Molluscum contagiosum

Molluscum contagiosum is a skin infection with pearl appearance, very easy to spread. One of its modes of transmission is through sexual contact, so it has been included in the group of sexually transmitted diseases. Definition It is a benign skin tumor that affects only humans, caused by a virus of the genus Molluscipoxvirus. Causes Infection occurs when there is direct contact with exposed skin injury. When is transmitted by sexual contact injuries genitals can be confused with warts or herpes, however, lesions of molluscum painless. It is common also find it by direct contact transmission face, neck, armpits, arms and hands, almost anywhere in the body except palms or soles of the feet. It is common in preschool children. The virus can also spread through contact with contaminated objects such as towels, clothing, toys, etc. It is frequently found in patients with compromised defenses or low, as in the case of AIDS patients. Epidemiology It is increasingly common to find as sexually-transmitted disease in young adults.

It’s commonly found in AIDS patients, which sometimes may have abundant Molluscum lesions on the skin. The disease is found worldwide, currently remains more common in children than in adults. symptoms After infection, it can take up to 6 months to present injuries. The lesion begins as a small lump or 2 to 5 millimeters in diameter, which is not painful ball, but can cause itching, and can grow to become a flesh-colored lump-like pearl. Typically these tumors have a dimple (or navel) in the center. Scratching causes the spread of viruses on the skin and the appearance of more lesions, which are sometimes observed in rows or groups. The lesions may persist for up to two years, but eventually retire spontaneously. Not often redden or appear inflamed, unless scratching the person wounds cause skin which is subsequently infected. Diagnosis The doctor will diagnose molluscum contagiosum based on the appearance of the lesions and can confirm by a biopsy of the skin in the affected area. The injury should always be evaluated by a physician to rule out other problems. The doctor can squeeze the contents of injuries and in some cases use it for laboratory diagnosis.

Treatment Individual lesions can be removed by scraping, removal of the nucleus, freezing or electrosurgery. These procedures are performed by an expert dermatologist mode outpatient surgery. In most people the disease goes away by itself in less than two years. Prevention In the case of sexual transmission, condom in this case is not entirely effective, as the person may have lesions in areas not covered by the condom. It is best to have sex with a mutually monogamous and informed partner. The spread in other areas of the skin and especially in children is prevented by avoiding direct contact with skin lesions and not sharing towels with others. Forecast Only injuries were scratches can leave marks in that area of ​​the skin. They usually disappear between 2 months and 2 years. They can persist in people with AIDS and other diseases that cause engagement of immune system defenses. Specialist in the diagnosis, treatment and control

The general practitioner will diagnose reviewing injuries and may be supported by an evaluation by a dermatologist. A dermatologist can perform the removal of lesions with the above methods. CONCLUSION: Molluscum is a skin disease transmitted by a virus. Each time is more transmission by sexual contact. It resolves itself in an approximate two-year course. People with AIDS may persist with injuries for longer periods of time. BIBLIOGRAPHIC REFERENCES: Poxvirus. Jawetz Medical Microbiology, Melnick and Adelberg. 17th edition in Spanish. Sexually transmitted diseases. National Library of Medicine.

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