.