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The latest information and news about the topics of medicine, Health and well-being 2014 Tweet Adjust font size A A A ADVERTISING Herpes simples and herpes zoster: It is widespread viral infections that are only relatively treatable, if detected and identified at a very early stage of the disease. On this English site hundreds of photos are published, which can help to detect the very annoying, and in the case of shingles also very painful, suffering time. read more Source: http://www. herpessimplex1.

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Asthma management using the proven FeNO breath test: The FeNO test analyzes in the exhaled air, the concentration of nitric oxide (NO) and thus the strength of an inflammation of the airways. Only with the help of this test misdiagnosis are avoided and an efficient management of drug therapy Asthma possible. The developed by Aerocrine AG FeNO breath test creates ideal conditions for reliable asthma diagnoses and for the optimization of drug asthma treatment. With the help of FeNO breath tests the doctor can quickly and reliably measure and document the intensity of inflammation, disease progression, or the success of drug asthma therapy in the exhaled air, the concentration of nitric oxide (NO). The FeNO breath test is performed with the innovative instrumentation NIOX MINO® and NIOX VERO® developed by Aerocrine AG and which are suitable for all medical practices and clinics all. These devices can be ordered in Germany Switzerland Austria here. Pharmacoeconomics: estimated amount in Europe, the overall medical costs that are issued in connection with the misdiagnosis of asthma, EURO per year to 58 billion. With the widespread use of FeNO testing the misdiagnosis could be avoided and so much money can be saved. The best on the north – wedding photos from professional informed sanorell Pharma: The several decades proven therapy with thymus extracts (. so-called “thymus therapy”) is in cooperation with pharmaceutical sanorell despite various legislative changes, unrestricted Certified thymus active concentrate for medical self-preparation of a thymic peptide solution for injection for use in his own patients enables the therapist to continue the many patients very popular immunotherapy. more information here.

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Test for Cytomegalovirus in pregnancy?

From an infection with cytomegalovirus (CMV) Pregnant notice mostly nothing. But it can harm the baby. If the test useful? Daniela Frank, updated on 01. 13. 2016 Many doctors advise at the beginning of pregnancy to test for cytomegalovirus BananaStock / RYF Anyone infected with cytomegalovirus, the most noted not. The pathogens belong to the herpes viruses and are transmitted via saliva, blood, urine, tears, semen or vaginal fluids and breast milk. In healthy individuals, a so-called CMV infection is usually harmless, it will not occur, or flu-like symptoms. In people with impaired immune defense, however, the disease can run hard. but it is dangerous in pregnancy: When the unborn child can cause a number of symptoms and malformations or miscarriage.

“A study has shown, for example, that a quarter of children born deaf have lost their hearing due to CMV infection during pregnancy,” says Professor Klaus Friese, Medical Director of Klinik Bad Trissl. Cytomegalovirus: Comparatively many pregnant stuck se Approximately half of German women of childbearing age has ever undergone a CMV infection. These women are then immune. Since the virus – like all herpes viruses – for life remains in the body, it can indeed be active again. However, such a reactivation mountains far fewer risks for the fetus than the initial infection. Pregnant with already recovering from infection do not have to worry about CMV therefore actually. The problematic initial infection is still comparatively common: “Of 200 pregnant women about a woman is concerned – much more than, for example, of toxoplasmosis,” says Friese, who heads the European cytomegalovirus study. “Most pregnant women become infected during their first child, for example, by licking the soother. ” Therefore Klaus Friese recommends a test for cytomegalovirus early pregnancy. Indicates the blood of pregnant antibodies, they can no longer meet the initial infection. necessary protective measures for mothers tested negative A tested negative mother should take appropriate action in order to prevent infection: Thorough hand washing with soap is important, especially after contact with saliva or after winding of small children.

Items such as dishes or towels should use mother and child not common and things that came into contact with urine or saliva of infants should be followed well cleaned. For CMV-negative women who work in child care facilities, even special rules apply: According Biostoffverordnung the EU they should not maintain sub-three-year-olds and protecting yourself with a intensive hygiene measures. Infected to a woman anyway during pregnancy, damages are not yet programmed in the child: The virus is only about 40 percent of the cases over to an unborn child, of the infected children suffer only about ten to 20 percent damage. However, these are sometimes at birth is not yet discernible and come later to light. Partial then the connection is no longer prepared for a possible CMV infection during pregnancy. Treatment more difficult Diagnosed the doctor at the pregnant woman an acute cytomegalovirus – which randomly usually happens – the treatment is currently more difficult still. Because the antivirals, which are normally used are not suitable for pregnant women. Term newborn infants could – if affected – get the drug. “For pregnant is currently undergoing a trial with hyperimmunoglobulins” says Friese. “They are promising, the drug is not yet approved. ” Hyperimmunoglobulins are specific antibodies which are directed against components of the viral envelope. They bind free virus and thus prevent the spread of infection.

To determine whether the virus is transferred to the fetus, the physician may, for example, perform an amniocentesis. However, this poses a risk of miscarriage of about 0. 3 to one percent. Cash pay cytomegalovirus test so far mostly not Most health insurance companies pay for the test for CMV previously. “But as things are happening,” says Friese. could ask when checkout worthwhile so. The private health insurance to pay for the test in part, otherwise it costs about 20 euros.

herpes simplex nosode

herpes simplex nosode Publicidad Shingles Nosode Drops 2oz by Professional Formulas . . . Shingles Nosode Drops 2oz by Professional Formulas. IVPF593. . . . L-Lysine 6X, Natrum muriaticum 6X, 30X, herpes simplex, herpes zoster, varicella 200X, . . .

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PHARMASWISS Herpatch Remesense 8pts

The release film Herpatch Remesense for cold sores is a transparent, soluble pad to relieve pain and itching caused by the herpes sores. These thin, dissolving patches to healing are used during the full cycle of pustules that first tingle. The insignia patches accelerate the treatment of blisters by creating an exceptional theraeftikou environment and relieve the pain and feel the warmth. Thanks dissolve technology does not require removal, which is a painful process, and causes the opening of the wound as a non-dialytopoioumena pads on the market. The patches Herpatch Remesense vesicles to isolate protection against dirt and bacteria, but also to avoid the spread of the virus and the skin and blisters. You can apply on top of lipstick or sunscreen, not be ashamed of us! The patches Herpatch contain a number of ingredients that restore the skin and help support the healing process. create the revolutionary pads an environment that the same natural immune system is allows more efficient and ease the pain and feel the warmth. Usage: The Herpatch Remesense aftodialyomeni is a membrane that desensitization and treatment of blisters sores helps by providing a physical barrier around the infected area and controlling the microenvironment of the wounded skin. instructions: Wash before use or rinse the affected area. Leave the area moist. Moisture is needed to attach the pad and start working.

Separate a single inner packaging and open the foil. Ensure clean and dry your fingertips and remove the pad. Place pad in cold sores. If necessary, re-moisturize the body to help with water or saliva, the pad can not slip. If herpes is mainly the skin, the adhesion of the patch by immersing the pad in water for 2 seconds before to facilitate the sign of herpes. The patch will aftodialythei wholly or partly after hours. If necessary, dampen the area to remove any residue. Use twice daily or more frequently if required. You can pad aftodialyomeno Herpatch Remesense at any time of the occurrence of herpes. However, we recommend that you use at the first sign of the event. Precautions: Do not attempt to drive the patch because it can open the blister. The membrane can be removed by careful wetting of the patch. When the limbic herpes and / or symptoms for more than 12 days, consult a specialist.

Only for external use. Not to be used in the mouth or to treat genital herpes. If you are pregnant or nursing, consult your physician before using. Not recommended for children under 12 years old without supervision. Before use in children younger than 4 years, ask your doctor. Keep the product in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Can not not reach and sight of children. Individual patches, the package is damaged, it should not be used. General precautions Diakreia expression of Herpes: Do not touch the vesicles due to the risk of further contamination of other areas. When the touch, wash your hands. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep newborns and infants. Do not share anything that could be contaminated with saliva (toothbrush, glasses, .

. ). Avoid body contact. Avoid UV rays (UV). People with particularly dirty wounds and / or if the infection has spread to other parts of the skin should be encouraged to consult the doctor.